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7 Best Baby Diaper Rash Creams to Protect Delicate Skin (2022 Reviews)

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Diaper rash is an unavoidable inconvenience and happens to most babies at some point during their diaper years. Having a safe, soothing, and effective remedy to combat the discomfort is key, and fortunately, there are plenty of diaper rash creams to choose from. Here are the seven best options on the market today.

The Best Baby Diaper Rash Creams

  • 1. Boudreaux's Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment

    (Best value — $)

    Why it’s great: One of the most affordable diaper rash creams available, Bordeaux’s Butt Paste soothes irritated skin quickly and effectively. This diaper cream was developed by a pharmacist and father of four and features only eight clean ingredients, including zinc oxide, soothing aloe vera, and beeswax. Recommended by pediatricians for the management and prevention of diaper rashes in infants, this ointment is also free of dye, parabens, preservatives, phthalates, petrolatum, and talc.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say this cream is very sticky, most likely due to the zinc oxide included in this product’s formula.

    Good for: Parents who want a natural diaper rash cream for an affordable price.

  • 2. HONEST Company Sprayable Diaper Rash Cream

    (Best spray — $$)

    Why it’s great: This sprayable diaper rash cream, made by The Honest Company, is popular with parents for being easy to apply and quick to take effect. Formulated with zinc oxide, this diaper rash spray is hypoallergenic and physician tested. With only a couple of squirts, this spray will seal out any moisture on your baby’s bum to help treat and protect against diaper rash.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say this spray is very wet and it’s best to let your little’s one bottom dry out for a minute before fastening on a clean diaper.

    Good for: Keeping in your diaper bag as this spray is compact and easy to use while on the go.

  • 3. Motherlove Diaper Organic Diaper Rash Cream

    (Most popular — $$$)

    Why it’s great: One of the highest-rated organic diaper rash creams on the market, this balm has been clinically tested and approved by pediatricians and other healthcare providers. Designed to heal diaper rash by restoring yeast balance, this balm contains gentle antifungal and antibacterial herbs, including Oregon grape root and myrrh gum. Designed to be compatible with both cloth and disposable diapers, this diaper rash balm is USDA certified organic and free of petroleum, lanolin, parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fillers.

    Keep in mind: This diaper rash cream has no scent and is sold in a glass jar.

    Good for: Parents looking for a natural diaper rash cream that doesn’t contain zinc oxide.

  • 4. Babo Botanicals Soothing Baby Diaper Cream

    (Best for sensitive skin — $$)

    Why it’s great: This Babo Botanicals diaper rash cream is designed to be nourishing and healing. Made with colloidal oatmeal and a high concentration of non-nano zinc oxide, this ointment’s ingredients also include shea and cocoa butter to remedy skin irritation and redness. The plant-based and hypoallergenic formula is also free of gluten, soy, dairy, peanuts, almonds, and walnuts. Parents praise this cream for its soothing scent as well as for being easy to apply.

    Keep in mind: Because it’s made from natural ingredients, this diaper rash cream sometimes separates in the tube, so be sure to give it a shake before squeezing.

    Good for: Babies with sensitive skin as this diaper rash cream is formulated to be especially soothing and safe.

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  • 5. Mustela Rash Cream & Skin Protectant

    (Best fragrance-free cream — $)

    Why it’s great: This three-in-one diaper rash cream is designed to prevent, relieve, and replenish your little one’s skin after every application. Clinically proven to reduce irritation, this ointment is made from 98% natural ingredients and is free of fragrance, parabens, phthalates, and phenoxyethanol. A family favorite since 1950, this diaper rash cream has also been tested and approved by dermatologists and pediatricians.

    Keep in mind: Some customers report receiving products with fast-approaching expiration dates, so be sure to check your product’s label in case you need to exchange it.

    Good for: Babies who are prone to getting diaper rash often as this diaper cream is intended to heal diaper rash as effectively as it prevents it.

  • 6. Burt's Bees Diaper Rash Ointment

    (Best eco-friendly option — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This Burt’s Bees diaper rash ointment formula contains 40% zinc oxide for a maximum strength solution to help treat and prevent diaper rash. Other ingredients include sweet almond oil, shea butter, lavender oil, and jojoba seed oil. This 100% natural origin diaper cream does not include any harmful chemicals or irritants and has been clinically proven to be safe and effective for everyday use.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say this diaper rash cream can be tough to clean off hands after applying as it’s designed to stick to your baby’s bum to seal out moisture.

    Good for: Eco-conscious families as Burt’s Bees is committed to not testing its products on animals and sourcing all its ingredients responsibly.

  • 7. Organic Diaper Balm by Earth Mama

    (Easiest to apply — $$)

    Why it’s great: This diaper balm by Earth Mama is 100% USDA certified organic and is made from ethically sourced beeswax and herbal ingredients. Dermatologist tested, this balm’s formula does not contain any petroleum, parabens, or artificial ingredients. Parents praise this diaper rash cream for being easy to spread and effective to use on babies with sensitive skin.

    Keep in mind: Some customers say this diaper rash balm can be a little chunky.

    Good for: Treating cuts and scrapes, as well as diaper rash as this balm’s ingredients, can heal a range of skin maladies.

Best Overall

The Boudreaux's Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about baby diaper creams

  • 1. What should I consider when shopping for baby diaper creams?

    The most important things to consider when choosing between diaper creams is effectiveness, ingredients, and price. You’ll want to find a diaper rash cream that will alleviate your little one’s discomfort quickly, but it can be hard to know which cream will be best for your baby without trying it first. Trusted brands like Burt’s Bees and the Honest Company have long proven track records with parents for delivering high-quality products. Alternatively, products with high reviews from customers are also usually a safe bet. Ingredients are another important consideration, especially if your baby has sensitive skin. Fortunately, there are plenty of diaper rash creams that are hypoallergenic and made with natural ingredients. Finding a diaper rash cream that fits your budget shouldn’t be hard either as most diaper rash creams are priced reasonably.

  • 2. At what age should I start using diaper rash cream?

    Most diaper rash creams can be used on babies at any age, including newborns. If your little one has extra sensitive skin or suffers a reaction, check with your pediatrician before continuing use. Always read a product’s ingredient list and instructions before using it on your child.

  • 3. How often should I use diaper rash cream?

    This depends on how often your little one gets a diaper rash. If your little one has a rash already, you’ll definitely want to smear a little cream on their bottom until the rash as soon as possible and continue to do so until the rash has disappeared. Most diaper creams are designed to prevent rashes as well as treat them, so it’s not a bad idea to slather on some cream before baby’s bedtime or throw a tube in your diaper bag as you’re heading out the door. If your little one is especially prone to getting rashes, it’s entirely safe to use diaper cream every time you change their diaper as this will keep your baby comfortable and rash-free.

  • 4. How fast does diaper rash cream work?

    Depending on how bad your baby’s diaper rash is, it can take up to a few days for the rash to heal completely. Fortunately, most diaper rash creams work fairly fast and you should see improvement after the first few uses.

  • 5. Is diaper rash cream safe?

    Yes, diaper rash cream is very safe, especially those made with organic or natural ingredients. All diaper rash creams are held to high safety standards and are intended to be used on babies, including newborns.

  • 6. Is diaper rash spray as effective as creams?

    There aren’t a lot of sprayable diaper rash creams on the market but those that are available are praised by customers for being easier to apply than the typical cream solutions and just as effective.


There’s nothing worse than watching your little one suffer through the discomfort of a bad diaper rash. Fortunately, most diaper creams are designed to prevent as well as heal rashes. Diaper rash creams work by sealing out moisture out of your baby’s skin, preventing unnecessary irritation and redness. Whether you prefer a cream, a balm, or a spray, diaper rash creams are entirely safe for everyday use. Diaper rash creams with natural ingredients are a great option for babies with skin sensitivities or allergies and most products are guaranteed to show results in only a few days.