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21 Best Activities For 14-Month-Olds At Home (2023)

Kingsley and Aurora playing

As parents to two kiddos of our own, we understand it can be tough to keep them entertained with countless different activities, especially on days that we all have to stay indoors or when we simultaneously are working from home and watching our children.
At 14 months, your toddler is likely to be starting to walk on their own and eager to explore the world around them. They want to learn how to do new things and may not always want to wait around for you to teach them.

Also, see our list of free activities for fourteen-month-olds near the end of the article for even more ideas that won’t cost anything at all.

aurora on a balance bike
Our toddler, Aurora, practicing on her balance bike.

21 Engaging Activities For 14-Month-Olds

  • 1. Fine Motor Skill Practice With Buckles

    This plush toy will help capture your little one’s attention as they practice clipping the buckles together. Perfect for little hands to discover something new. It’s decorated with numbers and shapes to make it easy for your toddler to learn to identify and count as they play. They’ll also learn how to problem solve as they unbuckle each strap and try to put it back together again.

  • 2. Discovery Play with a Dino Friend

    An interactive toy that will have your 14-month-old’s full attention. They’ll learn to feed the dinosaur brightly colored pieces, and he’ll give delightful responses as he eats to make your little laugh. When they’re ready for a new adventure, switch to the counting mode that will introduce numbers, shapes, songs, and sounds. This cute dino shuts off automatically once your kiddo has moved on to something else.

  • 3. Learn How to Thread String With a Montessori Wooden Block

    This adorable bright red apple-shaped toy is perfect for helping your little one practice their fine motor skills. They’ll thread their hungry caterpillar friend in and out of each hole as they play pretend. It’s a great Montessori activity for your toddler to learn and explore as they practice their fine motor skills. This non-toxic toy will keep them entertained while you work or get a few things done around the house.

  • 4. Click and Count with a Remote

    Spark your child’s imagination while they play pretend with their very own remote. They can practice changing the channel as they push the brightly colored buttons and learn to count as they play. Introduce them to opposites as they push the up and down arrows. There is a volume control button so you can easily control how loud the toy is.

  • 5. Draw With Egg Shaped Crayons

    These delightful bright colored crayons are excellent to introduce your toddler to the world of drawing and are one of our kiddos favorites. The ergonomic egg shape will make it easy to cup into their little hands so they can color away without losing their grip. The vibrant color palette will keep them happy as they try each one. They easily wash out of clothes, furniture, and skin. To give you peace of mind that they’ll have low maintenance activity to keep them entertained, that won’t take long to clean up.

  • 6. Matching with a Chunky Puzzle

    This activity is perfect for little hands and low cost for what it is. The round knobs on top of each puzzle piece makes it easy for your fourteen-month-old to pick up each shape and learn how to match it with the same shape on the board. They’ll learn the names of each shape and color as they play. Help guide them as they observe how to match up the pieces for the first time so they can get the hang of it.

  • 7. Music Time With Baby Einstein

    Includes ten songs that your toddler can pick from. The big button in the middle makes it easy for them to skip through the melodies until they get to their favorite. It’s a classic that can be taken along with them everywhere they go. It’s an affordable option to keep their tiny hands entertained. There is also volume control when you need to keep the peace and quiet for an upcoming conference call.

  • 8. Recognize Colors with Stackable Wood Shapes

    Your little will learn how to match each shape with the number of pegs. They’ll practice saying the name of each one, how to count, and to identify the colors as they pick them up. These non-toxic, high-quality wooden blocks have smooth edges to give you peace of mind knowing that they will be safe when you walk away from a few minutes.

  • 9. Reading Time with Soft Baby Book

    This is a fun interactive book that your child can take with them anywhere they go. Practice playing peek-a-boo, interacting with the different textures and animals on each page, and seeing their reflection in the mirror at the end. The handmade cloth makes it a safe toy they can easily take with them around the house or in the car. It will also help them learn the names of their new animal friends.

  • 10. Learn Pull & Play With a Wagon

    A fun toy packed with hands-on-play for a delightful time for your little at 14 months. It comes with three smart stages that teach them new skills as they grow. The objects are large enough for your toddler to easily push and watch them light-up and play music. They’ll learn to pull the wagon on their own and can take it through the house or venture outside when it’s good weather.

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  • 11. Stacking with BPA Free Colorful Cups

    This dual-purpose toy comes with eight bright cups perfect for stacking on top of each other. You can also play hide and seek by placing one of the smaller cups underneath a larger one. They have a number on the bottom so you can teach your child how to start counting and recognizing their numbers. When it’s bath time, take these brightly colored cups along as they have holes in the bottom perfect for mess-free water play for your little one.

  • 12. First Words With LeapFrog

    Every button will teach your toddler a new word that goes along with the picture on the screen. They’ll discover new shapes, numbers, animals, and colors. Violet, their new interactive friend, will teach them how to learn time, the weather, and sports as she sings along to entertain your kiddo.

  • 13. Building Block Play

    A classic baby toy that is affordable for what it is. Your 14-month-old can stack the blocks and learn colors, numbers, and names of objects from the pictures on each block. They are chewable to help ease the pain from teething and gives them a dual purpose to help keep your little one happy while they play. They come in a reusable bag so you can bring these along on any adventure.

  • 14. Life Size Keyboard Adventure

    This piano mat is an excellent way to introduce your little one to explore the world of music. As they play, you can teach them the names of the keys as they push each one. There are five different interactive modes to keep them happily playing for hours. When they’ve finished for the day no need to worry as it automatically turns off after 2 minutes.

  • 15. Play Pretend with a Tea Set

    Your little’s imagination will come to life as they learn to make tea or hot chocolate as their teapot bubbles up while making lifelike sounds to make play pretend fun. This interactive toy will teach them manners and matching. They’ll practice counting as they take each slice of cake off the plate one by one.

  • 16. Library Time with Board Books

    These brightly colored books will quickly capture your kiddo’s attention. With a variety of different packs, you’ll find one that they love. They’ll learn about new animals, colors, and counting and will want to read these over and over—a great book collection to read before bed or when they wake up in the morning.

  • 17. Stack and Tumble With an Elephant

    This adorable safari friend will delight your fourteen-month-old’s senses. They’ll learn to build their fine motor skills as they stack five colorful rings on the elephant’s trunk. As they stack each one, they’ll learn the name of a new color, number, and shape. When they push the elephant’s tail, she’ll send the rings tumbling off her trunk, which will have your little one squealing with delight, wanting to do it over and over again.

  • 18. Sorting Puzzle with Bunnies

    This Montessori toy is adorable. Your toddler can easily grasp each of the carrots as they learn to put each one in the right sized hole. They’ll be able to identify and practice shape recognition and patience as they learn how it works. This wooden toy is made with non-toxic paint and is safe for your little one to play with all day long.

  • 19. Imagination Play with Nuts & Bolts

    A brightly colored Montessori nut and bolt set that will help your child learn to group each of the pieces with the matching shapes. They’ll learn to twist and play pretend with their new tools. Teach them to sort the nuts and bolts by color and make a game of putting them in different piles.

  • 20. Indoor Play with Pop Up Tent and Tunnel

    This 3 in 1 toy is an adventure that you’re little one will love playing in for hours. It’s affordable for what it is. Your toddler will learn to crawl through the tunnel to the other side and play pretend in their pop up tent. The different parts easily connect or can be used separately. It’s a great way to get your child’s wiggles out when going outside isn’t an option. It can be set up in seconds and folds flat when you put it away, so it’s easily stored.

  • 21. Nursery Rhymes with Baby Shark

    This delightful sing-along book will keep your kiddo entertained as they learn to sing along. It’s perfect for their little fingers as they push on the picture of each character to discover a new shark-themed song. It’s sturdy and will last as your little carries it with them everywhere they go.

7 Free Activities For Fourteen-Month-Olds

  • 1. Putting Toys in a Basket

    Keep your little one entertained while you’re on a work call or sending out a few emails. They can use toys, blocks, or balls. Teach them to pick up each toy and put it in a container or basket. This will help them practice grasping different sized objects and learn to clean up.

  • 2. Drop Coins into a Milk Jug

    This is a great activity to introduce counting to your 14-month-old. Encourage them to pick up each coin and drop it into the milk jug and count along as they do.

  • 3. Stacking Cups

    Teach your child how to use things they have nearby for play. Give them a few paper cups that they can practice stacking on top of each other. When they’re finished, they can knock the tower down. Try lining the cups up in a row and count each one as your kiddo tips it over with their little hands.

  • 4. Water Bottle Shaker

    This is a simple yet entertaining activity. Fill a clear water bottle half full and close the lid tightly. Give it to your little one to shake back and forth. Not only is fun to look at but it makes a fun sloshing noise too. You can always put in a drop of food coloring to make it more interesting.

  • 5. Cereal Necklace

    Get a piece of string and teach your child how to thread Cheerios, Fruit Loops, or Puffs to make a necklace of their own. They will learn fine motor skills as they practice putting the string through each piece of cereal. The best part is they can eat the cereal once they’re done.

  • 6. Make Music With Pans

    Break out a few of your old pots and pans from the cupboard. Give your child a wooden spoon and let them bang on them. If it’s too loud of activity, give them a few of your old storage containers to play with. They can practice fitting the lids to the right container. These are both great when you’re busy in the kitchen but need to keep an eye on your little ones.

  • 7. Discover New Nursery Rhymes

    During your little one’s playtime, have children’s songs and nursery rhymes as background music. They’ll quickly get familiar with each one and beg you to play them over and over once they have discovered their favorites. To make it fun, have a delightful dance party to help your kiddo get all their wiggles out.


Your 14-month-old is constantly on the move, exploring their surroundings. It can be a challenge to try and keep up with your little one when you have work to do or things to pick up around the house. These new activities and toys will help spark their interest and keep them happily playing while you step away for a few minutes. A great solution to keeping the entire family happy!