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7 Best Baby Night Light Projectors for an Easier Bedtime (2022 Reviews)

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Sleep is probably the most talked about topic when you have small kids. The sleepless nights with several night feedings don’t always go away after the first few weeks. That’s why it’s important to start good sleep habits from the beginning. One pro tip for sleep success is to lay your babies in their beds awake. This way if they wake up in the middle of the night they know where they are and feel comfortable putting themselves back to sleep. However it’s not always easy to fall asleep at night, toddlers especially can start resisting bedtime, so it’s great to have a projector with fun images for them to look at until they fall asleep and also serves as a night light to help them know where they are. This is a great investment for setting your kids up for sleep success! After all, if they’re sleeping well, so are you!

Best Baby Night Light Projectors

  • 1. Summer Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother

    (Best plush projector — $)

    Why it’s great: This adorable elephant is the perfect addition to any nursery. It projects a starry night sky onto the ceiling or walls of baby’s room. It can also act as blue, green, or amber. In addition to being a projector, this plush slumber buddy has a sound machine with different lullabies and nature sounds! This projector also comes as a hippo!

    Keep in mind: Although this is a stuffed animal it should not be placed in your child’s bed for safety reasons!

    Good for: Those looking for a plush projector.

  • 2. Luckkid Night Light Projector

    (Best value — $)

    Why it’s great: This starry night projector truly is beautiful. It will have your child thinking they really are out stargazing. The starry night sky rotates around helping your little one relax as they drift off to sleep. It has nine different color options which can be projected onto the wall or you can change the product into night light mode. This product is ideal for mounting on the wall, but works great on a nightstand as well!

    Keep in mind: Batteries are not included!

    Good for: Those trying to stick to a tighter budget.

  • 3. My Baby Projector

    (Best compact projector — $$)

    Why it’s great: This small projector is perfect for taking on the go. It has three different images that project onto the wall or ceiling. It has six different songs and sounds to help baby fall asleep. The soft glow of the projector acts as the night light and can function independently from the sound machine. You can conserve energy by setting a timer for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. It will automatically shut off after 3 hours if you do not set the timer!

    Keep in mind: This projector only points upward. It does not allow you to rotate where you point the image.

    Good for: Those who travel a lot.

  • 4. Munchkin Projector and Night Light

    (Best LED nightlight — $$)

    Why it’s great: This product comes with 3 image cartridges with three different relaxing landscapes: sea, rainforest, and sky to help your baby drift off to sleep quickly and without fuss. This product also comes with 5 different lullabies/sounds to make sure your baby falls asleep and stays asleep.

    Keep in mind: The images that are projected onto the ceiling do not rotate.

    Good for: Home use since it does not use batteries.

  • 5. VTech Ocean Mobile

    (Best mobile projector — $$)

    Why it’s great: This projector is a beautiful ocean-themed mobile. It projects stars and the moon onto the ceiling and your child can play with the hanging ocean animal characters as well. If your baby needs a little white noise to fall asleep in addition to the projector this projector is the best choice for you seeing as it has more than 45 songs to choose from! You are sure to find a song that will soothe your baby! Plus, once your baby grows this can be broken down to make a crib toy!

    Keep in mind: This works best attached to a crib and not a bassinet.

    Good for: Those with an ocean-themed nursery.

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  • 6. Bubzi Co Owl Nightlight:

    (Best on the Go projector — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This nightlight has a cry-activated sensor. You can save energy by not running your nightlight all night. When baby cries a song and light will turn on for 5 minutes to help your baby fall back asleep. There are 20 different sounds to choose from! It has a rotating galaxy projector as well! This adorable owl is perfect to take on car rides and stroller walks! In addition to getting a great nightlight, when you buy from Bibzi Co you are giving back! They donate a percentage of their profits annually to Postpartum support international.

    Keep in mind: This is battery operated and batteries are included!

    Good for: Those looking for a nightlight/projector that you can take on the go.

  • 7. Fisher-Price Sleep Projector

    (Best baby controlled projector — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This sleep projector is sleep expert approved! It engages your child’s visual, audio, and touch senses! It attaches to your child’s crib so they can turn the projector on or off and can watch the animals move around. This product has a 30-minute playlist to help your baby sleep better!
    -playlist is inspired by sleep and child development experts to help your baby fall asleep faster…and for longer! Plus, it’s removable and can be played with as a great sensory toy regularly!

    Keep in mind: The star projector and animal movement/ lights screen cannot be used simultaneously.

    Good for: Those wanting a projector that baby can use on their own.

Best Overall

The Summer Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Best Baby Night Light Projectors

  • 1. How much does a nightlight cost?

    Nightlights typically cost about $10-$50. The more expensive models have more features such as sound machines with a large variety of sounds and lullabies, more timer options, and more advanced projector options.

  • 2. Should babies sleep with night lights?

    Babies are used to growing and sleeping in a dark womb. Yet, when we bring them into the world we expect them to adjust to the bright lights of our big world. Darkness, when your baby is first born, actually helps to establish their circadian rhythm. Since babies are used to the darkness they don’t need a night light, but as a parent, when you are in their room for frequent night feedings, you are going to want one! Although your child may not need it right away, as they grow they may start needing the night light to help them feel safe and secure.

  • 3. Where should you place a nightlight in baby’s room?

    The number one concern for baby’s sleep is safety. We want baby to sleep well, but never at the cost of safety. Place the nightlight anywhere that baby won’t be able to reach it. As your child grows you may need to change locations.

  • 4. Will a baby night light help my child sleep?

    In the beginning, your baby will need more darkness, but having that light when your baby falls asleep at night may help them to fall back asleep more easily because they can see where they are and know that it’s a familiar place. Especially during those toddler years, night terrors become prevalent and night lights help tremendously with comfort and security!

  • 5. Do I need an outlet for my nightlight?

    Some night lights require an outlet for use while others use batteries or rechargeable batteries. Check your instructions before setup! If your night light does require an outlet, then make sure it is out of reach of your baby!


Parenting is difficult. It’s even harder when you aren’t getting enough sleep. If your child isn’t sleeping well then neither are you. Getting a night light/projector for your child is a small investment to help them learn how to fall asleep on their own. Night lights help your child feel safe and secure and projectors are fun additions to make your child relaxed enough to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!