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21 Best Activities For 10-Month-Olds At Home (2023)

Kingsley and Aurora playing

Ten months is such a fun age. Your little one is likely already sitting up, crawling, beginning to stand unassisted and maybe even taking her/his first steps. It’s an age of unprecedented mobility — which… can be hard at times, especially if you or your spouse are working from home, trying to find some level of workplace coherence!
Below find our top picks. These toys and activities help build motor skills, cognitive abilities, and hopefully give you a bit of free time while the baby flexes his/her muscles for the all important independent play.

Also, find a list of free activities for 10-month-olds towards the end of the article.

Aurora with hose at 10 months
Our toddler, Aurora, playing with a garden hose! :)

21 Engaging Activities for 10-Month-Olds

  • 1. Activity Table

    Activity Tables are great because they give your ten-month-old something to play with while practicing standing still unassisted. With so many things to explore, they are an awesome way to entertain your little one while you are working or trying to accomplish household chores. If you want a budget option go with this one, and if you are looking for a no-flashing-lights option I like this one by Manhattan Toys. My son actually played with his activity table up until he was two and a half!

  • 2. Chewable Books

    Indestructables are a mama’s best friend. They are super cheap, can be chewed, spilled on, rolled up, thrown across the room — and not even baby Hercules could tear their pages. Got spit up on them? No problem. Just throw them in the wash with your laundry. Plus, the stories are actually very sweet.

  • 3. Walkers

    Walkers are a good way for baby to begin to feel confident moving around the house unassisted. This one won’t break your budget and folds up well for easy storage. I also love that you can take out the entertainment section so that your baby can play with it while seated on the floor. If you are looking for one that later converts into a push toy I recommend this one. My son was obsessed!

  • 4. Push Toys

    Both my kiddos were early walkers, so if your baby is already beginning to pull up, stand, or take their first few steps, push toys are a fun way to build confidence while fully upright, instead of seated in a walker. Most push toys are for 12-months-plus, but this one by Vtech is good even starting at 9 months.

  • 5. Bead Maze

    Some of the most well loved toys in our house are simple and battery free. This bead maze by Melissa and Doug is a great example. My daughter could sit for thirty plus minutes just moving the pieces around. It’s a fun activity to plop on the kitchen floor while you are cooking or doing dishes.

  • 6. Play Pen

    I would suggest this play yard over every other thing on the list because there is nothing more important than creating a safe space for your baby to play. When your little one’s mobility is high, parental stress can get very high too. This playpen is great because it’s mobile so you can move it from room to room easily and even take it outside.

  • 7. Sandbox and Toys

    By 10 months your baby has probably moved from the eating sand phase to actually playing with it. A simple sandbox is a great outdoor activity. This one isn’t expensive and can fit even on a small terrace or patio, giving mom and dad some all-important time to work. Don’t forget the sand!

  • 8. Water Table

    This is something that works well for 10-month-olds up to 3-months-plus. It is not a wasted purchase. As the summer temps soar, water is the best way for me to soothe my little one’s soul. He and his friends play in this for hours every day. Don’t forget protective sun gear and sunscreen, I love the Think Baby brand.

  • 9. Shaded Pool

    This is another wonderful way to get your baby to love water in a safe environment. I love this pool because it’s non-toxic, shaded — so your baby won’t get burned— and the sides are also soft which prevents bumps and bruises. It’s also the perfect size for a little one.

  • 10. Natural Oral Pain Relief

    You could have access to every activity known to man, but if your little one is in teething pain, days can feel endless; as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Both my babies got their first teeth at 4 months(!) and these natural teething tablets really helped. I found the nighttime formula to be so effective before naps/bedtime. This clove oil also is a powerful but natural way to numb the gums and really helped our daughter when she was hurting bad. Good luck, we know teething can be rough!

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  • 11. Mozart Music Cube

    This cube was recently given to my daughter as a gift and she (and my three-year-old) can’t seem to get enough of it. It’s rewarding for them to push the buttons and hear the different classical songs play, and the lights aren’t overly bright or in her face. It’s a simple toy but is effective in holding a baby’s attention.

  • 12. Stacking Rings

    Non-toxic, multi-textured, and wobbly, these stacking rings help teach fine motor skills and spatial recognition as your baby attempts to put one ring on top of another. I like this particular brand because they can also just chew on them if that seems like the most exciting thing to do at the moment!

  • 13. Teething Blocks

    These blocks are BPA-free and made of food grade silicone. They are easy to stack, chew, squeak, and are a good way for your little one to develop their motor skills. Each side has a different shape and number and will grow with your baby as an educational tool.

  • 14. Caterpillar Climber

    For the moment, at least, parks are a bit of a no-go. This is an awesome investment for your yard that your baby can use as they grow and develop. My kids love tunnels and playing hide and seek, this caterpillar will be something they use for many years.

  • 15. Musical Instruments

    This is an awesome way for your baby to explore cause and effect while moving and grooving during independent play. It’s made of high quality non-toxic materials and is safe for babies of all ages. My son loved wrapping the jingle bells around his wrists and dancing even before he could stand.

  • 16. Teething Toys

    If you haven’t heard of Sophie the Giraffe, I highly recommend it! It’s made in France with 100% natural rubber, so it’s completely non-toxic. If you already have a Sophie, I also love these cute teethers by Ike & Leo. They are made with food grade silicone and can be put in the freezer to soothe your baby’s aching mouth. My daughter, now 20 months, still chews on hers!

  • 17. DJ Center

    This was given to my son by his uncle at 10 months and it was the biggest hit. It saved me when I needed some hands free time to answer emails or do housework. It can be moved from room to room, and it entertained my baby for hours. The best part is that it grows with them. The little seat can be removed once they are confident standing and the piano under their feet plays as they step. Really an awesome toy.

  • 18. Soft Shoes

    When your baby is taking her first steps, it’s important she is wearing shoes that don’t restrict her movement. Hard bottom shoes have been proven not to be positive for a baby’s development. Barefoot is best, but for those times you need to be in public spaces I recommend these by Ella Bonna Baby. They are soft, supportive, affordable and super cute.

  • 19. Pull Toy

    Pull toys are really fun for crawlers and early walkers. They learn cause and effect and feel empowered being the one that gets to make the toy move. This truck is super cute, but if you are more into wooden toys check out this Walk-A-Long Puppy.

  • 20. Affordable Giant Cuddly

    My babies both love diving on and cuddling plush toys that are three times their size. This Giant elephant is soft and durable so your little ones can play with it and love on it as much as they like. It will offer comfort to your babies as they grow, so they can love it forever!

  • 21. Board books First 100 Board Book Box Set (3 books)

    These chunky board books offer a great introduction into educational topics like animals, numbers, colors, and more. They’re bright and vibrant and are the perfect size for your little one’s tiny hands to grab onto. Your baby will love these books as they continue to develop.

7 Free Activities for Ten-Month-Olds

Your 10-month-old will need a lot of attention and you won’t be able to wait until your Amazon toys arrive to give it to them! Here’s a list of 7 free activities you can do with your toddler at home without waiting or spending a dime!

  • 1. Introducing Your Baby to Themself in the Mirror

    This is a fun and intriguing way for your baby to begin the stages of self awareness. Simply hold your baby up to the mirror and lift up their hand as they watch their own movements reflected. Babies love to see themselves in the mirror, even if they won’t recognize themselves for a few more months.

  • 2. Drawing with Crayons

    Drawing and coloring is a wonderful free activity that your baby will love. Sit them on the floor, hand them a crayon, and show them how dragging the crayon on the paper will result in colorful lines. Your little one will be totally engaged!

  • 3. Dancing to Music

    Your baby will absolutely love moving to the beat of songs, as this is the stage when babies start to enjoy music! Hold them and sway to the rhythm and watch as they delight in bobbing their bodies along with the tune.

  • 4. Imitating Expressions

    At this stage, babies are particularly observant and are in the beginning stages of developing their long term memory. Show them how to clap their hands, wave goodbye, and simple, repetitive movements which will encourage social and emotional bonding as well.

  • 5. Sock Puppet Show

    Having a sock puppet show is a fun and creative way to engage your 10-month-old in the house. Simply grab a sock, put it on your hand like a glove, and put on a little show for your baby! Watch as they giggle and enjoy your story.

  • 6. Playing with Homemade Playdough

    Simply blend together the household ingredients salt, flour, warm water, canola or vegetable oil, and food coloring (if you’d like), and create some fun homemade playdough for your baby to enjoy! Show them how to roll it, pat it, and put their little handprints into it, which you’ll both love!

  • 7. Sing a Song with Clapping and Thumping

    Singing a song with your baby and encouraging them to clap or thump along is a great way to get them involved and keep them entertained. Your child will love simple songs that rhyme and have different parts where you thump on the floor or clap three times, etc.


In these challenging times, it can be hard to balance taking care of your little one while working from home and maintaining a happy and healthy family life. We hope that the activities and items on this list will help you and your family to experience balance and joy while preserving your sanity during these chaotic times!