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7 Best Baby Wipes – Natural & Soothing (2022 Reviews)

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An effective but good for your baby’s skin wipe is one of the most essential elements a baby needs. A newborn’s skin is sensitive and delicate, and having a wipe that takes this info into account is one of those small pleasures in life. Today we cover our 7 favorite baby wipes that factor in all of your baby’s skin needs. From all-natural ingredients to soothing plant-based ingredients, here are the wipes that made our list.

Best Baby Wipes for Sensitive Bums

  • 1. WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes

    (Best all natural wipe)

    Why it’s great: Having a wipe made from all-natural ingredients is fundamental. The key ingredient in these wipes is almost 100% pure water accompanied with natural and skin friendly fruit extracts. The wipes are completely free from harmful chemicals, including sulphates and parabens, ensuring a soothing experience for your baby’s skin. On top of this, these wipes are ultra-smooth, making them perfectly tailored to suit the soft and sensitive skin of your baby.

    These wipes are multipurpose, and so are ideal for being used during diaper changes, cleaning the baby’s skin after a meal or a messy activity, cleaning around the eye areas, etc. The National Eczema Association of America acclaimed this brand with the seal of acceptance, along with The Skin Health Alliance. It is also registered by the American Vegan Society and is allergy-free. Most healthcare professionals recommend that parents use WaterWipes on their child’s skin and see it as a brand they can trust.

    Keep in mind: Many baby wipes tend to have artificial fragrances added to them, however, WaterWipes Baby Diaper Wipes are completely unscented. While many users see this as a positive, some might prefer to use scented wipes instead. Several users also mentioned that these wipes are somewhat thin.

    Good for: Those seeking all-natural ingredients, eczema sensitives, vegan conscious, an unscented

  • 2. Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes

    (Best for newborn)

    Why it’s great: Need a wipe free from harmful ingredients? Unlike other wipes, the Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes are free of chemicals, lotions, and parabens. Hence, these wipes are safe for all sensitive skins and can be used without any worries. These wipes are enriched with the perfect amount of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, to make sure that the baby’s skin remains healthy and moisturized, too. Newborns tend to have the most sensitive skin of all. These wipes are pH balanced and one of the most ideal in the market to suit the delicate skin of newborns. Experts also recommend these wipes for babies from 0 to 24 months of age.

    Several users mentioned that these wipes are very moist and perfect for a diaper change and cleansing the baby’s skin, which is pretty much the bulk of the work wipes perform. These wipes come with a unique base sheet that absorbs and retains the unwanted substances from the baby’s skin, keeping it fresh.

    Keep in mind: Although these wipes are supposed to be unscented, some users mentioned they did have a minor scent. Some users experienced difficulty with the packaging, saying that it could be challenging to keep it sealed

    Good for: Newborn skin, high absorbency

  • 3. Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

    (Best hypoallergenic wipe)

    Why it’s great: Talk about perfect for sensitive skin! The Seventh Generation Baby Wipes are made to suit babies with skin sensitivity to ensure that they get the proper care they deserve. Parents often struggle to find the right match of wipes for their child’s sensitive skin, and this might be the perfect solution for that bummy situation. These wipes are dermatologically tested to be hypoallergenic, which means that it does not cause any sort of allergic reaction on the baby’s skin. This is a huge relief for parents who have children with skin allergies.

    The fabric of this baby wipe is made with a blend of polypropylene, polyethylene, and wood fiber, making it one of the most unique fabrics used for making baby wipes, and it means a soothing experience for your child. These wipes are also completely free from Phenoxyethanol, Paraben, Alcohol, Fragrance, and other chemicals which might cause an adverse reaction on your child’s skin.

    Keep in mind: Some parents mentioned the texture of these wipes may be a little too rough for their baby’s skin, and a softer texture would have been more preferred, but that makes them excellent for bigger cleanups.

    Good for: Sensitive skin, hypoallergenic

  • 4. The Honest Company Plant-Based Baby Wipes

    (Best organic wipe)

    Why it’s great: The Honest Company Plant-Based Baby wipes, as the name suggests, are made completely out of organic and sustainably produced plant-based materials, to make sure they are safe for you baby’s delicate skin. Most baby wipes out there are too thin, and parents have a hard time using them during a diaper change or end up using too many wipes at once. However, these wipes are quite durable and made ultra-thick to make the job a lot easier for parents.

    These wipes are tested by dermatologists to be hypoallergenic to ensure they do not cause any allergic reaction. They contain 99% water and are free from unsafe chemicals including alcohol, fragrances, chlorine, and paraben. From diaper change to messy counters to sticky fingers, you can use these wipes for just about everything you would expect (and not expect!).

    Keep in mind: Some users mentioned that the texture of these wipes may be a little rougher than they would like.

    Good for: Organic minded parents, big messes, hypoallergenic

  • 5. PÜRDOUX 100% Cotton Wipes

    (Best absorbent wipe)

    Why it’s great: Being completely made from cotton, the PÜRDOUX wipes specialize in being highly absorbent. This allows parents to be able to efficiently clean our baby’s skin without having to use too many wipes at a time. That makes it budget friendly, too! These wipes are made of natural ingredients including Chamomile and Aloe Vera extracts, which are highly essential for baby’s soft skin. Not only that, but they are also latex, alcohol and chlorine free, making them an ideal choice for every parents.

    These wipes are among the softest you will find on the market, making them perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. These wipes are available in small sachets, each containing 10 wipes. You can easily carry them around in your fanny pack or purse and use them on the go!

    Keep in mind: Many users find these wipes to be pricey, but considering the cotton make, it is to be somewhat expected.

    Good for: High absorbency, all-natural, portability

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  • 6. Babyganics Baby Wipes

    (Best soothing wipe)

    Why it’s great: The Babyganics Baby Wipes are exceptionally soft and made from plant-based natural elements to ensure the utmost comfort for your child’s skin. This makes them a particularly good choice for babies with skin sensitivity. What makes these wipes stand apart is the fact that they come with Chamomile flower extracts, the secret ingredient for that calming touch babies often need.

    These wipes are completely free from all chemicals that might cause skin irritation or allergic reaction, including phthalates, dyes, sulfates, fragrances, and parabens. Babyganics Baby wipes are certified by pediatricians and dermatologists to be safe and ideal for the delicate skin of babies. Most parents find this to be of much relief.

    Keep in mind: Some parents have stated that a single pull can result in way too many wipes coming out.

    Good for: Soothing skin with a chamomile base and those seeking a pediatrician approved wipe.

  • 7. Pampers Sensitive Water Based Baby Diaper Wipes

    (Best thickness)

    Why it’s great: The Pampers Baby Diaper Wipes are clinically proven to be safe and ideal for sensitive skin, meaning that they are tailored to suit babies with certain skin issues. It is also recommended by many experts and pediatricians around the world. Unlike most other wipes, these wipes are quite thick and durable. At the same time, however, they have a very smooth texture, which provides a gentle touch on the baby’s delicate skin.

    These wipes are certified hypoallergenic, thus making them quite ideal for babies with skin allergies. They are also free from parabens, alcohol, fragrance, and other harmful materials. To top off, the pop-top dispensing mechanism ensures that only one wipe is dispensed at a time, making its use very convenient when on the go or hurrying to clean up a mess.

    Keep in mind: A few parents are disappointed with the fact that there is no seal/sticker in the new packages, which can be used to reseal the packages and prevent the wipes from drying out.

    Good for: Clinical approval, sensitive skin, thickness, and smoothness

Best Overall

The WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Diaper Wipes is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Baby Wipes

  • 1. Are baby wipes safe for newborns with sensitive skin?

    Most brands refrain from using harmful chemicals that might cause skin irritation and hence, are safe for babies with sensitive skins. However, whether they are ideal for newborns or not may vary from product to product.

  • 2. Are baby wipes flushable?

    No, most baby wipes are not made from biodegradable materials and hence are not flushable. Even the organic ones may result in clogged toilets, so be sure to read the package carefully.

  • 3. Do baby wipes kill harmful bacteria and germs on the baby’s skin?

    While wipes with antibacterial properties will definitely get rid of germs and other harmful pathogens, the ones which not antibacterial won’t serve the purpose of getting rid of these specifically.

  • 4. How long does an unopened pack of wipes stay fresh?

    This varies from brand to brand and depends highly on when it was manufactured. It is recommended to check the expiry date on every package to get the best longevity.

  • 5. Can baby wipes cause allergic reaction on a child’s skin?

    Most renowned baby wipes are hypoallergenic and hence, are not likely to cause any sort of allergic reaction. However, it is better to check for the ingredients on the package and see whether it contains anything your baby is allergic to or not.


Finding the right wipe should be one of the easiest tasks, but considering how certain ingredients may or may not react to our baby’s skin, it can make the process a little more challenging. We hope our list provided ample options without being overwhelming so you can feel good about your baby’s bum.