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7 Best Baby Phone Toys for Imaginative Fun (2022 Reviews)

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Little ones are all about using our everyday items as toys. They always seem to prefer our adult stuff over their toys, don’t they? One way to get around this is to give them their own akin and realistic version of our items that are built like a toy. We’ve put together a list of the seven (7) best baby-proof phone toys to alleviate this issue of having to give up your phone to drools, spills, accidents, and more. We’ve included a variety for any age and to match whatever your baby fancies.

Best Baby Phone Toys

  • 1. Fisher-Price Classic Infant Chatter Telephone

    (Best Classic Toy Phone – $)

    Why it’s great: Does your child tend to move around a lot? Then the Fisher-Price classic infant chatter telephone is the perfect toy for them. This toy telephone is a classic – it’s been around since 1961! It sports a friendly smiling face, a string to help pull the toy around and includes fun ringing sounds to keep your toddler engaged for as many hours as they desire. 

    The dialer on the telephone has the numbers zero (0) to nine (9). This helps with introducing your child to these digits early on and it improves dexterity. The eyes on the telephone move up and down, which makes the toy look alive. Not only that, but this faux phone also encourages early role-play in children as they pretend to call a friend or a family member on the phone.

    Overall, this phone is reliable and made out of high-quality materials. The blinking lights are sure to catch your toddler’s eyes, and the ringing sounds are a good medium for developing your child’s senses. The toy comes with a string and two pairs of wheels that enable your little one to pull it around with them anywhere he or she wants.

    Keep in mind: This toy is for slightly older babies that understand what a telephone is and can mimic the actions of an adult. The string on the toy might be considered unsafe for infants, so supervise use.

    Best for: Children over the age of 12 months, babies that are learning to talk, birthdays

  • 2. VTech Peek-a-Bear Baby Phone

    (Best First Phone – $$)

    Why it’s great: The peek-a-bear baby phone by VTech is an adorable little gadget for any burgeoning toddler who’s just learning to talk. This toy has an adorable teddy-like design with a special surprise hidden behind the surface! This pseudo phone makes an excellent choice for a baby’s first phone toy as it is simple to use, safe to handle, and has a design that is very appealing to children.

    The toy features four (4) brightly colored buttons that help children learn about numbers and colors. This phone also plays fun songs and funny phrases for your child’s entertainment. It’s also capable of playing over seventy (70) different kinds of songs and phrases, ensuring your child will never grow bored of the toy! The heart button flashes every time the music plays, too.

    This toy phone is padded with attractive soft bumps to make sure your child is protected from any risk of injury, and it prevents it from breaking when dropped. The fabric hook and loop also allow you to tie the toy to a safe place, such as a stroller, so you can carry it anywhere you go.

    Finally, there is a hidden mirror behind the bear’s face which allows your child to look at themselves and play games such as peek-a-boo, thus the name.

    Keep in mind: This toy is not rechargeable and requires two (2) AAA batteries to operate, so be sure to replace them when they run out.

    Best for: Children from the age of 3 months to 3 years, travel, multiple entertaining features

  • 3. Click N' Play Cell Phone, TV Remote & Car Key Accessory Playset

    (Best Set – $$)

    Why it’s great: Does your child enjoy imitating adults? Are they curious about everyday objects that you use? The cell phone, tv remote, and car key accessory playset by Click N’Play allows your little one to explore their curiosity about everyday items without the risk of being damaged by them.

    This playset consists of three separate toys: the cell phone, the car key, and the tv remote. They’re realistic looking but with a dash of cuteness and charm that is sure to awe your child more than your phone does.

    The car key includes three (3) keys and a host of buttons that play fun and interesting tones when pressed. The cell phone imitates a real feature phone with a sticker on the surface acting as a display. The buttons on this also play music when pressed. Finally, the remote also appears realistic with fun flashing colors and interesting sounds when any of its buttons are pressed.

    All toys in this set are free of BPA and made out of non-toxic materials and it’s especially tested for children’s safety. They’re not only safe to play with, but are also very bright with myriad colors and flashing lights. Your baby is sure to love them all!

    Keep in mind: The light on the toy remote may be a little bright for nighttime.

    Best for: Children learning to talk, those seeking a semi-realistic phone toy model with keys and a remote as a bonus

  • 4. JOYIN My Learning Remote and Phone Bundle with Music

    (Best for Gifting – $$$)

    Why it’s great: This toy set by JOYIN is a playset consisting of a remote and a smartphone. These brightly colored toys imitate real smartphones and remotes but add their own child-approved flavor to the mix.

    The remote consists of numerical buttons ranging from zero (0) to nine (9). Pressing each of these buttons spells out the number it corresponds to and it also makes the remote mimic actual switching between channels. There is the option to increase and decrease volume as well, which will help your child understand the concept of loud and low sounds. The remote flashes in glowing colors, thus it attracts the attention of your toddler each time they press a button.

    The phone mimics a traditional smartphone screen and consists of multiple buttons that play different realistic noises. The phone is capable of playing noises such as a camera, calculator, animal sounds, heartbeat, and more. This helps your toddler associate these noises with the pictures in the buttons. 

    This product is made of child-safe ABS Plastic and is very durable and of high quality. The large screen and buttons are specially designed to be easy to use for small hands, and the toys encourage role-play in children, thus helping them develop faster.

    Keep in mind: This toy requires four (4) AAA batteries that are not included. 

    Best for: Newborns, toddlers, gifting, bundling phone and remote

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  • 5. Fisher-Price #Selfie Fun Phone

    (Best for Traveling – $)

    Why it’s great: Want to share the joys of a smartphone with your toddler? Well, look no further than the Fisher-Price #Selfie Fun Phone! This pretend phone is the perfect companion for the youngest of toddlers that are just starting to grow their teeth. This toy is a three-in-one package because it serves as a chew toy (BPA-free), a mirror, and a baby rattle all in one!

    The large display section of the phone is a mirror that covers almost the entire front half of the toy. This mirror allows your toddler to play games like peek-a-boo, and it’s great for just looking at themselves in general so they can learn to recognize faces. Pressing the home button makes fun and interesting sounds as well.

    There is a grip in the back, just like real smartphones, except this one makes fun clicking noises when rotated. Overall, this is a great toy for improving your child’s cognitive abilities. 

    Keep in mind: As with all other chewable toys, you will need to clean this frequently.

    Best for: children over 3 months old, children growing teeth

  • 6. Byserten Baby Phone

    (Best Educational Features – $$$)

    Why it’s great: Looking for a good smartphone imitation for your baby? The Baby Phone by Byserten is the ideal choice for you and your baby.

    This phone toy features five (5) different modes and there are fifteen (15) different apps present on the screen for your toddler to choose from. Some of these apps include graphic cognition, animals, weather, fruits, and more. This will help your child learn something new. 

    Adorned with soft and colorful lights, this toy also plays music and recites interesting stories for your toddler. This encourages the development of creativity and increases visual and auditory abilities.

    This toy phone also assists with roleplay when your child pretends to make calls, the sound is adjustable to up to five (5) stages of volume, and this product is made out of non-toxic water-resistant materials that are both durable and safe for children.

    Keep in mind: If your child is around 1-3 months old, this product might be a bit too complicated for them. However, they can still enjoy pressing random buttons and playing the sounds as they grow into it. 

    Best for: Toddlers over 3-4 months old, learning

  • 7. YOYOSTORE Interactive First Cell Phone

    (Most Realistic Phone – $$)

    Why it’s great: Ever wondered about getting your toddler his/her own iPhone? The interactive first cell phone by YOYOSTORE is a great alternative (and it’s a lot cheaper, too)!

    This pseudo-iPhone makes a great first phone for your child as it boasts twenty (20) of the best children’s songs in one adorable little iPhone-like package!

    This toy flashes multiple lights around its edges whenever a button is pressed. This stimulates your child’s visual capabilities and makes them more attracted to it than your phone. 

    With this toy, your baby will feel more encouraged to learn through touch and hearing. When you flip the switch, a ringtone will play, and when you press on any picture, the phone will speak. Not only that, but this phone toy also has eight (8) different modes and various sound effects to make sure your child will never get so bored they’ll come looking for your phone again!

    Keep in mind: You will need at least 5V to charge this toy. 

    Best for: children older than 3 months, children who want a phone exactly like an iPhone

Best Overall

The Fisher-Price Classic Infant Chatter Telephone is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about baby phone toys

  • 1. What are some pros for getting my baby a toy phone?

    If your kiddo loves to take your phone, getting a toy phone is the best benefit there is. Your little one will feel like a big kid for having their own phone. 

    The toy phones on our list also encourage roleplay in children and help them demonstrate what they learn from adults through imitation. Not only that, but a lot of features in these toys improve the visual and auditory capabilities of children so they’re more acquainted with alphabets, numbers, animals, and such.

  • 2. What are some cons to getting my baby a toy phone?

    If your child has their own phone, they may spend more time with that toy (which can be okay due to the educational components built-in). As with any toy that makes noises, the regular and repetitive sounds may get frustrating for you.

  • 3. What are the best educational features to look out for in a baby toy phone?

    Some of the best educational features to look for include buttons or sound effects that help children learn things they’ll need to know, such as numbers and the alphabet. Toys that tell stories or sing songs can also help develop language in children and can be considered one of the top educational features.

  • 4. Should I get a phone that looks more realistic?

    While you can get a phone that looks more realistic, most kids are likely to enjoy phones that prioritize being flashy and colorful over phones that focus on looking too realistic. Therefore, it is advised to get your child a childish-looking phone, such as any listed above. Your child’s taste may vary, so buy accordingly.

  • 5. What are the best safety materials these toy phones can be made of?

    Non-toxic BPA-free plastic is considered the industry standard as some of the best materials for your baby’s toys to be made out of. While materials like silver have antimicrobial properties and metals are more durable, these hard materials are not generally suitable for children,  especially with little to no supervision. Plastic is soft, edgeless, and durable and is thus widely used in children’s toys.


We’ve covered seven (7) great toy phones above to match any child’s age. Each comes with features to please any baby’s desire for a phone without the worry it leaves for us parents. They all have some educational benefits as well to boot. We also answered some questions about the benefits and potential cons of purchasing a toy phone and ended with some safety tips to keep in mind. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect toy phone to suit your baby on our list!