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21 Best Activities for 7-Month-Olds at Home (2023)

Kingsley and Aurora playing

Today, many families find themselves spending long hours at home with their young children. And even those with less time at home with their 7-month-olds can benefit from having some activities handy to keep your baby or toddler entertained. What’s even better? Having activities that require minimal preparation and only a supervisor’s role for the parents!
The activities below will not only help your little one grow and learn, but also keep them engaged and occupied!

We also cover free activities for seven-month-olds later in the article that will give you more ideas for things to do at home with mom, dad or a trusted guardian.

aurora crawling
We think our daughter, Aurora, started crawling early because of tummy time!

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21 Engaging Activities for 7-Month-Olds

  • 1. Mesmerize with a Mobile

    Mobiles have been around for ages for a reason! The movement and sounds keep your 7-month-old engaged and calm in the safety of their crib, car seat, or stroller. They are also great for older infants who can engage with the movements and sounds. There are countless models and themes to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for your child!

  • 2. Rock with Rattles

    Rattles are not only a blast for your little one to play with, they are also helpful in developing motor skills and hand-eye-coordination. Not to mention they are super affordable! The bright colors and fun sounds keep your toddler content in any setting.

  • 3. Take Tummy Time

    The Boppy Pillow is a family favorite! Not only is it practical, but it serves endless amounts of functions—including tummy time. We used the Boppy for tummy time to help our seven-month-old girl learn how to work her legs in order to crawl. The Boppy is also great for toddlers when building an obstacle course or relaxing to watch a movie!

  • 4. Burrow Up with Books

    Reading to babies—even before they can participate—has been proven to help with language and literacy development. And with infinite options, you don’t have to wait for your child to appreciate a good story. Our little girl spends more time exploring the pictures in books than she spends anywhere else! Find books with music, textures, or puppets to meet your baby where they are at and make reading fun today!

  • 5. Jounce Around the Gym

    Activity gyms are full of just that—activities! They provide different textures, colors, shapes, and sounds for your baby to explore all in one place. The Grow with Me activity gym also transitions into a ball pit as your little one gets older and can securely sit alone making it a great investment for parents!

  • 6. Rely on the Lion

    When our little girl was 7 months she loved this reliable seat, and we all benefited from it for many moons! It helped her learn to sit upright while keeping her secure and allowing her to play with her favorite toys. There are even squeaky toys where the feet land! Even better, it folds down for easy storage and travel. This seat is perfect for keeping your little one safe and content while mom and dad prepare dinner or enjoy a moment of rest.

  • 7. Toy with Teethers

    Teethers are very practical items to keep around for an infant, but they can also be super fun! All of our teethers have provided as much enjoyment as they have relief for baby girl’s gums. This Banana Toothbrush is bright and easy to hold plus has two textures for babies to explore. Bonus: it helps youngsters get used to bristles for when it’s time to brush those pearly whites.

  • 8. Signal Some Sound

    It is so fascinating to watch a child hear a new (to them) sound for the first time! That is why toys that make different sounds are so charming for children—and practical for parents! Keep your little one occupied by providing them with toys that make various noises.

  • 9. Light Up the Living Room

    Like sound, babies love lights. Flashing, moving, constant, all of them! (Just make sure they aren’t too bright and are appropriate for little eyes). There are endless amounts of toys for little ones with lights, so make sure you find one that makes sense for you. The Little Critters Moosical Beads is a great option because it is bright, soft, educational, and has those lights (and sounds) that make it so appealing to infants.

  • 10. Amuse with an Activity Center

    Our daughter is now walking and loving her independence, but she still enjoys playing with her activity center! An activity center includes several toy options for your baby to choose from while helping strengthen the muscles for necessary sitting up, standing, and walking. While “walkers” have been cautioned by pediatricians, activity centers allow infants to develop those muscles and skills safely.

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  • 11. Bowl and Bounce

    Playing with a ball is a classic activity for parents and children. Ball play is important for learning about surroundings, coordination, and motor functioning. With the Infantino Textured Ball Set, seven-month-olds have an expanded opportunity to learn about the world around them as they play with different textures and shapes. And the soft, durable material allows them to serve as teethers and bath toys as well!

  • 12. Mull Over a Mat

    Foam mats are practical for making hard floors more fall-friendly. They also serve as bright, fun toys and learning opportunities. Our little girl learned to pull the pieces apart and examine the different shapes and colors. As your baby gets older, they can piece the puzzle together themselves or use the pieces to construct blocks to build a tower!

  • 13. Waltz with a Walker

    Walkers that infants sit in to cruise around are discouraged by medical professionals. However, a Learning Walker is helpful to get your little one rolling when that time comes! Not ready yet? No problem! This Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker folds into a floor toy.

  • 14. Color with Crayons

    Coloring is a fun activity for the whole family, and these Palm Grip Crayons are perfect for little ones who can’t grasp a crayon just yet! All you need are some crayons and anything to color on (paper, newspaper, cardboard, etc.). Your baby will have a blast exploring the fun colors and developing important skills along the way!

  • 15. Create with Cups

    Stacking cups are fantastic tools for babies and toddlers of all ages. First, your little one practices fine motor skills by grasping and moving the cups, then your little one learns to clank them together to make fun sounds! Later, children love to stack, count, and categorize the cups by color.

  • 16. Tug Some Toys

    Toys with strings or wheels offer 7-month-olds an opportunity to engage directly with the world around them. Not only are these toys wildly entertaining, they let your little one interact with his or her surroundings and, again, work on those motor skills.

  • 17. Build with Blocks

    Blocks are classic trinkets, and here’s why: they have countless learning opportunities! Colors and textures, letters and numbers, shapes and sounds, stacking and knocking down. Our family’s personal favorites have been these One Two Squeeze blocks because they are soft, chewable blocks, perfect for teething little ones, but also great for older infants and toddlers learning to build fun towers!

  • 18. Sort with Shapes

    This is another favorite in our home! Baby girl is still learning to correctly sort the shapes, but she loves to clink the shapes together to make fun sounds. She also enjoys exploring the different shapes and colors and has even learned to group shapes of the same color together! These are perfect for keeping a little one entertained in any space.

  • 19. Personify with Puppets

    Babies love faces, animals, funny noises, and stories. Why not combine all of these things into one? That is exactly what the Storytime Puppet does! Watch as your little one interacts in story time like never before. For an added bonus, let your little hold the puppet and explore the textures for some sensory play.

  • 20. Innovate with Instruments

    Music is a major hit for our seven-month-old! Especially when she’s the one making it! Whether it is miniature maracas or tiny tambourines, her eyes light up at the sound. This Mozart Magic Cube lets your baby discover multiple sounds in one setting! Explore musical sounds, bright colors, and dance moves all in one with this toy!

  • 21. Start Stacking

    Stacking rings offer another versatile option that grows with your little. The bright colors and different textures are exciting for younger infants (and great for teething!). As your little one grows, these rings are perfect for learning about size, colors, or counting, and for working those fine motor skills!

All of these activities are user friendly for both parents and toddlers! Keep it simple and let your little one explore these toys on their own in a safe environment. Or feeling inspired? Put together a more structured activity guided by mommy or daddy! With no preparation and minimal materials required, these suggestions are ideal for busy families in need of a few interruption-free moments to answer emails or clean the kitchen.

7 Free Activities For Seven-Month-Olds

Listed below are 10 bonus activities that you can do RIGHT NOW with your little one! They require no toys or additional items, just you, your child, and some creativity. Give each of these fun and free activities a try and see which one(s) work best for you and your toddler!

  • 1. Make Some Music

    Put on your family’s favorite tunes and sing and dance along! Music is such an exciting activity for 7-month-olds and a great chance to work on coordination and language skills.

  • 2. Peek-A-Boo Play

    Like we have said, babies love faces. Especially loved ones’ faces! Use your hands or a blanket and surprise your little with one of their very favorite sights: you!

  • 3. Pat to Patty Cake

    Another beloved game little ones go crazy for is Patty Cake. Once your child has mastered the song, let them take the lead and pat your hands together!

  • 4. Spare a Spatula

    Babies love to have whatever mommy and daddy have. So why not share? Keep an extra plastic utensil or two on hand to share with your little one while you’re cooking dinner or doing dishes.

  • 5. Laundry Laughter

    Since she was able to sit alone, our baby girl has loved helping with the laundry! Sometimes we sit on the floor and let her explore the basket, and other times we give her a bright article or two of clothing to play with while we put the rest away.

  • 6. Talk Time

    As they get older, babies babble more and more. How does that babble turn into actual language? Practice! Talk to your little about your day and listen as he/she “talks” about theirs.

  • 7. Ponder Pictures

    Looking at old pictures and videos isn’t just fun for adults, babies love it too! Scroll through phones and photo albums with your little one and let them examine the clips as long as they like.


Now you have many creative, affordable ways to not only keep your youngster engaged while you complete a few chores and enjoy a few minutes of well-earned relaxation, but all activities also help facilitate development and learning!