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7 Best Baby Gear Items for Dads (2022 Reviews)

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Whether you’re a first-time dad, or simply looking to provide a well-versed father something to make life easier, baby gear tailored to the men in your life is the perfect gift. Many products for infants and children are designed with moms in mind, giving little recognition to the dads who need the same items. However, companies are realizing that dads are often a very active part of child-rearing and deserve to have products that support them.

From a tactical diaper bag to a hands-free bottle holder, these high-quality and exceptionally functional baby gear items are sure to make fatherhood just a little bit easier for the dad in your life.

The Best Baby Gear Items for Dads

  • 1. TBG's Men’s Tactical Diaper Bag Backpack

    (Best diaper bag designed for men — $$)

    Why it’s great: Made in America, the Tactical Baby Gear’s Men’s Tactical Diaper Bag Backpack allows you to carry everything you may need for your little one in a backpack designed with a rugged, masculine look. Built for every challenge that arises, this bag is made with heavy-duty YKK zippers and a 600D tactical polyester construction for next-level performance. This military-grade backpack includes a changing pad along with dual bottle pockets in its roomy interior.

    Keep in mind: Although there are numerous features, the bag is on the higher price point compared to similar models.

    Good for: Dads who want to make sure they have everything they need for any adventure with a baby.

  • 2. Big Dot of Happiness Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device

    (Best diaper changing support — $)

    Why it’s great: Dads will be completely prepared for dirty diapers with the Big Dot of Happiness Daddy’s Diaper Duty Device that’s packed with diapers, wipes, plastic tongs, safety glasses, and travel-sized baby products. The goofy, albeit functional, apron offers some comic relief when dad’s are getting down to business. The diaper kit arrives fully assembled and makes the perfect gift for a dad-to-be.

    Keep in mind: This item is not a toy and thus not intended to be handled by little children due to choking and/or strangulation hazards.

    Good for: Dads who need the right tools to make changing diapers a breeze.

  • 3. MIFA True Wireless Earbuds

    (Best for working dads — $)

    Why it’s great: With your hands constantly full, a set of wireless headphones is perfect for the multitasking dad who has a work call while also needing to burp his baby. The smart LED display makes reading the battery life simple and the powerful 10mm speaker driver unit offers high quality sound. The half-ear design is easy to wear and use when you have your hands full.

    Keep in mind: The smooth design of the earbuds makes them comfortable to wear, but can be slippery when manipulating with your fingers.

    Good for: Dads who are working while also taking care of a little one.

  • 4. Mission Critical S.01 Action Baby Carrier

    (Best baby carrier built for adventure — $$$)

    Why it’s great: With numerous ways to carry your little one, from facing inward to outward, the Mission Critical S.01 Action Baby Carrier is the perfect carrier to grow with your baby. The various panels, buckles, and tough MOLLE webbing allows this carrier to be customized to the wearer, guaranteeing comfort for hours on end. With a mission of connecting dads with their kids, this baby carrier is about more than carrying a kid, but rather building lifelong bonds.

    Keep in mind: Due to the thick, durable fabric, it can get rather warm if worn in a hot climate or for extended periods of time in humid weather.

    Good for: Dads who want their little sidekicks along for the ride before their babies can walk independently.

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  • 5. Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller in Millenium

    (Best for active dads — $$)

    Why it’s great: For the active fathers who want to incorporate their tots in their exercise routines, the Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller in Millenium’s ergonomic design is built for exceptional maneuverability. The multi-position seat and snack tray ensures your baby is comfortable too. The lockable front swivel wheel, extra wide rubber handle, and footrest reflectors make this a safe option for you and your baby.

    Keep in mind: Babies are able to use a jogging stroller once they can fully support their head independently, around six months of age. Be sure to check with your child’s pediatrician before jogging with your baby.

    Good for: Dads who want to take their children with them while exercising.

  • 6. DadWare Original Bondaroo Skin to Skin Kangaroo Care Bonding T-Shirt

    (Best for new dads — $)

    Why it’s great: With a velcro seam, the DadWare Original Bondaroo Skin to Skin Kangaroo Care Bonding T-Shirt allows dads to easily have access to their chests for vital skin-to-skin bonding with their infants. The extra long style ensures it doesn’t ride up when the baby is on his chest, and the soft fabric makes it comfortable to wear all the time. It’s machine washable, making it easy to clean and ready for the next day’s use.

    Keep in mind: This shirt is only to allow easy access to dad’s chest for skin-to-skin contact. It is not designed as a baby carrier.

    Good for: Dads who want to easily participate in skin-to-skin bonding with their infants in a functional way.

  • 7. The Beebo Baby Hands-Free Baby Bottle Holder

    (Best for multitasking dads — $)

    Why it’s great: BPA, lead, PVC, and phthalate free, the Beebo Baby Hands-Free Baby Bottle Holder is the perfect system for dads delivering bottles to their little ones. The unique design allows caregivers to set an appropriate feeding angle for their infant with a safe, flexible, and secure fit. It’s simple yet effective construction allows it to be cleaned easily and rolled up for transport and storage.

    Keep in mind: Most users noted that the bottle holder works best if on a flat chest, making it more conducive for men.

    Good for: Dads who have a lot on their plate but still want to have quality time feeding their baby hands-free.

Best Overall

The TBG's Men’s Tactical Diaper Bag Backpack is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Baby Gear Items for Dads

  • 1. What do new dads need most?

    As with most parents, the early days of fatherhood can be overwhelming. It can be difficult determining what you may need as a new parent. Luckily, the range of baby gear provides easy solutions for the challenges of parenthood. Pay attention to your biggest struggles as a new dad, whether it’s being able to feed your little one a bottle while trying to get work done, or finding a diaper bag that can actually hold everything you need, these options are perfect for addressing your specific challenges.

  • 2. How do I pick out which baby gear is best for the dad in my life?

    Take note of the current lifestyle of the dad you’re shopping for. An active father will benefit most from items that support his lifestyle, such as a jogging stroller or a tactile baby carrier. A dad who spends a lot of time in the office or on calls would get a lot of use out of wireless headphones and a hands-free bottle holder. Pay attention to the father as an individual and determine what type of gear will make his life less complicated.

  • 3. When is the best time to buy for a dad?

    The best time to purchase baby gear for a new dad is a month or two before the bundle of joy is expected to arrive. This allows the proud father to dedicate time beforehand understanding the baby gear and learning how it functions. However, it’s never too late to make a dad’s life easier. When a particular issue arises, such as difficulty changing diapers or having a bag with enough space to carry the necessities, find the baby gear that will help resolve any challenges as they occur.

  • 4. Which baby gear is the most functional?

    The most functional baby gear is the item that will work best with each dad’s particular lifestyle. Disposable diapers won’t help the dad who uses cloth diapers, and a hands-free bottle holder isn’t a priority if baby breastfeeds. Thus, pay attention to a particular father’s choices in raising their baby and choose an item that reflects that.

  • 5. What baby gear is worth investing in?

    The baby gear that is worth investing in includes the items that will get a lot of use, will solve a particular challenge, or both! Many options for baby gear will carry dads through more than one child, and will also pay off in the long run. This selection of baby gear is multipurpose and can be reused in other areas of life, such as a high-quality diaper bag as a backpack or wireless earbuds for phone calls sans baby-watching. The products worth investing in are those that will make life easier now, and in the future.


With dads taking on a larger and larger role in raising children, it’s about time that baby gear was designed with fathers in mind. Both stylish and completely functional, this selection of baby gear designed for dads can help make the role of fatherhood more enjoyable. From hands-free headphones to a shirt specifically designed for skin-to-skin, dads can spend less energy trying to manage their new role with ill-suited products and more time soaking up time with their little one with the gear that makes life, and parenthood, easier. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for the new father in your life, the variety in this selection is sure to offer everything a new dad had no idea they absolutely needed.