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7 Best Baby Food Freezer Trays (2022 Reviews)

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Until around 6 months of age, your little one’s diet will consist solely of breastmilk and formula. Once babies are able to sit up on their own, you get to introduce them to the wonderful flavors and textures of solid food. There are a multitude of baby foods available on the market, varying both in flavors, ingredients, and nutritional benefit. While it might seem like the easy choice to stock up while perusing the baby food aisle at your grocery store, it can certainly take a hit to your wallet. It can also contain ingredients that are less than stellar for your child’s tummy. If making your own baby food sounds intimidating, these freezer trays make it ultra-simple to keep your little one’s food fresh and nutritious for whenever you need it. Making your own baby food has a multitude of benefits. Not only will you know exactly what your infant is eating, but freezing large portions and defrosting as needed ensures their meals are fresh and full of the nutrients you put into them. This selection of freezer trays intended for freezer storage is sure to fulfill all your needs when your baby is finally ready to indulge in solid food!

Best Baby Food Freezer Trays

  • 1. Stackable Silicone Baby Food Storage Trays

    (Best for limited freezer space — $)

    Why it’s great: These stackable freezer trays are perfect for those with limited freezer space. You can easily make 36 one oz. servings at a time of various purees. Their sleek design means they fit seamlessly into crowded freezer spaces and the slim top allows the two trays to nestle perfectly in the stacked position for ultimate space saving.

    Keep in mind: The silicone is on the thin side which makes it perfect for small spaces, but be sure to pop the food out carefully so you don’t rip the silicone.

    Good for: Parents who want to stock up on numerous homemade puree servings but don’t have a lot of freezer space for storage.

  • 2. Mumi&Bubi Solids Starter Kit Tray

    (Best for numerous servings — $$)

    Why it’s great: The Solids Starter Kit is able to hold a miraculous 42 one oz. servings between the two trays included. The kit includes access to its own recipe book so there’s no need to scour the internet for the perfect puree mixture. The frozen cube mold is designed for simplicity when removing cubes for the tray, as well as making it easy to wash and sterilize all components of the kit.

    Keep in mind: Since most food expands when frozen, so be sure not to overfill each compartment as the extra puree may stick to the lid and make it more difficult to remove individual cubes.

    Good for: Those who want to batch cook large quantities of baby food at a time.

  • 3. BEABA Multiportions Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray

    (Highest quality — $)

    Why it’s great: BPA, lead, and phthalate free silicone, this heavy duty tray is made from top notch quality materials. The tray can be used safely in both the freezer and the oven. Each 3 oz. slot if ideal for a growing baby’s meal and the tight fitting lid ensures food is safe when stored in the freezer.

    Keep in mind: The flower-esqu shape is a lovely complement to your kitchen decor, but can be awkward fitting in a smaller freezer.

    Good for: Cooks who prefer the highest quality multi-use kitchen accessories. From a baby puree freezer tray to cupcake mold, this item will continue to be useful down the road.

  • 4. WeeSpout Leak Proof Baby Food Storage, 12 Container Set

    (Best for single servings to go — $)

    Why it’s great: WeeSpout Leak Proof individual containers are the perfect grab-and-go option for baby food. Simply take a container out to defrost in the fridge, and then throw it in your cooler for car rides, picnics, and all-day errands. This is the best option to avoid resorting to processed, low-quality baby food when you’re out and about and don’t have time to prepare a proper meal. These containers are made for the busiest of parents who don’t want to compromise quality and nutrition.

    Keep in mind: Although the individual containers are easy to slide into any freezer, they aren’t stackable and can be less than convenient for storing when not in use.

    Good for: Parents who are on-the-go but still want to provide their baby with homemade meals.

  • 5. OXO-Tot Blocks Storage Containers and Tray

    (Best deal — $)

    Why it’s great: The OXO-Tot Blocks offer the convenience of individual containers, but maintain the function of a baby food freezer tray. PVC, BPA, and phthalate free, these little cubes can be used in both the freezer and the microwave. The body itself includes measurement markers so you can easily track how much your little eater is consuming. Plus, the price point can’t be beat.

    Keep in mind: The clear color of the containers allows you to easily see what’s inside but occasionally can become stained when certain foods are stored in them for long periods of time.

    Good for: Those storing homemade meals while sticking to a budget.

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  • 6. KingKam Baby Storage Silicone Freezer & Oven Tray

    (Most versatile uses — $)

    Why it’s great: The KingKam silicone tray can safely be used in the freezer, oven, and dishwasher. Rather than some plastics, the 100% food grade silicone is safe for baby’s food, and won’t break or crack over time. The lid fits securely over each food compartment to avoid freezer burn and keep food fresh and tasty for when it’s ready to be defrosted.

    Keep in mind: The lid creates a tight seal, which can occasionally make it a bit difficult to take on and off when the tray has been in the freezer and has less give.

    Good for: Parents who don’t want to worry about whether their accessory can go in the freezer, oven, and dishwasher.

  • 7. Melii Snap and Go Baby Food and Snack Containers

    (Best for multi-use baby food and toddler snacks — $)

    Why it’s great: Whether you prefer to stack horizontally or vertically, these fun and space-conscious melii Snap and Go Baby Food and Snack Containers transition beautifully from the infant years to the toddler times. They’re the perfect size for a little one’s pureed meal, and then lend themselves to store healthy toddler snacks as your baby grows. You can snap as many as you need together at one time so you don’t have to go searching through the diaper bag to find the snack you’re looking for.

    Keep in mind: The silicone gasket in the lid helps create a leak-proof seal when closed. However, it can occasionally become loose and need to be repositioned to maintain its tight seal.

    Good for: Having a food storage option that will follow our baby as he or she grows.

Best Overall

The Stackable Silicone Baby Food Storage Trays is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Baby Food Freezer Trays

  • 1. Why should I use freezer trays instead of making food fresh each meal?

    While making baby food isn’t necessarily difficult, it can be time-consuming. Typically when you steam and puree solid foods, there is more than enough to fill baby’s small stomach. After all, very few infants can eat an entire sweet potato in a single meal! Instead of wasting food, divide up your baby food into single-serving portions and put them in the freezer for a later date. When needed, simply take the portions you need and defrost overnight, or pop them in the microwave for a few seconds to soften. Freezing single servings saves you time as well as creating less waste overall.

  • 2. How do I care for my baby food freezer trays?

    Each tray will come with a specific set of uses and clarify whether they can be used in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer. Follow the product’s guidelines for proper care, and be sure to toss it if you notice cracks or any damages that could impact the safety of the food.

  • 3. What do I put into the baby food freezer trays?

    The easiest place to start is creating purees with a single food by steaming and mashing or pureeing. Foods with lower water content, such as sweet potatoes or beans, work best. Once you’ve mastered a single food, you can experiment with various combined flavors like spinach pear, or raspberry yogurt.


Introducing your baby to solid foods can be both exciting and frightening. With so many options to choose from, the ability to make your own can give you peace of mind that there are no hidden ingredients, like added salt and sugar. These baby food freezer trays work with every parent’s specific needs, whether you plan to mass produce your baby’s meals, or prefer to have a few single-serving containers you can toss into the cooler when you’re on the go. From glass containers to pouches, you can try various styles at an array of price points to determine which suits your baby’s feeding journey best. Baby food freezer trays are sure to make your little one’s meals both nutritious and enjoyable to create.