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7 Best Crayons for One-Year-Olds (2022 Reviews)

best crayons for one year olds
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Providing creative and imaginative ways for your baby to play and engage with their surroundings can help encourage their independence and develop essential fine and gross motor skills. Once your child has mastered their grip at around the age of one, introducing baby-safe crayons can be a fun way to kickstart their fine motor development. This selection of crayons for one-year-olds provides a variety of sizes and shapes that are designed for little hands to use easily. Made from nontoxic ingredients, these crayons offer taste-safe options as well as 100% sustainable models. Whether you’re looking for your little one to create their next masterpiece, or simply seeking a fun high chair activity, crayons meant for one-year-olds are just what you’re looking for.

Best Crayons for One-Year-Olds

  • 1. Honeysticks 100% Natural Beeswax Crayons

    (Best natural option — $$)

    Why it’s great : Made from 100% beeswax and food-grade colors, you can feel comfortable giving your mouthy one-year-old these crayons to use. The Honeysticks 100% Natural Beeswax Crayons are free from harmful chemicals and come in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit in your child’s hand. These natural crayons adhere to paper so your little one can create the brightest and most creative pictures.

    Keep in mind : The crayons have a beeswax scent that might be overpowering for some artists.

    Good for : Parents who want their children to use natural crayons.

  • 2. YPLUS Peanut Nontoxic Crayons

    (Easiest to grip — $$)

    Why it’s great : The functional peanut shape and detailed design lets even the youngest users hold the YPLUS Peanut Nontoxic Crayons comfortably. These crayons for one-year-olds are made from non-toxic synthetic wax while free from paraffin and petroleum. Due to the advanced technological design, these crayons are hard to break and the ideal drawing utensil for little ones who are still working on their hand control.

    Keep in mind : Due to the slim design, some toddlers can still fit these crayons into their mouths and must be supervised by an adult at all times.

    Good for : Children who are still developing their fine motor skills and benefit from extra-grippy crayons

  • 3. Crayola My First Palm Grip Crayons

    (Best first crayon — $)

    Why it’s great : The egg-shaped design of these crayons for one-year-olds allows little hands to palm the crayon for ultimate control. The Crayola My First Palm Grip Crayons are washable so clean-up is a breeze. These ergonomically designed crayons come in bright, bold colors and are AP Certified non-toxic.

    Keep in mind : These crayons are hollow on the inside and can break apart after extended use.

    Good for : The first introduction for one-year-olds to crayons.

  • 4. Star Right Bumble Stick 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons

    (Best taste-safe option — $$)

    Why it’s great : These 100% sustainable crayons are made from all-natural, non-toxic beeswax and are safe if your child takes a lick or two. The Star Right Bumble Stick 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons have a hexagonal shape that is break-resistant and easy for little hands to hold and use. The variety of bright, vivid colors allows your child to immediately see the cause and effect of drawing with these crayons on paper.

    Keep in mind : This selection of crayons does not include a purple.

    Good for : Little ones who are still mouthing non-food items.

  • 5. GiBot 12 Colors Stackable Crayons

    (Best washable option — $)

    Why it’s great : The GiBot 12 Colors Stackable Crayons are washable with almost all gentle hand soaps, allowing parents to give their child the freedom to explore with their art supplies. The unique shape lets little ones palm-grip their crayons while still having a thin enough point to make lines and shapes. With safety in mind, these crayons have a hole that runs through the length of it so as not to worry if a child accidentally puts one into their mouth.

    Keep in mind : There is a waxy coating on the crayon that makes it difficult to use at first. These crayons become brighter and easier to use over time.

    Good for : Anxious parents who don’t want to stifle their little one’s creativity by being overly concerned about damaging clothes, walls, or furniture.

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  • 6. FILANA Organic Beeswax Block Crayons

    (Best organic option — $$)

    Why it’s great : Made from organic beeswax, the FILANA Organic Beeswax Block Crayons are free from paraffin and petroleum waxes and safe for young artists. These crayons for one-year-olds have a lovely, natural scent and are completely sustainable. The ergonomic block shape prevents crayons from breaking and makes it easier for little hands to control the crayon.

    Keep in mind : There may be some color transfer from the crayons onto little hands when drawing paper.

    Good for : Parents who prefer their children use organic drawing utensils.

  • 7. Jar Melo 24 Colors Jumbo Crayons

    (Best color variety — $)

    Why it’s great : With 24 bright, vibrant colors to choose from, these crayons for one-year-olds are jumbo size and perfect for infants, toddlers, and beyond. The convenient container makes it easy to bring these crayons with you on the go while ensuring you don’t have crayon marks in your bag. Non-toxic and super-washable, these crayons are baby-friendly and provide enough color options that older kids will enjoy them too.

    Keep in mind : The sharpened tip can break easily if pressed too firmly.

    Good for : Creative babies who thrive with lots of colorful options to draw with.

Best Overall

The Honeysticks 100% Natural Beeswax Crayons is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Crayons for One-Year-Olds

  • 1. At what age can my baby use crayons?

    Follow the recommended ages of the crayons you plan to give to your child. Most one-year-olds can safely use crayons that are bigger in size using their palm grip.

  • 2. Which crayons are safe for infants to use?

    When looking for crayons for your infant, opt for a brand that promises non-toxic materials that are safe for infants to use. Many crayons for infants are taste-safe as some children this age may still occasionally mouth items. Look for oversized crayons that don’t pose a choking risk and are easier for little hands to hold and manipulate. Keep in mind crayons get smaller the longer they are used. Always supervise your child with coloring to ensure pieces don’t break off and are swallowed.

  • 3. How do I teach my child to color?

    Before allowing your child to play with their crayons independently, model how to appropriately color and draw with them. Provide a safe environment for them to use their crayons, such as using a large cardboard box or a big piece of paper, so they have the freedom and space to draw and create as they wish.

  • 4. What are the benefits of coloring for my baby?

    Coloring and holding onto crayons can help your child develop their fine motor skills. Coloring can also support your one-year-old’s creativity and imagination. In addition to helping with concentration and encouraging patience, coloring with crayons can also assist in language development and act as preparation for hand-writing.

  • 5. Can my older children use crayons designed for one-year-olds?

    Crayons designed for one-year-olds can be used by all children, including those older than one. They may be awkward for older children to use given their large shapes and sizes, but they can still be enjoyed by all.


Crayons created for one-year-olds are made for little hands and minds. These crayons are made in fun, accommodating shapes that allow your baby to hold and grip them comfortably. Every style in this selection is non-toxic and safe for even the littlest artists. Easily washable from clothing and other surfaces, caregivers can breathe easily when their child is at work without worrying about stray crayon marks around their homes. Crayons designed for one-year-olds can help promote their fine motor skills while also offering a creative outlet to explore their artistic side. This selection includes all the colors of the rainbow and is sure to provide your baby with a bright, beautiful activity.