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7 Best Baby Knee Pads for Crawling (2022 Reviews)

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Learning to crawl is a huge milestone for your little one. Crawling is a foundational skill that incorporates cross-body movements that ultimately support coordination and enhance cognition. However, crawling doesn’t come without its bumps and bruises! 

Providing your baby with baby knee pads is a simple way to protect their developing bodies while still allowing them the ability to move about freely. These options will have your baby protected from the moment they start to crawl.

Best Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

  • 1. Baby Head Protector and Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

    (Best all around protection — $)

    Why it’s great: Paired with an adorable head protecting backpack, these baby knee pads offer all around protection as your little one begins to explore the world. The silicone anti-slip points offer your tot more stability when practicing their large motor skills. The cotton and soft velvet fabric ensures your baby is both comfortable and safe when working on their developmental milestones.

    Keep in mind: While the head protection offers a softer landing for your little one if falling directly backwards, it’s less effective for a sideways fall. Be sure to still supervise your little ones when they’re experimenting with new skills.

    Good for: Parents who want additional head protection with their baby’s knee pads.

  • 2. SATINIOR Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee Pads (8 Pairs)

    (Best unisex option — $)

    Why it’s great: With eight pairs of unisex baby knee pads included in this package, you’ll always have a clean pair on hand for when your infant is on the go. Allow your child to explore freely both inside and outside as you’ll always have a backup pair of knee pads for the inevitable mud puddle or dirt patch. The quality cotton fabric is designed with strong elasticity while still being breathable.

    Keep in mind: Some buyers found these knee pads to run on the small side, so keep in mind if your little one has large legs.

    Good for: Babies who like to explore both inside and outside.

  • 3. Fun-Plus Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

    (Best option for a laugh — $)

    Why it’s great: The Fun-Plus Baby Knee Pads offer your child knee protection while providing parents and adults with a chuckle. Humorous rubberized sayings provide additional grip on the knee. The curved design guarantees the perfect fit on mobile little ones.

    Keep in mind: If your child has large legs, the fabric can occasionally roll on either end, but does not impact the knee protection.

    Good for: Parents with a sense of humor.

  • 4. Syhood Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee Pads and Non-Slip Ankle Socks (12 Pairs)

    (Best knee pads and sock set — $$)

    Why it’s great: Paired with adorable matching socks, these baby knee pads offer extraordinary anti-slip grip on both your child’s knees and feet. The soft, breathable knee pads aid in knee protection when learning to crawl, and the socks are the perfect accessory for crawling little ones as they begin to take their first steps.

    Keep in mind: The secure fit of the knee pads can occasionally leave a red mark if worn for long periods of time.

    Good for: Crawling babies preparing to take their first steps.

  • 5. Baby Head Protector Cushion & Knee Pad (3 Pack)

    (Best adjustable option — $)

    Why it’s great: The Feidoog Baby Head Protector Cushion and 3 Knee Pad Sets provide adjustable shoulder and chest straps to secure a perfect fit. The endearing and funky designs are appealing to adults and children alike, making your little ones enthusiastic and agreeable regarding their head and knee protection.

    Keep in mind: Similar to other head protectors, it offers the best protection for when baby falls directly backwards, so be sure to supervise when baby has a chance of falling to the side.

    Good for: Babies of all sizes.

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  • 6. Toraso Baby Head Protector and Baby Knee Pads

    (Most diverse style options — $)

    Why it’s great: BPA free and nontoxic, the silicone anti-slip knee pads are paired with a baby head protector that offers all around protection. Washable with water, the knee pads and head protection can be used on all surfaces. Created from charming fabrics, there’s a design both you and your child will love to use.

    Keep in mind: The head protector is intended for rolling, crawling, and walking skills but is not a replacement for a helmet for more advanced activities, such as riding a bike.

    Good for: Babies who are working on numerous large motor skills including rolling, crawling, or walking.

  • 7. Sevi Baby Protection Pants for Babies

    (Best padded legging option — $$)

    Why it’s great: To avoid the rolling and movement of baby knee pads, the Sevi Baby Protection Pants are an excellent legging option for mobile tots. The BPA-free pads are guaranteed to stay in place as your little one moves around freely. The additional bum pad provides all around protection when your infant is practicing his or her new skills. Plus, they’re machine washable for ultimate easy cleaning.

    Keep in mind: These leggings come in one size fits all from 19-33 pound infants. Take note if your child is outside of this weight range.

    Good for: All around leg and bum protection on mobile babies.

Best Overall

The Baby Head Protector and Baby Knee Pads for Crawling is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Baby Knee Pads

  • 1. When can I expect my baby to start crawling?

    There is a large range of when you can expect your tot to start crawling, typically between 6 and 10 months. While some infants may skip this step altogether, it’s a key milestone that you’ll want to encourage for specific developmental purposes. Offering baby knee pads is a simple way to support babies learning to crawl by making it a more comfortable experience.

  • 2. What should I look for in crawling protection?

    When looking for baby knee pads, ensure the protective gear offers cushion support to take pressure off the knees and provide protection from rough surfaces. Given that baby knee pads are bound to get dirty, you’ll also want to find an option that is easy to clean. Lastly, while you want the pad to support your children’s growth, you don’t want it to be too bulky or ill-fitting that it alters their natural movements. Be sure to have a proper fit when selecting items intended to support infant crawling.

  • 3. Why should my baby wear baby knee pads for crawling?

    Baby knee pads are an excellent, non-intrusive way to protect your little one’s knees from the various surfaces they encounter. Learning to crawl in different environments, such as outside, on hardwood floors, or on carpeting, further enhances their physical capabilities. By offering knee pads, you can support this exploration knowing their bodies are protected from uncomfortable ground.

  • 4. Why is crawling so important?

    Crawling is a key milestone that not only benefits future motor skills but also enhances children’s brain development. While crawling is not necessary before walking, it has many mental and physical benefits that should be encouraged.

  • 5. What else can I do to support my child’s crawling development?

    To continue supporting your child’s crawling development, make sure their environment is safe for exploration. To encourage movement, offer baby knee pads to make crawling more comfortable and to help ease your mind about their safety, allowing you to provide them with more freedom knowing they’re protected. It may also be helpful to set up colorful and intriguing toys away from your child to spark his or her interest in trying to move towards an object.


Once your sweet baby is mobile, it’s a whole different playing field keeping him or her safe and protected from the environment. While it’s important to allow your child to explore freely, offering supportive protective gear can help ease your mind that your little one isn’t going to end up black and blue. Baby knee pads are an easy, non-intrusive way to support this key milestone while offering a stable and cushioned means of movement for your child. From matching sets with head protection and grippy socks, or multiple pairs of baby knee pads that you can easily throw in the wash each day, there is an option that is tailored to your specific child’s needs to continue growing and excelling in their physical development.