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21 Best Activities for 11-Month-Olds at Home (2023)

Kingsley and Aurora playing

At eleven months, your baby is always exploring something new, learning to walk, and saying their first words. It’s a busy time and can be challenging to keep up as working parents trying to find a balance between answering emails, conference calls, and keeping your kiddos entertained throughout the day.
You’ll need some safe, affordable activities to help with your 11-month-old development and to keep them happy as they play and discover the world around them.

Be sure to see our free activities for eleven-month-olds at the bottom of the page for even more ideas that won’t cost anything but your time and attention.

aurora on a balance bike
Our toddler, Aurora, practicing on her balance bike.

21 Engaging Activities for 11-Month-Olds

  • 1. Discover Animal Sounds with Interactive Reading

    Encourage your little one to learn the names and sounds of their new animal farm friends. The brightly colored pages will keep them happy every time they turn a page. They’ll also practice saying new words and use their fine-motor-skills as they push each button when they want to hear their favorite animal sounds again and again.

  • 2. Walking Practice Made Easy

    The time is nearly here. If they haven’t already, your eleven-month-old will soon start walking all on their own. Give them the extra confidence boost they need with this easy to use a walker. They can cruise around the house while improving their gross motor skills. When your little one is ready for a break from exploring, they’ll stay entertained playing music, answering a toy phone, and making the buttons light up, all on the discovery panel of their dual purpose walker.

  • 3. Music Time with an Elephant Piano

    Give your babe the gift of music as they listen to all the fun sounds and songs that this adorable piano plays. With a cute elephant and bright light-up buttons, it will keep your little entertained and delight their senses as they play. It’s lightweight and can be used in any room in the house while you work, cook dinner, or take the kiddos on a car ride.

  • 4. Stack with Circles

    These chunky soft rings are great for your baby to chew and play with. They are easy to grip, and each one has a different texture to make it exciting as they discover their new toy. One of the rings comes with colorful beads that rattle as they shake it. Give your little the chance to connect sight and sound, adding extra fun to their day.

  • 5. Learn First Words with Board Book Set

    This is a great way to help your 11-month-old practice saying some of their first words by becoming familiar with animals, colors, shapes, and other objects they see every day. The bright and vibrant pictures on each page will grab their attention and keep them happily playing with over 100 words to learn. Perfect for little hands and durable if they try to chew or rip the pages.

  • 6. Playtime with Cars

    Your little one is always on the move and exploring new things. Introduce them to a world of play with these soft and easy to hold cars. Show them how to pull back each one and watch in delight as they zoom across the floor. Your kiddo will find that their toy cars look just like the real ones driving outside. These are also a great option to throw in the diaper bag when it’s finally time to venture out of the house.

  • 7. Engaging Play with Singing Puppy

    Your babe will learn to push and pull along their new playful puppy friend. The colorful buttons will encourage them to try and push each one as they learn their numbers, colors, and parts of the body. They will be excited to learn and get excited when the puppy’s nose flashes and sings songs.

  • 8. Sensory Play with Touch and Feel Books

    With this sturdy board book, your little one will explore their senses and newly found language skills. The bright and vibrant photos of happy babies will help them discover body parts and new textures by touching and feeling each page. The shiny mirror will help them learn to recognize their own face, and you can make it a fun game of peekaboo.

  • 9. On The Go Play with a Classic Ball

    This cheap parent favorite will be an instant hit for your baby at 11 months. It’s lightweight and portable so you can throw it in your diaper bag when you have to take your child along in the car. With holes evenly spread around the ball, it’s easy for tiny hands to practice picking it up or rolling it across the floor and crawling over to pick the ball up.

  • 10. Make Your Own Musical Experience

    This adorable lightweight and rechargeable toy will light up your baby’s face with a smile. Download their favorite songs or record your voice, so even when you’re not in the room, they can be comforted when you talk. They can listen to their favorite songs and soothing lullabies anytime. This cute tiger toy also glows in the dark to give your little one comfort as they fall asleep at bedtime.

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  • 11. Tummy Time on Water Mat

    This is the perfect not too expensive play mat to spark your baby’s senses and become familiar with the names of their fish friends. This is a great mess-free water activity that also encourages tummy time and play to keep your child entertained while you step away for a few moments.

  • 12. Peekaboo with Flappy the Elephant

    A delightful toy that will keep your 11-month-old giggling as they play Peekaboo with their soft new friend. The adorable elephant sings, “do your ears hang low” in a child’s voice and covers its cute face with its ears. Our littles have loved this one of a kind toy for its singing and endless cuddles.

  • 13. Playtime with Blocks & Balls

    An affordable toy set for what it is that comes with a variety of activities to keep your kiddo happy. They will stack the colorful blocks and knock them down when they’ve tired of building. Say the name of each adorable animal on the blocks and encourage your little one to say each name back to you as their language skills improve. With 20 pieces, they will have endless fun.

  • 14. Play Pretend with Non-Toxic Key Fob

    This is a favorite at our house. Your little will learn what sounds real-life cars make and can play pretend by carrying around their very own set of keys. This new toy will keep their tiny fingers busy as they discover new sounds. As their fine motor skills develop, they’ll practice pushing the buttons on their own and giggle with delight every time they do. You’ll have peace of mind with this non-toxic and BPA free toy.

  • 15. Motor Skill Fun with a Bumpy Ball

    Your baby can shake and rattle this adorable ball for as long as it’ll keep them occupied. With multiple textures and materials, it will help develop their senses and teach them about variety. Our littles have loved carrying this family favorite around in the car or with them as they explore while we work or do household chores.

  • 16. Indoor Play with Activity Gym

    When outdoor play isn’t possible, keep your baby entertained with this activity ball pit and activity gym. They can play with the colorful balls, learn the names of their sea friends, and learn to grasp and play with the BPA free teethers. It’s a not so expensive option for what you get that keeps your littles happy.

  • 17. Learn to Push & Pop With BPA Free Toy

    Get your little one’s attention with this simple and mesmerizing toy. With 5 bright-colored bubbles, they can push and pop each one to improve their fine-motor skills as they squeal with delight. This adorable cause and effect toy will surely keep their attention while you work. It’s also great to carry along on a walk outside or for a ride in the car.

  • 18. 2 in 1 Rattle and Teether

    Your eleven-month-old will be mesmerized by the bright colors and noises this simple rattle will make. They can easily grasp and carry it anywhere that they’d like as they explore. Each bead will move back and forth, making it fun for your little one to shake their new toy. The adorable wooden toy is made with non-toxic, water-based paint to give you peace of mind as they play.

  • 19. Fun with Farm Animals Activity Cube

    With so many activities to explore, your little one will stay occupied while you get some much-needed work done. They will learn their ABCs, the names of animals, and how to open and close doors. The corners of the cube are smooth to protect your baby from bumping their head while they play.

  • 20. Hide and Seek with Safari Animals

    This is a classic toy that makes cute noises when each animal pops out of its box. Your little one will learn to turn knobs and push buttons while they play. They will also discover new animals, colors, and shapes as they learn new words. It’s lightweight and easy for your babe to carry with them as they explore.

  • 21. Fun with a Ball Drop and Ramp

    Your baby will learn to pick up each ball and put it at the top of the tower. They will giggle with delight as the ball goes around in circles until it gets to the bottom. The cute owl at the top of the tower doubles as a teether so your little one can soothe their gums as they play. It’s easy to assemble, so you’ll quickly be able to get back to work while your babe enjoys playtime.

7 Free Activities For Eleven-Month-Olds

  • 1. Build a Tower With Blocks

    Give your 11-month-old the chance to practice their fine motor skills as they learn to pick up each block or other stackable items and put them on top of each other to build a tower. The fun part is teaching your little one how to knock it down when they’ve finished playing!

  • 2. Engage the Senses With Nursery Rhymes

    Play your little’s favorite nursery rhymes or songs. Hold onto their tiny figures and dance around the room. Give them the chance to practice standing while getting out all their wiggles and learning the words to the songs they’ll often be hearing for the next few years.

  • 3. Fine Motor Skills Practice with Tape

    This is an excellent activity to keep your baby entertained when you’re in the middle of a conference call or grabbing a snack in the kitchen. Put a few pieces of tape on the ground within your view and let your eleven-month-old try to peel each piece off the floor.

  • 4. Cause & Effect with a Ball

    This is a great activity for older siblings to get involved by playing with the baby. They’ll teach your littlest one how to roll the ball back while you sneak off to get some much needed work done. And they’ll both learn that sharing makes playtime even more fun.

  • 5. A Game of Clean Up

    Whenever it’s time for your little’s nap, dinner, or just moving on to play in another room in the house, make a game of putting away their toys. Sing a cleanup song or help them pick up each toy and put it in it’s designed bin. Celebrate and clap your hands with joy when they put a toy away on their own to get them excited about cleaning up.

  • 6. Fun with Recycled Cardboard

    Save the boxes from any packages you get in the mail and put them to good use. Make a game of putting your baby’s toys in one box and moving them to another. If you have a large box, remove the tape and make it into a tunnel. Your baby can climb through to the other end, making a delightful indoor game to keep them happy.

  • 7. Creative Fun with Tissues

    Some of our kiddos’ favorite toys are household items. This is a simple yet fun activity that your baby will love. Teach them to pull a tissue out of the box and put it back in. They can do it over and over while using the same tissues each time they play.


There are so many cost-efficient and enjoyable activities to spark your baby’s mind. While your 11-month-old is actively on the go and exploring a new world, they will be delighted to have new toys and activities to keep them happily entertained while you send a few emails or sit down on the couch for some much needed peace and quiet.