7 Best Baby Washcloths – Natural & Organic (2021 Reviews)

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Updated on March 19, 2021 by Lyric Fergusson

You only want the best for your baby. This includes the best washcloth for bath time. While there are a variety of choices in washcloth fabrics out there, the fact is that you want something that will cleanse your baby and do it without harming your little one’s skin. Baby’s skin is delicate and deserves something that works and is still gentle enough to keep your little one’s skin from becoming irritated.

From washcloths made with Turkish Terry Cotton to washcloths made from bamboo fibers, here are my top 7 choices for baby washcloths in 2020:

The Best Baby Washcloths

1. Bamboo Baby Washcloths

(Best value – $)

Bamboo Baby WashclothsWhy it’s great: This 6-pack of washcloths comes in a nicely-packaged box, which makes them great to receive or give as a gift. They are all white, which is perfect for boys or girls! They are made with bamboo and cotton, and are soft. You can actually get a set (or two) to use as wipes for cloth diapering.

Keep in mind: These washcloths are quite soft. However, to keep them that way, be sure to follow the washing instructions.

Good for: Baby skin and baby bottoms.

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2. Arus Baby Organic Turkish Cotton Washcloths

(Best for baby at home and on the go – $$)

Arus Baby Organic Turkish Cotton WashclothsWhy it’s great: You can use these for bath time, but you can also throw them in your diaper bag and use them for unexpected messes on the go. These washcloths are a decent size, too- 12” X 12”! You could probably even use them as a bib, in a pinch! Sometimes one of side of the cloth is softer than the other, but not with these! BOTH sides are absorbent and soft!

Keep in mind: These washcloths are supposed to be washed with cold water and tumbled dry with low heat. Following these instructions will help them best retain their quality.

Good for: Baby skin, but can be used as long as possible. They can also work for grownups because of their size.

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3. Snuggle Petit Baby Washcloths

(Best for gift giving – $$)

Snuggle Petit Baby WashclothsWhy it’s great: This pack of washcloths is made of bamboo, which is antibacterial (always a comforting thing). They are quite absorbent, as well as soft! The colors are, again, gender neutral with white and a mint-style green. Again- perfect if you have one (or more) of each gender or are getting these while you are waiting to be surprised with baby’s gender!

Keep in mind: You probably would have done this anyways, but please be sure to wash these washcloths before their first use.

Good for: Giving and receiving as a baby shower gift, or any kind of baby gift, really. Also, if you would just like a nice washcloth to wash your little one with!

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4. Burt’s Bees Baby Washcloths

(Best to purchase for your own baby – $$)

Burt’s Bees Baby WashclothsWhy it’s great: These washcloths are made out of knit terry with cotton trim. This is very soft on your baby’s skin. The washcloths are about 8 ½” x 8 ½”, which is the perfect size for your little babe! This set is white and gray- great for gender neutral, especially if you have at least one of each or if you’re purchasing before you meet your tiny one and you don’t know what you’re having!

Keep in mind: Some parents were commenting that this 6-pack of washcloths will come in 2 sets of 3 washcloths that say on the box that this is a “set of 4” per box. However, do not let this turn you away from these soft good-for-baby’s-skin washcloths. The quality of the cloth itself is worth getting for your baby. After all, you will only throw the box away after receiving them, right?

Good for: Self-purchasing for your baby.

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5. Bamboo Organics Best Washcloths

(Best for babies with dry skin or baby eczema – $$)

Bamboo Organics Best WashclothsWhy it’s great: These baby washcloths are also made of bamboo! Also, you can use them as washcloths for bath time, OR you can use them as baby wipes. They are colorful, but not because of regular dyes. Instead of the regular dying process, this company relies on a proprietary method that doesn’t use harmful or toxic chemicals in the dying of these washcloths. These also make good reusable wipies for your baby’s diaper changes.

Keep in mind: If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied, there is a customer satisfaction guarantee. Just contact the company for a full and prompt refund. If nothing else, it just shows how much the company cares about the happiness of its customers!

Good for: Washing baby bodies or wiping baby bums

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6. KeaBabies Premium Bamboo Washcloths

(Most variety of uses – $$)

KeaBabies Premium Bamboo WashclothsWhy it’s great: This 6-pack of washcloths is on the thicker side, which has good absorbency! They are designed for your baby at bath time but can be used literally any time. You can use them to clean up liquids, baby wipes, clean your baby after a meal, to burp your baby, as they enter toddler-hood and beyond. Plus, moms can use them as a makeup removal towel! You might want to grab a few packs of these! They come packaged nicely and make a wonderful gift to give or receive, too.

Keep in mind: The color selection is pale because the dying is done without harsh bleaching. This leaves them natural and softer.

Good for: Use in a multitude of ways, of course, the main one being used to clean your baby during bath time!

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7. Nightingale Muslin Bamboo Baby Washcloths

(Best to put on your baby registry – $$$)

Stokke FlexibathWhy it’s great: The Nightingale Muslin Bamboo Baby Washcloths come with hooks to hang up for drying! Plus, this one is made of muslin bamboo cotton blend fabric. There are no chemicals involved in the making of these, and to boot- they’re hypoallergenic! These are the 12”x12” washcloths, which are not only great for bathing your little, but also keeping in the diaper bag for on the go needs. Think: spills, burp cloth, bib, etc. Oh, and don’t forget about letting your toddler or big kid use these cloths. The 3 patterns (2 of each) on these washcloths are unisex, which is always a bonus. It even comes with a bow on the box- it’s ready to be gifted and received!

Keep in mind: Again, you probably would have done this whether it said to or not, but it is recommended that these washcloths be washed before the first use.

Good for: A multitude of uses for baby- your little babe could even use it as a lovey! That would be so sweet!

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FAQ’s about best baby washcloths

1. I see “GOTS” certified on a couple of these washcloth product descriptions, what does that mean?

Global Organic Textile Standard certification is a bonus when it comes to a good washcloth. To begin with, the washcloths above are all wonderful. However, in addition to being a good choice for your baby, the GOTS certified washcloths are made from certified organically-produced raw materials. You’ll know if it is GOTS certified by reading the label of the washcloth. If it is, then that’s what it means (in a nutshell), and if not GOTS certified, that’s ok, too!

2. What makes bamboo a good candidate for washcloth material?

Bamboo fibers- as far as baby washcloths go- are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. These days, those things are such awesome bonuses to something that we use so often.

3. How many washcloths do I need?

Ideally, you need 6 washcloths for one baby. If you have more than one baby or child, and/or if you will not get to the laundry more than once or so a week, you may want to purchase two packages of washcloths. If you are unable to get to the laundry more than once a week, having a second package of washcloths will honestly take some pressure off of getting the extra load of laundry done in between everything else you are doing!

4. Do I really need baby washcloths?

Baby washcloths are designed to be softer, gentler, and –sometimes- smaller for your baby’s skin. Yes, you should have baby washcloths on hand for your little one’s bath time. Other children (sometimes adults, too) can use baby’s washcloths. However, it is best for your little babe’s skin to use the kind specifically for babies during their bath.

5. What do you do with baby washcloths?

Oh, there are SO many things you can do with baby washcloths! Aside from washing little baby dear, you can use the washcloths on the go for spills, as a burp cloth, a bib (let’s say you forgot to put a clean bib in your diaper bag, but you still have that baby washcloth in there… INSTANT BIB), as a baby wipe, and the list goes on!


Some washcloths are small and baby-sized meant for bathing baby and wiping baby’s bottom. Then some washcloths are made for baby but can be used for other family members, as well. However you see it, all of these washcloths will be a good match for baby’s fragile new skin. Because- after all- all babies have sensitive skin, and deserve to have something gentle to keep that fragile skin clean and irritant-free!

All that’s left to do is pick one whose fabric and size match your style, and let it help you keep your baby clean and happy!

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