11 Best Baby Socks That Stay On (2021 Reviews)

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Socks seems to be the hardest thing to hang onto with children! They get lost so easily or are eaten by the monster that lives in the dryer. Beyond hanging on to their little socks, finding the best fit, most comfortable, slip proof socks that stay on for our little ones is also a problem. We want the best for our babies and toddlers without having to spend a fortune. Keep reading for the 7 best baby socks that stay on. We’ve done the research for you to make your sock search easier.

Best Baby Socks That Stay On

1. Touched by Nature Baby Organic Cotton Socks (Multiple Colors)

(Best organic — $)

Touched by Nature Baby Organic Cotton Socks (Multiple Colors)Why it’s great: These sweet little socks for your baby are made from 78% Organic Cotton, 20% Polyester, and 2% Spandex. They are machine washable and durable for multiple wear and washing. Plus, they are stretchable for a better fit to tiny feet. They’re also super soft for maximum comfort.These come in 6, 8, and 12 packs with coordinating colors.

Keep in mind: These do not have grippers on the bottom, so they’re perfect for younger babies that don’t do much walking.

Good for: Parents that want organic socks for their baby.

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2. Burts Bees Organic Baby Socks with Non Slip Grips (Multiple Colors)

(Best quality — $)

Burts Bees Organic Baby Socks with Non Slip Grips (Multiple Colors)Why it’s great: Burts Bees is a quality and brand that you can rely on. These ankle socks of theirs are made with 72% organic cotton, 26% recycled polyester and 2% spandex.. The ankle height is great because they won’t squeeze those chubby legs. For those babies who are beginning to pull up on furniture and toddle, the non-slip grips on the bottom of the sock will help stabilize them on slippery floors. They are available in a 6 pack in neutral colors.

Keep in mind: These Burts Bees Ankle socks come with a “Try before you buy” option on some sizes and free returns up to 7 days, so if you have any problems, they’ll take care of you.

Good for: Parents that want the best quality socks for their baby.

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3. Fruit of the Loom Baby Grow (Multiple Colors)

(Best first bundle — $$$)

Fruit of the Loom Baby Grow (Multiple Colors)Why it’s great: This 4-way stretch ankle sock expands and moves as your baby grows, which means they’ll last a lot longer than most others. They are made with 63% cotton, 33% polyester, 2% spandex, and 2% rubber. The rib knit cuff fits easily over the ankle without being too tight. They are also easy to care for, just wash and tumble dry. They come in a 14 pack of solid colors, with multiple pairs of basic white.

Keep in mind: These are thinner socks that are breathable and better for warmer weather.

Good for: Parents that want socks that’ll last a little longer as their baby grows.

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4. Zaples Baby Non-slip Grip Socks (Multiple Colors)

(Best non-slip — $$$)

Zaples Baby Non-slip Grip Socks (Multiple Colors)Why it’s great: The cotton rich fabric that these socks are made of provides all day comfort and breathability for little feet. The stretchy material provides a good fit to grow with your child. They have strong grips on the sole from heel to toe to prevent toddlers from slipping. The pull tab at the back of the ankle helps with putting these on and taking them off. They come in either 9 or 12 packs with multiple color options.

Keep in mind: They mostly come in solids for easier matching, but there are a few choices of stripes or design.

Good for: Parents look for socks with full coverage of non-slip grips.

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5. CozyWay Non-Slip Sock (Multiple Colors)

(Best budget option — $)

CozyWay Non-Slip Sock (Multiple Colors)Why it’s great: These are very similar to the previous pair. Although not quite as nice of quality, they are also a lot more affordable. And anything “non-slip” for a busy toddler is amazing! These ankle socks are made of high-quality, combed cotton that is very breathable and stretchy. The elastic around the ankle is not too tight, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort to those chubby little legs.

Keep in mind: These are pretty thin and might not hold up as well as some of the other choices, but at the lower price, you can buy extras to have around!

Good for: Parents that need the most budget friendly socks.

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6. Gerber Organic Wiggle-Proof Socks (Multiple Colors)

(Most adorable — $)

Gerber Organic Wiggle-Proof Socks (Multiple Colors)Why it’s great: These socks have an adorable design or pattern on each sock. Plus, you can buy matching onesies and hats to create an adorable outfit for your baby. They are made of 97% organic cotton and 3% spandex, so they’re soft and stretchable for maximum comfort and fit. The wiggle-proof technology used in these helps them hold their shape and keep them in place, so you’ll never have to worry about your baby getting one off.

These also come in a girl version too!

Keep in mind: These fit small, so you may want to choose one size up, especially if your baby is borderline on sizing.

Good for: Parents that want adorable socks with the possibility of matching outfits.

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7. Anti-slip Crew Socks with Grips (Multiple Colors)

(Most options — $$)

Anti-slip Crew Socks with Grips  (Multiple Colors)Why it’s great: These darling little socks have so much personality AND anti-skid grips that will keep your busy little boy from slipping and falling. They have 6 packs and 12 packs in cute designs of cars, airplanes, trucks, rockets and helicopters. They are also made of high-quality knitted fabric. These are regular crew socks, so they come above the ankles and stay on securely.

Keep in mind: These are shown as strictly for little boys, but I’m sure any busy little girl wouldn’t mind sporting socks with cute little cars or rocket ships!

Good for: Parents looking for socks with lots of different cute designs.

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8. Socks Ons That Keep Baby Socks On (Multiple Colors)

(Best accessory — $)

Socks Ons That Keep Baby Socks On (Multiple Colors)Why it’s great: These are the answer to a parent’s endless hunt for lost socks! Well, for babies anyway! Little ones are always wiggling out of their socks or pulling them off to chew on them, not to mention how they just slip off and are gone forever! They secure your baby’s socks without discomfort.

No more losing those little socks in public and searching for an extra pair. Made of 52% nylon and 18% Elastane, these little sock jackets lock on baby socks by simply fitting over the sock. They are machine washable and tumble dry safe. They come in white, pink, fuchsia, and navy.

Keep in mind: These are not socks. They are sock savers! You will receive 1 pair when you order them. Only the white come in 0-6 months, the pink, fuchsia, and navy come in 6-12 months.

Good for: Parents that want something that’ll keep their baby’s socks on.

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9. Combed Cotton No-Slip Baby Socks

(Most fun — $$$)

Combed Cotton No-Slip Baby SocksWhy it’s great: These socks come in fun, animal designs with cute little sayings on the bottom. The words also provide a non-slip grip for standing and walking toddlers. Your child will love marching around with their favorite animals on their feet. They’re made of combed cotton and are incredibly soft. Plus, the toes are seamless, so you won’t have to worry about that irritating their little feet. They also come in a nice box, in case you’re looking for a baby shower gift!

Keep in mind: These run slightly big, which is great for growing babies, and they still don’t slip off.

Good for: Parents that want fun socks for their baby.

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10. Little Me Baby Socks

(Biggest bundle — $$)

Little Me Baby Socks Why it’s great: This set comes with twenty pairs of socks for an affordable price. Plus, half are a slightly larger size, so as your baby grows you’ll already have the next size up. They are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex, so they’re comfortable and durable. And, they’re preshrunk, so you won’t have to worry about them changing size in the wash. They come in cute prints or solids with adorable ruffles on the top. They also come in boys prints too!

Keep in mind: Parents that want socks that fit now and as their baby grows.

Good for: Parents that want socks that fit now and as their baby grows.

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11. Hanes Ultimate Baby Socks (Multiple colors)

(Most comfortable — $$)

Hanes Ultimate Baby Socks (Multiple colors)Why it’s great: Hanes makes the most comfortable essentials and these socks are no exception. The socks are ribbed and extra stretchy for maximum flexibility and comfort. Plus, they’re one of the softest socks around! The adjustable cuffs keep them from slipping off and offer the perfect fit for little feet, without creating those too tight red marks on their ankles. These come in an 8 pack and are available in multiple different color options.

Keep in mind: These don’t have any kind of non-slip grip on the bottom.

Good for: Parents that want soft, comfortable socks for their baby.

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FAQs about the best baby socks

1. When were baby socks introduced?

They were originally known as “udones”. The socks were made of wool and dated back to the 2nd century AD. These child-sized socks were meant to shield little feet from the harsh British weather.

2. Do babies always need to wear socks?

Newborns have tiny feet that need protection from the elements. Weather and inside temperature are the best things to determine if your baby or toddler needs something extra to keep them warm.

3. Should babies or toddlers wear socks at night?

Again, your climate and home temperature are a big determination. Most toddlers are active in while they sleep and won’t stay under covers, so between this and climate, socks may be your answer to avoid cold toes!

4. Do pediatricians recommend socks for babies?

Pediatricians often recommend that infants go barefoot so they have the ability to fully wiggle their toes. In fact, some health care providers suggest that going barefoot is vital for infant foot development. However, if you live in extremely cold areas, it just makes sense to cover their little feet when going out into the elements.

5. Which is best for your baby or toddler?

Babies generally do not need gripper socks while they are immobile. However, when they begin to pull up on furniture or try to take steps, gripper socks are safer to avoid slipping and injuring themselves. It is thought that toddlers who are wearing shoes, should use regular socks to allow for their little feet and toes to move freely inside their shoes.

5. Gripper or non-grippers socks?

We have given you 11 options for gripper and non-gripper socks, as well as an inventive option of a sock jacket, saving you the endless internet search for your options. We hope you can find the one that suits your situation best and enjoy an answer to your sock dilemma!


Socks! They are a problem for babies and adults alike! They always seem to be getting lost. For parents of babies and toddlers, the hunt for lost socks is an ongoing task. Whether they are in public and a sweet little sock has slipped off baby’s little foot, and then you are backtracking to locate the lost sock, or yet another sock has been sucked into the washer or dryer abyss, every parent understands the continuous need for new socks.

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