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7 Best Bubble Machines for Kids (2022 Reviews)

4 boys having fun jumping in the air

For years, children have been mesmerized by bubbles. You may recall your own joy when seeing bubbles floating around in the air. Remember popping them? Stomping on them? And the fun of creating them? Today’s children are no different, and they are lucky to have even better equipment than we used to have.

Bubble machines are perfect products to entertain children over and over again. They produce lots of bubbles in a short amount of time. One of my favorite things to do is turn on a bubble machine in a room full of children and just stand back and watch them have a blast. Now, there are a lot of options out there for bubble play. From big to small, battery-operated to motion-activated, there’s something for everyone. Below are our 7 top picks of bubble machines for 2022.

The Best Bubble Machines for Kids

  • 1. Zerhunt Automatic Bubble Machine

    (Fastest bubble maker — $$$)

    Why it’s great: Playdates, birthday parties, family picnics, and other gatherings are so much more fun with the Zerhunt Automatic Bubble Blower. It features six spinning wands that create more than 5,000 bubbles per minute. It fills the air with such pretty, iridescent circles, and the kids (maybe even you!) feel like something magical is happening. If you want fewer bubbles, there is a setting you can adjust so that fewer are produced. The tank has a large reservoir capacity, which allows this model to deliver 30 minutes of continuous bubbles. This product is also designed to be portable. It runs off of six C batteries, or AC power if you prefer, so you’ll easily be able to bring it with you wherever you go. I love that it’s easy to clean—pretty much just a rinse and a wipe down. So easy to use and enjoy… just fill, turn on, and sit back and watch as it blows bubbles that are sure to delight all the young ’uns around.

    Keep in mind: It’s a good idea to get it situated before filling the reservoir with bubble liquid. That way it won’t be sloshing as you carry it with the handle.

    Good for: Just about any outdoor celebration, especially birthday parties and festivals.

  • 2. Art Creativity Bubble Lawn Mower

    (Best for little ones on the move — $$)

    Why it’s great: My kids love the fact that they’re deciding where the bubbles go by pushing the mower. There are batteries to spin the wand around and create the bubbles, but unlike an automatic blower that just sits there, the mower allows the kiddos to choose their own paths and also makes them feel more like they are creating the bubbles themselves. Not to mention that it keeps them active! It’s great for sitting in the backyard for playtime. If there’s more than one child around, that’s great! One can run around catching/popping bubbles while the other one pushes, then they can trade-off. One of the great features of this is that it doesn’t just blow bubbles, it also produces realistic sound effects to up the level fun; the wheels have the gear sounds when pushing. A great toy for playdates or weekends spent in the backyard.

    Keep in mind: If you fill the liquid up to the top, it can spill out if your child is pushing it energetically. Best to fill up the bubble liquid about halfway to capacity.

    Good for: Small toddlers who know how to walk well. From the ground to the top of the handle is 18 inches.

  • 3. Art Creativity Bubble Train

    (Most bells & whistles — $$)

    Why it’s great: This bubble machine will light up your senses! Treat your train-loving toddler to a locomotive toy that packs in a lot of features. This cute train toy blows bubbles, lights up, plays music, has sound effects, and moves around. My kids love how it changes directions every time it bumps into something. And you’ll never have to deal with messy refills; the Art Creativity bubble train comes with a little funnel to pour in the bubble solution with ease. In between wanting the bubbles, the train can be used for pretend play, as well. One more great thing about this bubble machine: the bubbles are smaller and less plentiful than some other machines, so it’s fine for indoor use. A good idea for winter or rainy days!

    Keep in mind: It takes 3 AA batteries that are not included, and it only comes with a 5oz bottle of bubbles to start with. So, if you’re giving this as a gift, you might want to include a pack of batteries and another small bubble solution to sweeten the gesture.

    Good for: Kids who are fascinated with trains, or just love the combination of lights, sounds, bubbles, and movement!

  • 4. Art Creativity Bubble Leaf Blower

    (Best gift idea — $$)

    Why it’s great: For the bubble lover who enjoys helping around the yard (or at least pretending to), this toy leaf blower has a trigger that creates a steady stream of perfect bubbles. It also comes with bubble solution to get you started and makes noise to further the pretend play. It’s pretty hearty, so if your little one plays enthusiastically and can be a bit hard on the equipment, no need to hold your breath every time there’s a drop. One feature we appreciated was the way the ‘on’ button works. The child has to hold down the button to create the bubbles. That way if they abandon the toy, it won’t keep pouring out bubbles. Our kiddo loves running around the yard with the leaf blower…butterflies beware!

    Keep in mind: When you want to refill the solution, make sure to keep the original bottle that it comes with. You can refill it with any solution you buy, and it will screw right in. Also, don’t forget to pick up some batteries before the first use.

    Good for: Outdoor play, or parent/kid leaf blowing time! Children love to mimic what their parents are doing.

  • 5. JOYIN Bubble Guns

    (Most interactive — $$)

    Why it’s great: This kit contains two bubble guns and two bottles of bubble solution (5oz each), allowing your children to have hours of fun right when they get it. The package includes AA batteries (great perk!), and the guns are simple to use. Best for ages 2.5 and up. And for peace of mind, the bubble solution is non-toxic and safe for your child’s face and skin. No stains, and no worries about harmful chemicals. Another fabulous reason to choose this one? It’s quieter than most bubble machines out there. And if you’re not keen on the automatic bubble blowers that boast 3,000 bubbles per minute, then this is also a great pick for you….fewer bubbles are produced. Enough to make your kiddo run around with glee, but also a satisfying amount for parents who don’t want anything ‘over the top’. An outstanding choice for active kids who love running around, and love the magic of bubbles.

    Keep in mind: This is really meant for two or more people, so get ready to play along with your child if there’s no other young’un around!

    Good for: Sibling play, or a kids’ outdoor gathering.

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  • 6. Kidzlane Bubble Machine

    (Most playful — $$)

    Why it’s great: This KidzLane bubble device has a cheerful dolphin design that delights children. It’s bright and colorful, sturdy and durable, and comes with 8ox of bubble solution (twice as much as most competitors). You can pour the solution directly into the dolphin’s mouth, which was a lot of fun for my son, who enjoyed ‘feeding’ him. It features 10 spinning wands which blow bubbles consistently into the air. Very quickly, the room is filled with bubbles and creates a lively atmosphere. It’s sturdy and doesn’t tip over easily….good news for kiddos who like to get pretty close up. This is a great choice for outdoor parties.

    Keep in mind: It takes 6 AA batteries (more than most other machines) and uses a micro screwdriver to open the battery compartment. Neither are included.

    Good for: Birthday or aquatic-themed parties.

  • 7. Duckura Octopus Bubble Maker

    (Best for the youngest kiddos — $)

    Why it’s great: The way the arms work on this octopus is captivating for very small children. It’s fun and can be used for birthday parties and outdoor events, or even as a unique treat to keep bath time interesting. It comes with bubble solution refills, and also bubble solution concentrate so you can make additional batches. It even comes with a small screwdriver, so you really are all set! This makes a great gift for first or second birthdays. Give the gift of magical-bubble-octopus fun!

    Keep in mind: To produce a good amount of bubbles, it’s best to keep the bubble solution chamber close to full.

    Good for: Making bath time fun! The target age is 1 year and above.

Best Overall

The Zerhunt Automatic Bubble Machine is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Bubble Machines for Kids

  • 1. Which bubble machine should I buy for a child’s birthday party?

    For a birthday party, there are two things to consider. One: do you want a machine to set up the fun or Two: do you want the guests to create the bubbles themselves? If you want a machine that creates the most bubbles in a short amount of time, go with the Zerhunt. If you want the guests to bring the bubbles to life, consider a fun game with bubble guns. Either way, the bubble machines will really add to the life of the party.

  • 2. Can you make your homemade bubble mixture?

    Making your own bubble solution is pretty easy to do. Simply mix 6 cups of water with 1 cup of dish soap. Any brand will work, but I prefer Palmolive. Stir slowly to try to prevent foam or bubbles from forming. Lastly, stir in ¼ cup of corn syrup or 1 tablespoon of glycerin. There you have it; your own bubble solution that you can easily use in a pinch. If you’re more inclined to buy refill liquid , you could always keep the old container to pour your homemade mixture into when it’s empty.

  • 3. Do bubble machines take batteries?

    Most do, so make sure to read the package to find out ahead of time what size you’ll need.

  • 4. Can bubble machines be used indoors?

    They are the best fit for outdoors, as the bubble liquid can feel a bit sticky and leave light (washable) markings on furniture and walls.

  • 5. Will the bubble solution stain clothing?

    No, as long as you’re not wearing suede, it will wash out. Most of the time, you won’t even detect it when a bubble pops against your clothing.

  • 6. What activities are good to do that involve the bubble machine?

    Picnics, child-centric parties, backyard festivals, weddings (especially the reception if children are present), and pretty much any other gathering are great for bubble machine fun. Perhaps you’ll have the next kiddie birthday party have the theme of ‘Under the Sea’ and knock everyone’s socks off with the bubble accessories!

  • 7. Are bubble machines just for children?

    Not at all, but the whimsical nature of the bubbles do make them perfect for children. Bring out the child in everyone with a well-placed bubble machine at your next gathering. Back yard barbeques and holiday parties are perfect times to have bubble fun for all ages.

  • 8. Are bubble machines noisy?

    Most bubble machines are fairly quiet, but the shrieks produced by the youngsters (although a priceless sound) are sometimes loud! The automatic blowers that do ‘rapid fire’ are a bit noisier than the others. If you’re looking for a quiet bubble maker, try the Duckura . It’s fun to look at but doesn’t fire the bubbles off as quickly as some others, which keeps the sound to a minimum.


When it comes to simple activities kids love to do, nothing beats the magic of bubbles. Bring out the joy in children quickly by filling the room with bubbles from an automatic bubble machine, or hand them little ‘bubble guns’ to create their own as they run around. Either way, smiles will be created, and they are contagious. Soon the teens and adults in the room will be joining in, popping bubbles, or creating some of their own. Whether you’re creating a party scene or a playful day at the park, create an iridescent wonderland with a bubble machine and be ready for a fun time!