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21 Best Activities For 22-Month-Olds At Home (2023)

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Are you a busy parent with a busy 22-month-old? Looking for inspiration to keep them entertained with things that are fun and educational? If so, you came to the right spot! We kept you, the parent, in mind when we curated these activities.
Keep boredom away with this complete list of the best activities for toddlers. You’ll find ideas for learning, developing, and fun. You can find things for indoor and outdoor play too! Not only are these activities stimulating for your tot, they are affordable, easy to set up!

We cover free activities for 22-month-olds that are perfect for additional ideas that won’t cost you anything. You can see those concepts at the bottom of the page.

21 Engaging Activities For 22-Month-Olds

  • 1. Educational Coloring Fun

    Twenty two months is an age when toddlers love to color. Why not make it a learning experience? This numbers, letters, and shapes coloring book helps your child learn basic concepts as they color. Large print makes it easy to work with and all the pages have cute illustrations!

  • 2. Vocabulary Builder

    It’s amazing how little kids love to look at books and their pictures over and over again. This First Words book set offers hours of entertainment. Your child will feel like a big kid reading the books to themselves while learning to identify common words thanks to the bright photographs.

  • 3. Building With Numbers

    Duplos have been around for ages. Toddlers get to use their imaginations as they create new structures. They also get to develop their fine motor skills. Why not add numbers to the mix! Learn how to count and identify numbers with this fun train set. Your toddler will be building and rebuilding with this set.

  • 4. Puzzles

    22-month-olds build their brain power when they do puzzles! Problem solving, fine motor, and spatial planning all work together when kids complete puzzles. This basic Melissa and Doug set offers all of that and kids can learn their numbers and letters!

  • 5. Lacing Beads

    Learning to lace beads is a basic skill toddlers love to learn. Developing dexterity in hands will help them go on to do other things like write and cut when they’re bigger. Give them a jump start with this Melissa and Doug lacing set. The big wooden beads are easy to grasp and the sturdy string is easy to get through the holes. Toddlers can learn to make patterns or play dress-up with their brightly colored necklaces.

  • 6. Memory Builder

    Boost your child’s memory while getting the wiggles out! This memory and matching game requires kids to move around to seek and find pictures on the card. Children learn the concept of matching, listening to directions, and remembering what they saw.

  • 7. Obstacle Course

    Work on balance, coordination and gross motor skills when you build an obstacle course for your toddler! These bumpy stepping stones are fun to balance on, jump over and run around. Use on their own or add other elements like hoops to jump through or benches to crawl under.

  • 8. Window Art

    Do you have a budding artist on your hands? Give your little Van Gough the canvas of their dreams… a window! With Crayola Window Markers, your toddler can safely create beautiful drawings. Simply give them markers made for glass and let them draw away! Or write numbers and letters together. Don’t worry about messes, these window markers easily wipe off with glass cleaner.

  • 9. Play Tape Road Builder

    Have a little car guru on your hands? Feed their imagination with this fun play tape road builder! Your toddler can create roads, highways, and racetracks anywhere. Simply apply the road tape on flat, smooth surfaces. Ready, set, and go, they are off making streets for their cars!

  • 10. Bubble Blower

    Kids love bubbles! Simply put bubble soap in the tray, turn on and watch your kiddo try to catch and pop all the bubbles. Add more fun and play songs like Baby Shark or Dinosaurs Marching and pretend to pop the bubbles like sharks and dinosaurs!

  • 11. Waterfall

    Does your 22-month-old love the water but you don’t want to mess with setting up a pool? This outdoor waterfall wall will give your toddler the water play they want! Your child will have hours of fun filling buckets, pouring and watching the water fall down. You can change the flow of the water by moving the little buckets around. An easy way to stay cool on a hot summer day.

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  • 12. Backyard Carnival Games

    Kids love playing carnival games. Recreate the same activities in your own yard! Ring toss, beanbags, and cones will keep your toddler entertained! They will feel like they are having a day at the fair!

  • 13. Rocket Launcher

    Blastoff! Your toddler will get a kick launching their rocket over and over again with this outdoor rocket launcher. Easy for them to set up too. Simply put the rocket on the launch pad, stomp your foot and off it goes! It’s always fun to catch the rocket, too.

  • 14. Plant Exploration

    Have a little green thumb on your hands? Your toddler will enjoy helping you in the garden and learning about how things grow with their very own garden gloves and garden tool set. This plant exploration kit from Amazon is just what you need!

  • 15. Indoor Basketball Hoop

    Your toddler can keep burning energy indoors with this indoor basketball hoop. With easy set up and soft balls suitable for indoors, your tot can make two-pointers all day long! Height is adjustable so you can set the hoop up for different levels of play.

  • 16. Indoor Energy Burning Game

    Burn energy and get the wiggles out with Hulabaloo! Keep your toddler moving with this fun game that combines music, Simon Says, hopscotch and musical chairs. The battery operated device calls out simple commands while kids run, hop and twist to different movements.

  • 17. Doodle Mat

    Let your kids lay out and draw away all day long on this extra large coloring surface. Your toddler can sprawl out with crayons and markers and make their own creations or use the included stencils and doodling shapes. The large mat also keeps messes off of the floor and carpet! Easy clean-up lets your toddler draw something new everyday.

  • 18. Indoor Fort

    Building a fort is always a fun rainy day activity. Toddlers love to get cozy with their stuffed animals and books. Or set up some pretend play with house. Whatever your child chooses to do this tent makes the perfect fort for indoor play.

  • 19. Magnetic Tiles

    There’s something magical about putting magnets together to form structures and shapes. Your toddler will discover this as they build with these magnetic tiles. The bright colors and different shapes will occupy your child as they create buildings, cubes and learn how magnets connect.

  • 20. Sensory Play With Kinetic Sand For Toddlers

    Toddlers love getting their hands into different textures! Tot Stuff Magic Shapeable Sand is perfect for little hands. This non-toxic and mess-free moldable sand will offer tons of fun for your tot. Make castles with the tools that come with the kit or create your own shapes using cups and bowls at home! For easy clean-up, play with sand on a sheet and store in a plastic container.

  • 21. Visual Bubble Toy

    Does your child love to watch things with great interest? These colorful bubble timers are quite mesmerizing. Your toddler can either watch the bubbles slowly drop down or they can shake them up into tons of bubbles and watch the liquid settle down! It’s a great calm down tool too.

6 Free Activities for 22-Month-Olds

  • 1. Homemade Sensory Bin

    Find a plastic bin and fill it with anything sensory related. Dried pasta or rice are classic sensory bin choices. You can also shred paper or use beads and buttons for an alternative. Add some little cups and spoons and there you go! Also, interesting rocks and sticks that you collect from your adventures around your garden or neighborhood can be excellent additions.

  • 2. Stickers

    Have some stickers laying around? Create a little sticker book by stapling paper together and let your toddler fill the pages with the stickers. Sometimes you can even save free stickers from random things that arrive in junk mail.

  • 3. Ball Toss

    All you need for this activity are some bins and balls! Set up a ball toss by placing the bin on one end and have your toddler stand behind a line on the other end. Toss the balls and see how many they can get in! An alternative of this is setting up some objects all in a row and seeing if the toddler can go bowling and knock them down.

  • 4. Scavenger Hunt

    Use any small trinkets and toys and hide them around the house. Action figures, cars, even hair bows are easy to hide. You can make it into a game of hot and cold or let your toddler hunt for things on their own.

  • 5. Dress Up

    Turn your old clothes into dress-up clothes. Skirts, hats, ties, and scarves are a great way to build a dress-up kit. Use old towels for capes and old jewelry for an added touch of fancy. It’s amazing what can be done with things you have on hand!

  • 6. Hide and Seek

    This is a classic favorite in our household. It’s especially fun if three or more people can be involved. Just make sure you don’t hide to too hard to find places that can make your toddler scared.


Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, working from home or just want some good ideas for things to do with your little one on the weekends, we hope this article has helped you. Enjoy your time with your toddler – they grow so fast!