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7 Best Baby Bottles for Comfortable & Safe Feeding (2022 Reviews)

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Finding the right bottle to feed your baby can be a frustrating journey, especially when your baby is prone to colic or gas or prefers breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. Fortunately, there are plenty of bottles on the market today that cater to a baby’s wants and needs as well as a parent’s peace of mind. Here are seven baby bottles designed to provide a fuss-free feeding experience for your little one.

Best Baby Bottles

  • 1. Comotomo Baby Bottle

    (Best quality — $$$)

    Why it’s great: Sold as a set of two, these Comotomo baby bottles are available in pink and green as well as in 5-ounce and 8-ounce size variations. The ultra-wide-neck design promotes easy cleaning while its silicone construction is safe to use in microwaves, boiling water, dishwashers and sterilizers. Dual anti-colic venting technology prevents air bubbles to help soothe baby’s tummy during and after feedings.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say the nipple flow can be too fast for babies beginning to bottle-feed.

    Good for: Low-maintenance moms and dads as this bottle is easy to clean, easy to assemble and easy to hold.

  • 2. MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle

    (Most durable — $)

    Why it’s great: These MAM baby bottles are available in five colors, each of which features an animal graphic to make feeding time more fun. Sold as a set of three, these bottles have a unique vented base design that releases liquid slowly to ease colic and reduce reflux in babies. The nipple boasts an anti-slip texture while its shape mimics mom for an easy transition from breast to bottle. MAM bottles also self-sterilize in the microwave, guaranteeing an easy clean-up and safe feeding experience.

    Keep in mind: This bottle has several different pieces to put together before using.

    Good for: Breastfed babies as this bottle has a 94% nipple acceptance rate.

  • 3. Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle

    (Easiest to clean — $$)

    Why it’s great: These bottles by Philips Avent feature an ultra-soft nipple with a flexible spiral design intended to promote a natural latch for breastfed babies. Available in five colors, these bottles feature Airflex venting to prevent colic and unnecessary tummy trouble. The ergonomic shape of these bottles ensure that they are easy to hold during feedings, including by baby’s little hands. These bottles include only a few parts and have a wide bottle neck, making them incredibly simple to assemble and clean.

    Keep in mind: Some customers report that this bottle leaks if the lid isn’t secure.

    Good for: Long-term use as this bottle can grow with baby from their newborn days all the way through their first birthday.

  • 4. Evenflo Feeding Advanced Angled Vented Bottles

    (Best value — $)

    Why it’s great: This 6-pack of Evenflo bottles comes in teal, navy and gray color schemes and is sold with slow-flow nipples that are perfect for babies who are just starting on bottles. Evenflo’s patented Proflo Venting Technology is a one-piece system that promotes healthy feedings by preventing milk bubbles from making their way into baby’s tummy. Meanwhile, the angled shape of these bottles encourages a semi-upright feeding position, which has been proven to diminish earaches, reflux, and gas. This bottle is easy to clean and easy to hold and is compatible with a variety of breast pumps.

    Keep in mind: Some customers report that while the plastic these bottles are made with is lightweight, it is also quite thin.

    Good for: Babies learning to hold bottles on their own as these bottles have an angled designed and are lightweight.

  • 5. PopYum 9 oz Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

    (Best for traveling — $$$)

    Why it’s great: These PopYum bottles are praised for their inventive design, which stores formula and water in separate chambers of the bottle. The simple press of a button allows you to mix the elements and after a few shakes, baby’s bottle is ready to go. These bottles have won awards across various parenting publications and websites for their unique and innovative design and ease-of-use. With accurate measurement markings and venting technology, these bottles also only have five parts for easy assembly and clean-up.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say this bottle takes a long time to dry after being washed.

    Good for: Taking with you on-the-go as you can mix the formula when baby’s hungry and not before you leave the house, which can risk the formula going bad before baby has a chance to eat.

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  • 6. Dr. Brown’s Options+ Wide-Neck Glass Baby Bottles

    (Best glass option — $$)

    Why it’s great: Dr. Brown’s is a trusted industry veteran when it comes to baby bottles and are especially known for their high-quality glass bottles that promote a safe and easy feeding experience. The brand’s new nipple design has been engineered to better replicate the real thing and provide a more consistent flow of milk from bottle to baby. These bottles also include an anti-venting system that has been clinically proven to reduce colic. Furthermore, these bottles have been shown to better preserve nutrients in breast milk and formula for a healthier and more holistic feeding experience.

    Keep in mind: These bottles are made of glass and can break more easily that plastic bottles.

    Good for: Parents looking for an eco-friendlier option as glass bottles are better for the environment than plastic and are naturally free of BPA and other harmful chemicals.

  • 7. POTATO Glass Baby Bottles

    (Best for newborns — $$)

    Why it’s great: These POTATO glass baby bottles are simple and stylish with an aesthetically-pleasing design that caters to chic parents everywhere. Available in pink and blue, these bottles are made from thick, high-quality glass and include a slow-flow silicone nipple designed to encourage an effective latch. These bottles also feature an anti-colic valve to ensure air bubbles don’t cause gas or colic. The wide-neck and shallow base make these bottles easy to clean and customers report that they are durable and easy to use on-the-go.

    Keep in mind: These bottles can only hold 2.5 ounces, which makes them a better option for newborns.

    Good for: Newborns as the bottle size and nipple flow are designed specifically with brand new babies in mind.

Best Overall

The Comotomo Baby Bottle is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQ’s about Baby Bottles

  • 1. What’s the best shape for baby bottles?

    Baby bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and choosing the right one depends on your baby’s preferences and habits. Straight baby bottles can be easier for baby to hold, but angled bottles are designed to prevent baby from swallowing too many air bubbles. Bottles with a wide neck are intended to replicate a breastfeeding experience and eliminate nipple confusion. Wide-neck bottles are also easier to clean as sponges and brushed can easily reach all the way inside.

  • 2. How do I know which nipple size to choose?

    Bottle nipples come in a variety of sizes with different flow rates. Nipples with a slower flow rate have smaller holes, which prevents too much milk from coming out, and are designed for younger babies. As babies get bigger and stronger and become more acclimated to drinking from bottles, they will need nipples that provide a faster flow rate. You can tell when baby is ready to size up if she is sucking too hard or seems to be getting frustrated as she drinks. Alternately, you can tell if baby needs to size down to a slower flow nipple if she makes a guzzling sound or immediately spits out the milk she’s drinking.

  • 3. What size baby bottles should I buy?

    Bottles are often available in a 4-ounce size or a 9-ounce size. As your baby gets older, he will need more milk to fill his growing tummy. For younger babies, smaller bottles will provide enough milk for each feeding time.

  • 4. Why is venting technology important?

    Venting technology is a special feature in baby bottles that prevent baby from taking in too much air as he drinks from the bottle. Air bubbles can cause gas and spit-up, which leads to fussiness. Studies also show that bottles with venting technology are helpful for babies with colic.

  • 5. How can I tell if my baby is using the right bottle?

    If your baby is especially fussy during feedings or refuses a bottle even though you know she is hungry, it might be worth it to try a different bottle. It can be hard to know why some babies prefer one bottle over another, but paying attention to certain cues can be telling. For example, if your little one doesn’t seem to be getting enough milk out of the bottle, it might be worth it to try a different size nipple. If your baby has colic or digestive issues, it might be worth switching to a bottle that has more advanced venting technology. For babies that prefer the breast to the bottle, try a bottle that comes with a nipple that is designed to mimic mom.


Baby bottles are one of the most-used products on the journey through parenthood, especially in the first year. With so many different designs, shapes, and sizes to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to determine which bottle will be right for your baby. Important things to consider when purchasing a baby bottle include the size, shape, and venting technology. If your baby suffers from colic, choosing a bottle with features that prevent air from passing into baby’s tummy will be important. If you have a newborn, go with a bottle that’s smaller and has a nipple with a slower flow rate. Once you’ve found the bottle that works for both you and baby, sit back and enjoy the special bond that feeding time provides – it will be over before you know it!