7 Best Baby Hair Brushes for Girls & Boys (2021 Reviews)

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Updated on March 19, 2021 by Lyric Fergusson

Those cute, fine baby hairs need to be brushed too! No matter how thick or long your baby’s hair is, brushing it regularly has so many great benefits. It’s essential to bonding time as well! Take the time after a bath to brush your baby’s hair out – it relaxes them and may even produce some of those coveted baby smiles!
Let’s take a look at some of the best options you have for your baby’s hair. Depending on the length, thickness, and texture of baby’s hair, there are so options for keeping baby’s scalp healthy.


Best Baby Hair Brushes for All Ages

1. Molylove Baby Hair Brush

(Best value — $)

Molylove Baby Hair BrushWhy it’s great: This affordable, natural brush rivals the quality of some of the more expensive brushes we’ve looked at. It’s a great value if you want those hypoallergenic, soft goat hair bristles on a budget. The bristles are incredibly soft, and the brush works much better if your baby doesn’t have a lot of hair.
Still, the soft bristles are gentle and easy to work with. The brush is a perfect size and will help remove and prevent cradle cap build-up when used regularly.

Keep in mind: Because the bristles on this brush are made of goat hairs, the brush may shed a lot. There is also an odor that fades with time.

Good for: Brushing baby’s scalp on a budget!

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2. FridaBaby Flakefixer Cradle Cap System

(Best for cradle cap — $$)

FridaBaby Flakefixer Cradle Cap SystemWhy it’s great: FridaBaby’s Flakefixer is one of the most effective kits for removing cradle cap that we’ve seen. This three-step system includes a soothing, soft sponge to lather baby’s scalp, a gentle bristle brush to loosen tough cradle cap scales, and a fine-toothed comb to remove the scales effectively.
This solution has been tested over and over and nearly always works when used correctly. It’s especially effective on tough cradle cap that won’t come off with a normal bristle brush. The comb can be harsh, so it’s best to brush carefully. However, you’ll be amazed when the cradle cap comes off in a single-use! Removing all of those scales is great for your baby’s hair.

Keep in mind: While it’s easy to get overzealous with the comb in this kit (removing those scales is satisfying!), be careful. The fine-toothed comb can pull the baby’s hair if you use it too aggressively.

Good for: Tough cradle cap situations.

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3. Natemia Quality Wooden Baby Hair Brush

(Perfect size — $$)

Natemia Quality Wooden Baby Hair BrushWhy it’s great: Natemia’s natural brush is made of soft goat bristles and beechwood, and it’s the perfect size for baby’s scalp. Some baby brushes are either too large to comfortably comb baby’s head or else won’t work on babies with longer, thicker hair.
This natural hair brush addresses all of those issues. The bristles are strong enough to brush through baby’s hair. The bristles are wide enough to cover larger patches of hair but ultimately small enough for effective brushing. Using this brush can help stimulate baby’s scalp, increase circulation to promote hair growth, and even help reduce cradle cap. Babies that don’t have hair right away can still benefit from a scalp brushing!

Keep in mind: While this brush is safe to use on baby with supervision, make sure you put it away when you’re done – don’t leave baby unattended with this or any other hairbrush.

Good for: Babies with no hair.

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4. Disney Baby Minnie Hair Brush

(Cutest character design — $)

Disney Baby Minnie Hair BrushWhy it’s great: Disney Baby makes this cute, affordable brush and comb set with a Minnie Mouse theme. This is a great set for newborns, as the bristles are extremely soft. They work well enough to stimulate baby’s scalp and brush out very thin hairs. They are also very gentle, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your baby as long as you’re gentle.
This kit also comes with a small comb that can be perfect for detangling or working out those tough cradle cap scales. The two sides of the comb have different teeth so you always have the tools you need to gently detangle your baby’s hair.

Keep in mind: The bristles on the brush are extremely soft. If your baby has thicker or longer hair, it may not work to effectively brush their hair. The included comb can detangle in a pinch, however!

Good for: Newborns with thinner hair.

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5. Natemia Premium Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

(Best quality — $$$)

Natemia Premium Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb SetWhy it’s great: If you liked Natemia’s natural goat-bristle brush, you’re going to love this set. Included are Natemia’s natural soft brush, a hard bristle comb for toddlers, and a wooden comb to detangle longer hair. Together, you won’t have to buy another hairbrush until your baby is 5 years old!
The wooden massage brush works well on older babies and toddlers to help stimulate the scalp gently. This brush can be used alongside the natural goat bristle brush to help promote hair growth and keep blood circulating to your baby’s scalp. With the wooden comb to gently loosen tough tangles, this kit has a tool for every occasion.

Keep in mind: While this kit includes a variety of tools, make sure that you are using the correct type of brush for your baby. Don’t use the harder wooden massage brush on your newborn’s scalp. Always be careful!

Good for: Moms who want to be prepared for the next stage of baby’s life!

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6. KeaBabies Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set for Newborns

(Best set — $$$)

KeaBabies Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set for NewbornsWhy it’s great: This adorable set from KeaBabies takes everything you loved about their goat-bristle brush and extends it to other tools. Inside, you’ll find a massage hairbrush with bamboo bristles that’s perfect for older babies. There is a pearwood comb that can help work out stubborn tangles in longer hair, as well as the original 100% natural goat bristle brush.
Together, these tools will help you get through all of your baby’s hair situations. The goat bristle brush can help remove cradle cap and promote relaxation, while the massage brush can help promote hair growth in older babies. Both brushes come with hanging ropes so you can keep track of them!

Keep in mind: While this set is advertised to work for even young children, you may need to upgrade long before your child is 5 years old. Different hair types and textures may have different results.

Good for: Babies with thick or textured hair.

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7. KeaBabies Newborn Hair Brush

(Softest bristles — $$)

KeaBabies Newborn Hair BrushWhy it’s great: This all-natural baby hairbrush by KeaBabies is handmade, with a natural beechwood handle and soothing goat bristles. These bristles are soft and help relax your baby, promoting circulation and helping to clear cradle cap.
Some soft brushes don’t work well on babies with thick hair, but the bristles on KeaBabies’ brush are soft and strong. They won’t hurt baby’s scalp but will help to detangle their hair, stimulate their scalp, and promote health and growth. This all-natural brush comes in cute packaging and includes a cotton loop so you can hang it on your wall!

Keep in mind: The wood on this brush is porous. While you can use the brush on wet hair, it’s best not to submerge the brush in water. Also note that the bristles are made of goat hair, so there may be an odor initially.

Good for: Babies with thick hair.

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FAQs about baby hairbrushes

1. Do you need a baby hairbrush?

You need a hairbrush for your baby, especially if they are born with a lot of hair. Brushing your baby’s hair has several benefits. It’s very important for scalp health, relaxation, and to reduce the build-up of cradle cap (which can occur more often in babies with a lot of hair).

2. When can I start brushing my baby’s hair?

You can begin brushing baby’s hair on their first day after delivery! There’s no need to wait to brush their hair. Just remember that baby’s scalp is delicate and sensitive, and that you should use only soft bristles and be incredibly careful while brushing.

3. Does brushing baby’s hair stimulate growth?

The short answer is yes, brushing baby’s hair does help to stimulate growth. Even soft brushes stimulate hair follicles, and this helps to increase blood flow to baby’s scalp. This can help baby’s hair grow faster and healthier.

4. What does cradle cap look like?

Cradle cap usually causes patchy scaling on baby’s scalp. These patches can be oily, crusty, white, or yellow. They stand out on baby’s scalp and may even look like large dandruff flakes. Usually, the condition is not itchy or painful. However, removing cradle cap through regular brushing helps promote hair growth.

5. Why should I comb my baby’s hair?

Combing your baby’s hair can help keep their scalp healthy. It can reduce and eliminate cradle cap build-up, which is important for helping their hair grow. Further, combing or brushing your baby’s hair can be a relaxing bonding experience that can start the day after birth!


One of the most important things to remember is to match the type of hairbrush to your baby’s hair. If your baby has thicker hair, brushes with extremely soft bristles aren’t going to work the same. Likewise, a brush with stiffer bristles will only hurt a baby with thin hair or no hair. Choose the brush that will get the job done and consider how difficult your experience with cradle cap has been as well. Some brushes are specifically designed to deal with this condition.

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