7 Best Baby Laundry Hampers for Girls & Boys (2021 Reviews)

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Updated on March 19, 2021 by Lyric Fergusson

For such tiny humans, babies generate quite a bit of laundry. While a laundry basket may not be top of mind when decorating a nursery, it plays a significant role. Nursery hampers hold laundry and help prevent mess and odors, two things you do not want around your little one. You have almost certainly used a laundry hamper before, but you might not be aware of the various options of hampers made especially for nurseries.
The right baby hamper is the perfect combination of decorative and functional. These are my top 7 picks for baby hampers.


Best Baby Laundry Hampers

1. Handy Laundry Store Mesh Popup Laundry Hamper

(Best value — $)

Handy Laundry Store Mesh Popup Laundry HampersWhy it’s great: This collapsible hamper is a cost-effective option for parents with limited space.

The mesh design is sturdy and lightweight. A wide opening at the top allows for easy access and makes it easy to store folded towels or bedding without them unfolding in transit. This hamper is also great for older kids and dorm rooms.

Keep in mind: If you overpack this hamper, the mesh might rip.

Good for: Nurseries and for older siblings.

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2. KUNRO Large-Sized Waterproof Laundry Hamper

(Great storage capacity — $)

KUNRO Large-Sized Waterproof Laundry HamperWhy it’s great: This laundry basket is perfect for the parent who tends to fall behind in laundry duties. It can hold an entire newborn’s wardrobe and the lightweight design makes it easy to bring to and from the laundry room.

With over 50 designs to choose from, you will find the perfect fit for your nursery aesthetic. This also makes a great stuffed animal storage bin.

Keep in mind: KUNRO also makes canvas storage boxes that can match the hamper.

Good for: Families with a lot of laundry.

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3. Munchkin Laundry Hamper with Lid

(Easy to store — $$$)

Munchkin Laundry Hamper with LidWhy it’s great: This hamper is fantastic because it has a lid to keep little ones away from dirty clothes, and it can easily be collapsed and stored when not in use.
Also, the rectangular design means this hamper can easily fit into any corner of the nursery. The vinyl lining is also easy to clean. It is available in both grey and brown.

Keep in mind: This hamper is 21 inches tall, and despite its sturdy appearance, it will not support a baby learning to walk.

Good for: Baby shower gifts.

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4. Large Bear Cotton Rope Woven Laundry Hamper

(Bear-y cute — $$$)

Large Bear Cotton Rope Woven Laundry HamperWhy it’s great: This delightful woven bear hamper comes in 3 colors and is guaranteed to make your little one smile.
This basket has excellent storage capacity, and the material is sturdy and durable. You can put it on the floor or on top of a dresser or table. Because of the wide base, this basket works really well for storing folded linens and blankets.

Keep in mind: This doubles as an adorable baby shower gift basket!

Good for: Baby shower gifts and bear-themed nurseries.

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5. LANGYASHAN Lion Canvas Fabric Collapsible Baby Laundry Hamper

(A pattern for every nursury — $)

LANGYASHAN Lion Canvas Fabric Collapsible Baby Laundry HamperWhy it’s great: With over 40 designs, you are guaranteed to find the right hamper for your house!
This hamper has more capacity than most of the storage baskets on the market. It is perfect for decluttering any room because this basket holds everything from stuffed animals, toys and books, to craft supplies, towels, and blankets.

Keep in mind: The basket may appear wrinkled on arrival, but it is easy to de-wrinkle with a steamer or by leaving it in the bathroom for a couple of days.

Good for: Any room in the house! This could easily decorate a nursery, kids room, playroom, craft room, bathroom, or closet.

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6. 3 Sprouts Baby Laundry Hamper Storage Basket Organizer Bin for Nursery Clothes

(Most animal options — $$$)

3 Sprouts Baby Laundry Hamper Storage Basket Organizer Bin for Nursery ClothesWhy it’s great: If your little one has a favorite animal, 3 Sprouts has a hamper for them!
Whether you are looking for an octopus or a lama, you will find a cute animal design with this hamper. The clever design has a smaller hole on top that hides baby’s dirty laundry and helps keep odors in the bag and out of the nursery.

Keep in mind: 3 Sprouts also produces storage boxes, diaper caddies, and toy chests, so it is easy to create a zoo or ‘under the sea’ theme.

Good for: Little ones who love animals.

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7. Polarduck Cotton Rope Baby Laundry Basket

(Most chic design — $$)

Polarduck Cotton Rope Baby Laundry BasketWhy it’s great: This sturdy option will look great in any nursery and most adult bedrooms too!

Made of 100% eco-friendly materials and chemical-free cotton, this basket has a firm enough structure to handle the day-to-day use between rooms and laundry. It is also capable of handling heavy loads at the same time. The weaving design is a stylish and practical touch for any bedroom.

Keep in mind: This basket comes in a medium and large size. Consider ordering multiple medium-sized baskets to help organize and sort clothes, toys, diapers, etc.

Good for: Parents sharing a room with baby or who prefer a gender-neutral nursery design.

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FAQs about baby hampers

1. What do I put in a baby hamper?

Hampers are typically designed for baby’s dirty laundry, but that does not mean you cannot be creative about using a hamper. Baby hampers can also store clean clothes and linen, blankets, towels, toys, or anything else that may not have a place in the nursery. Multiple hampers can help organize the nursery as well.

2. Is a baby hamper a good gift? What should I look for in a baby hamper?

It is easy to gravitate toward a baby shower registry’s cutesier gifts, but nothing is more practical than a baby hamper. Babies, especially newborns, go through clothes very quickly, and having a convenient place for dirty clothes is critical for any parent tasked with a late-night clothing change.

That said, as the items above show, buying a practical gift doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a cute design. Baby hampers may not be the hot-ticket item on a baby registry, but a hamper is a gift that will pay dividends for your new parent friends or family members immediately.

3. What should I look for in a baby hamper?

As with any nursery item, you want to be sure there are no harmful chemicals or products used in the baby hamper’s production. Similarly, you will want to avoid hampers that might be lined with wire or anything that could protrude and poke you or baby. You might also want to avoid material that could scratch or irritate baby’s sensitive skin.

Once your little one is more mobile, you may consider putting the hamper on a bolted table or dresser to prevent the risk of your baby or toddler trying to climb into their new hamper.

The second thing to consider is your nursery aesthetic. Will you be sharing your room with baby? You may want to avoid overly kid-oriented designs. Do you want a gender-neutral nursery? Grey and green are all the rage in baby-wear. Because doing baby’s laundry is not the most exciting of parental duties, you may as well find a design that will make you and your little one smile.

4. Should my hamper have a lid?

A hamper with a lid is the right choice for preventing hamper odors from spreading. A lid can also create a neater feel in your nursery by hiding stained onesies or apple sauce-covered bibs. That said, a lid on a laundry basket is not an inherently safer option. Any baby with the motivation and opportunity to climb into a hamper is unlikely to be deterred, so be cautious about where you put the hamper.

5. How do I know when it’s time for a new hamper?

The average baby hamper will last well into toddlerhood, but some may need to be replaced more quickly. Mesh rips and loosened handles tend to be the first signs that a new hamper is in order. You will also want to replace any hamper with protruding wires or wood to avoid scratching your little one. Fortunately, hampers tend to be more affordable baby gear, and most nurseries have more than one.


Decorating a nursery is a fun and personal choice. Finding a hamper to complement your baby’s nursery can be a challenge. Luckily, the hampers above offer over 100 designs for decorating your nursery. Best of all, they are built to last, make excellent gifts, and can even be passed down from one sibling to the next.

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