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7 Best Baby Food Scissors – Effective & Useful (2022 Reviews)

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Something that many new parents may not realize is that cutting up food for a baby can be made much easier by using a pair of scissors instead of a fork and knife. It can be a little nerve-wracking when your baby starts to eat solid foods and ensuring that their food is cut up into safe pieces is an absolute must. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite options for baby food scissors.

Best Baby Food Scissors

  • 1. Tiny Bites Food Shears

    (Best two pack — $)

    Why it’s great: These baby food shears are lightweight, compact, and portable. They come in a two-pack, so you’ll always have a pair to keep at home and a pair to take on the go. These scissors are made with a BPA-free and lead-free material, making them incredibly safe for even the youngest of eaters.

    Keep in mind: These scissors are not dishwasher safe.

    Good for: Quickly cutting food into small, bite-sized pieces.

  • 2. Sprout Cups Baby Food Scissors

    (Best for travel — $)

    Why it’s great: These baby food scissors are made from stainless steel, making them easy to clean. These scissors come with a blade cover, making them perfect to take on the go. With a sharp blade, these scissors make cutting up foods for baby an absolute breeze.

    Keep in mind: These sharp scissors should be kept covered and out of reach of children.

    Good for: Taking on the go.

  • 3. Simba Premium Food Scissors

    (Best multi use — $$)

    Why it’s great: The Simba food scissors are versatile, multi-use options. These scissors are a great option to cut baby food because they feature a serrated blade and they’re made with anti-rust stainless steel. They also Come with a nut-cracker feature within the handles making them useable for cracking nutshells and even crab legs.

    Keep in mind: These scissors may be difficult to use if you have larger than average hands.

    Good for: Prepping toddler and baby food.

  • 4. Slice 10544 Ceramic Scissors

    (Best safety features — $$$)

    Why it’s great: These ceramic scissors are made from a safe, non-toxic ceramic material that is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and rust-resistant. These scissors are also designed to be ambidextrous, so they will work well for those who are left-handed and tend to have trouble with standard scissors. These scissors feature a sharp blade with dull ends to prevent a cutting injury.

    Keep in mind: The safety features of these scissors make them less sharp than other options.

    Good for: Cutting softer baby foods.

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  • 5. iBayam Store Kitchen Shears

    (Most versatile — $)

    Why it’s great: These versatile kitchen shears are made from stainless steel, come in a two-pack, and are even available in a variety of different colors. The comfort grip handle makes these scissors easy to use and they come with a blade cover for safe storage and travel. These shears are perfect to use for cutting up baby food and you can also use them for a variety of other household needs as well.

    Keep in mind: It is recommended to keep these scissors covered when not in use to maintain sharpness.

    Good for: A variety of household needs.

  • 6. Doddl Children’s Cutlery Set

    (Best for toddlers — $$)

    Why it’s great: This children’s cutlery set is a great way to help introduce young children to the concept of cutting their own food. It includes a small fork, spoon, and a kid-friendly knife for cutting. The safe blade design makes the knife easy to use and ideal for young toddlers who are just learning to cut food on their own.

    Keep in mind: This cutlery set is recommended for children over the age of 12 months.

    Good for: Introducing toddlers to self-feeding.

  • 7. MXXGMYJ Crinkle Cutter

    (Best for new eaters — $)

    Why it’s great: This crinkle cutter is a great option for young babies who are just beginning to eat. If you’re going to try the baby-led weaning approach to food introduction, then this tool is a must. Using a crinkle cutter on foods can allow for an easier grip on finger foods for babies who are just learning to eat solids.

    Keep in mind: This crinkle cutter has sharp sides, so use it with care.

    Good for: Making finger foods easy to grip for babies and toddlers.

Best Overall

The Tiny Bites Food Shears is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Best Baby Food Scissors

  • 1. Are baby food scissors necessary?

    Although baby food scissors are not entirely necessary for parents to own, there is a good chance that they will make your life much easier. Baby food scissors allow you to easily cut baby and toddler food into bite-sized pieces with minimal effort. Many types of baby food scissors are easy-to-use and even come with travel-friendly features like blade covers making them easy to use at restaurants and when traveling. Most baby food scissors are dishwasher safe and also serve multiple purposes and can even be used for other kitchen-related purposes.

  • 2. Are baby food scissors safe?

    Baby food scissors are typically designed with safety features such as blade covers and a rounded blade. It is recommended that baby food scissors are kept safely covered and stored out of reach from young children and babies. If you plan to take a pair of baby food scissors with you when traveling or going to a restaurant, you should always keep the blade covered when in transit. You’ll also want to be careful when using scissors to cut your baby’s food to avoid an accidental injury. Baby food scissors are not designed for children to use.

  • 3. How do you use baby food scissors?

    When it comes to using baby food scissors, you’ll simply just use them in the place of a fork and knife to cut and prepare food for your baby or toddler. Baby food scissors work great for cutting foods like pizza, quesadillas, chicken tenders, and even fruit like grapes. Using baby food scissors to cut your child’s food can cut meal-time prep in half and they can be incredibly convenient for hungry, impatient toddlers.

  • 4. What are baby food scissors made from?

    Most baby food scissors are made from stainless steel. Look for baby food scissors that are made from non-toxic material that is BPA-free and lead-free. It is also helpful to find baby food scissors that are machine washable to cut down on clean-up time. Some baby food scissors are made from non-toxic ceramic material, these are also a great option if you’re wanting something other than stainless steel. Look for rust-resistant materials in order to get the most out of your baby food scissors.

  • 5. What baby food scissors are the best?

    The best baby food scissors are those that are durable, effective, and versatile. Most baby food scissors can also double as a pair of kitchen shears, meaning they are useful for a variety of other household purposes. Baby food scissors that offer a safety cover are also a great option because they can be safely stored and are okay for taking with you when traveling. Look for a set of baby food scissors that comes with two pairs because this can allow you to reserve a pair for at home and a pair for taking on the go. Baby food scissors can be incredibly convenient at restaurants so it isn’t a bad idea to keep a pair in your purse or diaper bag. When shopping for a pair of baby food scissors, it’s also worth your while to look for a pair that is dishwasher safe, since this will make maintenance a lot easier.

  • 6. What makes baby food scissors different from regular scissors?

    Although you can definitely use regular scissors to cut baby food, some scissors are specifically designed for this purpose. Baby food scissors typically come with safety features to avoid accidental injury and sometimes they have serrated edges to make cutting food easier. Baby food scissors typically come with blade covers and other travel-friendly features since most parents use them when traveling or eating at a restaurant.


Baby food scissors are just another one of those items that you never knew you’d need as a parent. When you have a hungry toddler at your feet begging for food, anything to cut down on meal preparation can be an absolute blessing. Introducing solid foods can be a little stressful on parents so it is important to take steps to ease this stage in your child’s life. By having a tool like baby food scissors on hand, you can quickly prepare food that is safe for your baby or toddler to eat.

Choking is a serious risk for young children so it is important to properly prepare foods for your child in order to prevent anything from happening. Being able to quickly and easily cut food into small pieces can make it easier to introduce new and exciting foods into your toddler or baby’s diet. When it comes to picking the best baby food scissors, think about what your immediate needs are. Look for a pair that is versatile, durable, and well-made with non-toxic, rust-resistant materials.