7 Best Baby Headbands – Cute & Comfortable (2021 Reviews)

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Updated on March 19, 2021 by Lyric Fergusson

Most newborns have little to no hair, so a headband can emphasize your baby’s gender, while also giving them their own personal flair and style. Finding a headband that fits your baby’s head and is both comfortable and cute can be challenging.

That’s why I’ve created this list of the 7 best baby headbands out there, so you’ll be able to skip the research and easily find the one that’s right for your child.


Best Baby Headbands

1. Touched by Nature Baby Girl Organic Cotton Headbands

(Best value — $)

Touched by Nature Baby Girl Organic Cotton HeadbandsWhy it’s great: This comes in a set of five headbands with both prints and solids to match any outfit. They are made from organic cotton and are super soft and very breathable, making them incredibly comfortable for your baby. They have a wide band so they stay on easily and are great at keeping any hair that your baby might have out of their face. There are other accessories, such as a sleep sack, that match the prints, so you can coordinate if you want to.

Keep in mind: Although they say they are 0-24 months, they are a little big on a newborn. I’d say they start fitting around 2 months old, depending on the size of your child’s head.

Good for: Parents who want super comfortable headbands for their child.

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2. Yoga Sprout Baby Girls’ Cotton Headbands

(Most options — $)

Yoga Sprout Baby Girls' Cotton HeadbandsWhy it’s great: These also come in a 5 pack and have both solids and prints to match every outfit. However, they have a variety of different prints and patterns, so you can choose the set that you like best. The band is wide and stretchy, so it doesn’t leave an indentation in your baby’s skin. They are soft and well-made, so they’ll last longer than most headbands. The cute, knot design is unique and different from the usual big bows or flowers.

Keep in mind: These are not adjustable, but they are very stretchy.

Good for: Parents who want a lot of pattern options.

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3. Hudson Baby Unisex Cotton Headband and Scratch Mitten Set

(Best matching set — $$)

Hudson Baby Unisex Cotton Headband and Scratch Mitten SetWhy it’s great: This set comes with 3 adorable bows and matching mittens. The mittens are perfect for keeping your baby from scratching up their face. The bows themselves are pretty pinks, with 2 floral patterns and 1 solid. The company also offers matching outfits, so you can have the full ensemble for your baby girl. They are soft and comfortable with a good amount of stretch, so you’ll get at least a few months use of them.

Keep in mind: The outfits are sold separately, so you’ll have to purchase that separately.

Good for: Parents who want to have a whole matching ensemble.

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4. Fancy Clouds Baby Girl Headbands and Bows

(Best large quantity value — $$$)

Fancy Clouds Baby Girl Headbands and BowsWhy it’s great: This set comes with 10 bows in all different solid colors. These are made out of nylon and elastic, so they’re comfortable and fit easily, without sliding around on your baby’s head or leaving any red marks. The nylon is made to be hand stretched, so they will grow with your child. They fit newborns comfortably and will stretch enough that even an adult could potentially wear them! They also come in a cute little box for gifting or storage.

Keep in mind: These are all solid bows, so there’s no prints or patterns.

Good for: Parents who want a lot of bows.

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5. HUIXIANG Baby Girl Head Wrap with Big Bow Cap

(Best cap — $$)

HUIXIANG Baby Girl Head Wrap with Big Bow CapWhy it’s great: This is a really cute wrap cap with an adorable bow at the front. You put it on just like a hat and it stays well, protecting your baby’s entire head from the sun. Unlike a regular headband, this one covers your child’s whole head, so you don’t have to worry about a red line on your child’s forehead. It is super soft and comfortable and comes in a 5 pack with all different, solid colors.

Keep in mind: These do run a little big, so they will likely start fitting your child around 2-3 months old.

Good for: Babies with sensitive skin that need extra protection/covering.

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6. Cherssy Baby Girl Bows and Headbands

(Most low profile — $$)

Cherssy Baby Girl Bows and HeadbandsWhy it’s great: These have a very thin band and a small, thin bow, so they offer a low profile option. They give your child just enough flair, without being overwhelming. This comes in a set of 8, with 6 solids and 2 cute floral prints. The variety of colors means you’ll easily be able to match any outfit. The nylon/elastic is super stretchy and great for infants all the way up to toddlers. These are the perfect mix of quality and affordability.

Keep in mind: The band is pretty thin, and while it is comfortable, it may leave a slight red mark.

Good for: Parents who want a smaller bow that’s not overwhelming.

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7. Cambria Baby Swaddle and Headband Set

(Best set — $$$)

Cambria Baby Swaddle and Headband SetWhy it’s great: This set comes with 2 different headbands, a hat, and a matching swaddle blanket. One headband is the same cute, floral pattern as the hat and swaddle and has a wide band that won’t leave marks on your child’s head. The other is a pretty pink flower on a thin band, that is perfect for dressier occasions. Both headbands stretch really well and fit newborns up to around 18 months. The hat can be adjusted to make it bigger or smaller. Everything is super soft and comfortable.

Keep in mind: Be careful when washing as the hat, headband, and swaddle could shrink.

Good for: Parents that want a complete, newborn ready set.

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FAQs about baby headbands

1. Why do I need a headband for my baby?

You absolutely don’t need a headband. However, they are super cute and can help people tell the gender of your child when they’re still young enough that they don’t have hair. They also allow you to dress up your baby and give them a little style and flair. Also, if your child does have a lot of hair, you can use the headband to keep the hair back and out of your child’s face.

2. At what age can my baby wear a headband?

Your child can wear a headband from the day they are born. There are no age restrictions on headbands. The only thing is you’ll need to find one that is comfortable and that fits your child’s head. There are headbands out there that are made small enough for a newborn but may not fit a preemie or super small head. Measure your child’s head and then go by the sizing charts that most headbands have to find one that will fit your child.

3. What materials are best?

Headbands are made from a variety of materials. Cotton and elastic are great for comfort and breathability. Nylon is another popular material that holds and stretches very well. Avoid anything that feels harsh, as babies’ skin is usually more sensitive than adults. If it feels abrasive or uncomfortable to you, it will feel even worse for them. As long as it is a non-toxic, chemical-free fabric, you’ll be fine with whatever you choose.

4. Do headbands cause hair loss in babies?

While headbands themselves will not cause hair loss in babies, if you put one that is too tight on their head, it could damage their hair. Especially if it is pulling their hair back tightly. As long as the headband fits comfortably, it shouldn’t cause any problems with your baby’s hair.

5. What are the safety concerns?

Your child should really only wear a headband, bow, or hat when they’re awake and under supervision. Wearing it while asleep could shift the headband over the nose or mouth and cause breathing restrictions. This can also happen while they’re awake, so constant supervision is always important. The thinner the band, the less likely that is to happen, but a thin band that’s tight could potentially suffocate your child if it gets caught around their neck.


Dressing up your baby in cute accessories is a fun way to give them their own style. It can also make their gender obvious, so you don’t get pestered with questions by strangers who see you out with your baby.

Finding the right headbands or bows for your child doesn’t have to be a struggle if you keep in mind the features you’re looking for. Before you shop, think about your child’s comfort and size, as well as the style that you want them to have.

If you know what you want to get out of a bow or headband, you’ll have no trouble finding some that you and your child will love.

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