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7 Best Baby Dresser Changing Tables (2022 Reviews)

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When you become a parent, you will quickly realize that you need to purchase a lot of new items for your baby (some of which are large and bulky). This is why finding versatile baby items is so incredibly important, such as a changing table that also doubles as a dresser. That’s right, your baby’s changing table can also offer dresser drawers for storage. Today, we’re listing our top choices for baby dresser changing tables.

Best Baby Dresser Changing Tables

  • 1. Stockcraft Avalon Dresser

    (Most spacious — $$$)

    Why it’s great: The Stockcraft Avalon Dresser is a spacious, six-drawer dresser that is available in four different colors. This dresser is sure to have plenty of room for your new baby’s tiny clothing items, blankets, burp clothes, and anything else that you need to store. This dresser makes the perfect changing table, but the attachment to convert it to a changing table it sold separately. Purchase it here.

    Keep in mind: This dresser requires an additional attachment to make it into a changing table.

    Good for: Offering plenty of clothing storage.

  • 2. Dream On Me Marcus Changing Table

    (Most color options — $$)

    Why it’s great: The Dream On Me Marcus Changing Table features a safe changing table top, three drawers, and plenty of color options. This changing table is safe, compact, and great for a smaller space. The three-drawer design still offers plenty of storage space and the changing table features a sturdy railing to keep your baby safe.

    Keep in mind: You’ll have to purchase the changing pad separately.

    Good for: Smaller nurseries.

  • 3. Delta Children 2-in-1 Changing Table

    (Best shelved option — $)

    Why it’s great: This changing table offers a shelved design rather than drawers. This makes it even more versatile, as it can even be used in different parts of your home once your baby outgrows it. The shelves are the perfect place to store diaper changing accessories, toys, and even books for your child.

    Keep in mind: This changing table does not feature any dresser drawers.

    Good for: Offering a versatile and compact changing table option.

  • 4. Modern Baby Changing Table

    (Most versatile — $)

    Why it’s great: The Modern Baby Changing table features a simple and versatile design that includes light weight storage bins and a laundry hamper. This changing table offers everything you need with a minimal and compact design. As an affordable and simple option, this is the perfect basic changing table.

    Keep in mind: This isn’t the most sturdy changing table.

    Good for: Parents who are looking for a minimal changing table.

  • 5. DaVinci Jayden 3 Drawer Changer

    (Most compact design — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This painted wood dresser features a safe and sturdy changing table top and a three-drawer design. With easy-to-use smooth gliding drawers and durable wood, this is a high-quality changing table that will likely last a while.

    Keep in mind: You’ll have to purchase a changing pad separately.

    Good for: A durable changing table.

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  • 6. Delta Children Sutton Dresser with Changing Top

    (Best 3-drawer option — $$)

    Why it’s great: The Delta Children Dresser includes three drawers for storage and a removable changer top. All you’ll need to purchase is a compatible changing pad and you’re all set with a changing table for your baby’s nursery and three spacious storage drawers that can fit clothes, toys, blankets, and more!

    Keep in mind: There is no safety railing that rises above the changing pad.

    Good for: Offering storage and a changing table with a simple design.

  • 7. Modern Baby Changing Table with Storage Baskets

    (Most storage — $)

    Why it’s great: This Changing Table features ample storage and is safe for children weighing up to 30 pounds. With six cloth storage drawers and an included foam changing pad on top, this changing table is practical and functional. Available in grey or brown, the neutral colors are likely to fit with any nursery. The drawers even feature compartments for labels so you can use this changing table to get extra organized.

    Keep in mind: This changing table features cloth storage drawers.

    Good for: Parents who need a lot of storage for their baby.

Best Overall

The Stockcraft Avalon Dresser is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Baby Dresser Changing Tables

  • 1. Can you use any dresser as a changing table?

    It is not recommended that you use any dresser as a changing table because changing tables come equipped with safety features that not every dresser has. Regular dressers do not have changing table tops so you would have to fasten some type of changing table to it which isn’t safe. Luckily, you can purchase changing tables that also double as a spacious and functional dresser as well. Look for a dresser changing table that is sturdy and features a safe changing top with safety railings that will keep your baby safe from falling out.

  • 2. What kind of changing table is best?

    The best changing table depends on each family’s needs. If you are looking for a changing table with plenty of storage, look for one that features multiple drawers (some have as many as six drawers!) Or you may be limited on space and looking for a changing table that is more compact and smaller than others. Some changing table dressers have a removable changing table attachment, making them more versatile. These are a great choice for anyone who may want to use the changing table dresser later on but doesn’t want to have to always have the changing table part attached (such as when your children are older).

  • 3. Are changing table dressers safe?

    Most changing table dressers are designed for safety and offer a sturdy foundation to change your baby. However, it is very important that you ensure that your changing table is properly assembled before beginning to use it. If you want to be sure that your changing table has been put together properly but you aren’t sure you’ll be able to construct it yourself, consider hiring a professional to come put the dresser together for you once it’s been delivered. You should also never walk away from your baby while they are laying on the changing table, even if it has safety railings and/or if your baby is strapped into it. Do some research into the different options for changing tables before picking one to determine what some of the safety features are to make sure that you choose a safe option.

  • 4. How tall should a dresser be for a changing table?

    On average, it is recommended that a dresser for a changing table be around 36-inches tall, but this can definitely vary a bit. When deciding what height is best for your changing table, consider your own height as well as any space limitations in the room you are choosing. If you are a taller than average person, you may want to choose a taller changing table and vice versa. If changing tables are too low down it can be very uncomfortable for you when changing your baby’s diaper because you’ll have to bend forward and it could even lead to some back pain. So, it is very important to make sure that you get a tall enough changing table. Most changing table dressers are designed to be an ideal and versatile height, but it is worth it to look at the different height options before choosing one.

  • 5. Do you need a changing table with a dresser?

    Changing tables aren’t 100% necessary but they definitely will make your life a bit easier and may even make diaper changes more comfortable for you. That’s right, some parents don’t bother with changing tables and just change their baby’s diaper in the most convenient spot around the house. Although this is definitely a feasible option, having a designated changing table is easier and much more sanitary. Changing tables also allow parents to comfortably change diapers while standing up straight rather than having to hunch forward or get down onto the ground the change a diaper. Changing tables with dressers are also incredibly useful since they offer storage as well. Baby items that serve multiple purposes are always a plus in our book.


A dresser changing table is a useful and practical baby item for any new parent to own and there are plenty of options when it comes to selecting the best one. Whether you’re looking for a large, spacious dresser or a smaller compact changing table with just a few shelves – there is an option out there for you. What’s most important is that you have a safe area to perform your baby’s diaper changes and that you never leave your baby unattended on their changing table. When it comes to assembling your changing table, always make sure that it has been properly put together and only use it if it feels sturdy and safe. Most changing table dressers require the purchase of a changing pad to be done separately, so always make sure that you choose a changing pad that is the correct size to fit into the changing table you’ve selected.