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7 Best Baby Doll with Accessories (2022 Reviews)

Baby dressed up as an anima

The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages parents and caregivers to carve out time in their tots’ daily routines for pretend play. Playing is crucial to a child’s cognitive development and also facilitates learning and growth. Baby dolls that come with accessories are a great way to introduce your little one to use their imagination and can provide hours of fantastic fun. Here are the seven best baby dolls with accessories.

Best Baby Doll with Accessories

  • 1. Little Darlings Baby Magic Crib Time

    (Most interactive — $)

    Why it’s great: This sweet baby doll is perfect for little ones to playact a bedtime routine. Measuring 12.5 inches, this doll makes several different sounds when you press her hand. Accessories include a crib, blanket, bottle, and pretend baby lotion as well as a change of clothes so baby has an outfit to wear besides her cute PJs. Parents praise this set for its delicious lavender smell and for being adorably age-appropriate.

    Keep in mind: This doll is battery-operated but comes with the necessary batteries included.

    Good for: Parents who want a baby doll that makes sounds.

  • 2. Best Choice Products Newborn Baby Doll Nursery

    (Most giftable — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This 15-piece baby doll nursery set comes with everything your little one will need to take care of their pretend baby. This set includes a baby doll, collapsible stroller, portable play mat and crib, and baby carrier as well as a diaper bag full of pretend toys, toiletry items, and food accessories. The included baby doll comes clothed in colorful pajamas and makes ten interactive sounds.

    Keep in mind: Customers recommend reading the instructions that come with this baby doll for helpful hints to get the sounds started.

    Good for: Transporting as this doll’s accessories are all foldable and portable.

  • 3. Baby Doll Feeding Set

    (Easiest to assemble — $$)

    Why it’s great: This baby doll comes with a booster seat, feeding table, sippy cup, bottle, bib, plate, and utensils. Kids will love feeding their baby doll bites of their imaginary meal before taking them out of their booster seat to cuddle. Perfect for self-guided pretend play, parents praise this set for being easy to assemble and easy to clean.

    Keep in mind: This doll’s eyes don’t close, and some customers say the doll’s limbs are difficult to bend.

    Good for: Boys or girls as this baby doll and its accessories are gender-neutral.

  • 4. Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby Doll

    (Most popular — $)

    Why it’s great: This baby doll, made by the popular brand Baby Alive, comes with several fun feeding and changing accessories. Kids are encouraged to create a delicious snack for their baby using a toy blender that really blends. This set is sold with two smoothie mixes that can be whipped up and fed to baby with a tiny spoon. After washing down her snack with a sip of water from her cup, this baby doll will need to be changed, too! Thankfully, this set comes with a couple of spare diapers to get the job done.

    Keep in mind: Extra diapers are sold separately.

    Good for: Kids ages three and up as this baby’s accessories require more advanced motor and cognitive skills.

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  • 5. Baby Doll with Car Seat Accessories

    (Most durable — $$)

    Why it’s great: This traveling baby doll comes with a portable car seat, toy ring, bottle, and sippy cup. The car seat features real straps and buckles, perfect for practicing fine motor skills and teaching your little one about seatbelt safety. Featuring realistic hand-drawn features, this baby’s body is soft and easy to cuddle, making her the perfect car ride companion.

    Keep in mind: The product description states that this baby doll measures 12 inches tall, but some customers say they expected it to be bigger.

    Good for: Road trips (real or pretend), as this baby is ready to hit the road!

  • 6. deAO 21 Pieces Baby Doll Set

    (Most accessories — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This 21-piece baby doll set comes with a comprehensive collection of faux baby accessories, perfect for pretend playtime. The adorable baby doll included in this set measures 14 inches tall and has bendable limbs and eyes that open and shut. This baby doll’s accessories include a rocking cradle, complete with a pillow and mobile, as well as a highchair with a feeding tray. Additional accessories include a bib, plate, cups, utensils, pretend food and drinks, bottle, toys, pacifier, diaper, and pretend potty.

    Keep in mind: This baby doesn’t make sounds, but it does really drink and go potty!

    Good for: Gifting as this set comes with everything a child needs to play pretend with their baby doll.

  • 7. Doc McStuffins Disney Junior Get Better Baby Cece Doll

    (Best for toddlers — $)

    Why it’s great: This adorable Get Better Baby CeCe doll is a perfect playmate for kids who love Disney. Baby Cece’s accessories include a light and sound stethoscope, pacifier, thermometer, sippy cup, and a sticker sheet with pretend band-aids. Kids will love playing doctor with Baby Cece and giving her a pretend checkup to make sure she’s healthy, just like Doc McStuffins. Baby Cece comes in a soft and cozy purple outfit, perfect for cuddling after her doctor appointment.

    Keep in mind: Some customers report that the sippy cup doesn’t fit all the way in the doll’s mouth.

    Good for: Fans of the Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins as kids will recognize the character and accessories.

Best Overall

The Little Darlings Baby Magic Crib Time is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Baby Dolls with Accessories

  • 1. What should I consider when shopping for a baby doll with accessories?

    The most important things to consider when purchasing a baby doll with accessories are safety, functionality, and price. Be sure to choose a baby doll that’s made well and comes with high-quality accessories that are safe and easy for your little one to play with. Budget is also an important consideration but fortunately, there are plenty of options at a variety of price points. You’ll also want to make sure to choose a baby doll whose accessories will appeal to your little one. Does your tiny tyke love mealtime? If so, go for a baby doll with a highchair and food accessories. For Disney fans, choose a baby doll character from their favorite movie or show. If your little one loves sounds or singing, a baby doll that talks or plays music might be the best choice.

  • 2. What’s the best age for children to play with baby dolls?

    Most baby dolls with accessories are recommended for children ages two and up. Some select products are recommended for ages three and up because they include small pieces that can pose a choking hazard. Toddlers love playing pretend and imaginative role-playing is a healthy part of your little one’s development and should be encouraged. Even as your child gets older, pretend play can stimulate social skills and language development.

  • 3. What kind of accessories are best for baby dolls?

    This depends on your child’s interests and preferences, especially when it comes to their daily activities and adventures. Baby dolls that come with car seats can be a great companion for an upcoming road trip while babies that come with cribs can help little ones reenact their own bedtime routine. If you’re not sure which accessories might be best for your tot, there are plenty of baby dolls that come with a full set of accessories from strollers to cradles to highchairs.

  • 4. Are there any safety hazards with baby dolls with accessories?

    Most baby dolls with accessories are designed with safety in mind as they are intended for a very young audience. That being said, you’ll want to make sure to buy a baby doll that doesn’t come with pieces and parts that are so small they may pose a choking hazard. You should also always check the age recommendations for a product before purchasing to make sure the baby doll you choose is appropriate for your little one.

  • 5. Do I need a baby doll that makes sounds?

    Many baby dolls with accessories make sounds or play music to stimulate your little one’s senses. While it’s not a necessary feature for your child to enjoy their new baby doll, it is a fun bonus. Sounds and music encourage interactive play and engage your kiddo’s imagination. Sounds and music can also be useful in teaching your tyke new words and phrases.


As your little one approaches toddlerhood, pretend play becomes more important than ever. Not only does playtime stimulate your child’s brain development, but it provides a healthy foundation for building language and social skills. It can also be a fun bonding activity for parents and caregivers. Baby dolls with accessories are a great way to introduce role-playing games into your tot’s daily routine. Many baby dolls are sold with accessories that are designed to be interactive. Whether it’s a baby doll that makes sounds or eats food, your tiny tyke is sure to love learning how to care for their own baby just like you care for them.