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7 Best Dress Shoes for Men & Women Under $100 (2022 Reviews)

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Dress shoes are never going out of style. Whether it’s for work or an event, there’s always a need for a pair. Dress shoes come in all kinds of styles. No matter what style you choose, they need to be comfortable and formal enough for the occasion. Most of all, you want a pair of dress shoes that will last you more than one or two outfits.

It can be tough finding a dress shoe that hits all the marks. We’ve struggled to find the right ones for years. It’s such a waste to spend money on dress shoes that were uncomfortable or didn’t last (or both!)

With our own shopping experiences in mind, we put together a list of the 7 best dress shoes for men and women. The best part? Every pair is under $100!

The Best Dress Shoes for Men & Women

  • 1. DREAM PAIRS Bruno Marc Moda Italy Men’s Prince Classic Modern Formal Oxford Wingtip Lace Up Dress Shoes

    (Best men’s oxfords)

    Why it’s great: This elegant pair of oxford dress shoes will look great on any man’s feet. The oxford style is classic and adaptable to several outfits. These shoes in particular have a sleek and durable faux leather exterior that comes in 10 different colors. These details make these dress shoes fantastic for all sorts of outfits. And, no one will guess that they come at such an affordable price.

    Keep in mind: These dress shoes come at an awesome price and have tons of color styles. We recommend buying pairs in different colors so that you can affordably and stylish upgrade your dress shoe selection.

    Good for: those who often wear formal business attire or attend formal events.

  • 2. LifeStride Women’s Adley Ankle Boot

    (Best for winter)

    Why it’s great: These boots are a great pair of dress shoes for cooler temperatures. They have a simple and fashionable leather-look that comes in 5 color styles. Their slip-on design makes them an easy addition to any outfit, whether formal or casual. These boots will keep your feet cozy due to their memory foam midsole. Also, they run true to size and have a round toe design. This gives plenty of wiggle room for your toes. It makes wearing thick socks on extra cold days easier too!

    Keep in mind: These boots have a comfortable 1.25-inch heel. This heel works well for women of all heights. Most of all, the heel adds a fashionable touch when paired with wide-legged dress pants.

    Good for: women’s workwear and semi-formal events

  • 3. Clarks Men’s Tilden Cap Oxford Shoe

    (Best men’s leather dress shoes)

    Why it’s great: These dress shoes are the perfect balance of comfort and sophistication. They are traditional oxfords, with a soft and real leather exterior. The interior of these shoes is designed for ultimate comfort as well. They have shock-absorbent rubber soles along with an eco-friendly ortholite insole.

    These shoes will look snazzy with any suit. Their polished real leather look stands out. With 6 potential color options, you can definitely find a pair to match your formal wardrobe.

    Keep in mind: These shoes have a 1-inch heel height. When wearing these shoes with dress pants, make sure your pants are long enough to compensate for the added height from your shoes.

    Good for: formal events and/or work meetings.

  • 4. JOY IN LOVE Women’s Pumps Shoes Middle Heels Pointy Toe Dress Pump Stilettos

    (Best ladies heels)

    Why it’s great: These heels are a fantastic dress shoe deal. They are the perfect stiletto, with a pointed toe and 3.5-inch heel. They look impeccable with wide-legged or tight-fitted pants.

    These stilettos can work for many occasions. They come in various colors and patterns. These materials include patent or suede. No matter what style you pick, your heels will come with a lovely garment bag, which is incredibly handy for travel. It also keeps your shoes safe in your closet too.

    Keep in mind: Since these are stilettos, they will run more on the narrow size. These shoes do not come in wide sizes. We recommend buying a half-size up so that you ensure more comfort.

    Good for: pairing with a fun party outfit or stylish business workwear

  • 5. Cole Haan Men’s Grand Tour Wing Oxford Shoes

    (Best for walking)

    Why it’s great: If you know you’ll be on your feet, these are the dress shoes for you. They are very practical, with a breathable leather exterior and synthetic sole. To keep your feet happy, these shoes have a supportive midsole. This midsole gently cradles your foot while you move, which helps prevents cramps and blisters. These dress shoes also have rubber pods on both the forefront and heel. This guarantees a solid grip while walking so that you don’t slip.

    Keep in mind: Despite their practicality, these shoes look dazzling on any man’s feet. They have the iconic oxford look. Plus, their exterior is 100% leather!

    Good for: events or work where you will be on your feet.

  • 6. Deer Stags Men’s Greenpoint Dress Casual Cushioned Comfort Slip-On Loafer

    (Best value for men)

    Why it’s great: If you’re looking for a staple dress shoe, this is a great go-to. These loafers are easy to put on and even easier to wear. They have a larger width than the average dress shoe, making them a great choice for those with wider feet. Also, these shoes have a square toe, which boasts extra room for your toes. Their simulated leather exterior is durable and easy to clean as well. All these details make these shoes a compliment to any business outfit.

    Keep in mind: These dress shoes are more on the casual side. They are a reliable accessory for work and casual events. But, they may not be suitable for super formal events.

    Good for: casual or work-related events

  • 7. Amazon Essentials Women’s Ballet Flat

    (Best women’s everyday shoe)

    Why it’s great: When it comes to convenient dress shoes, ballet flats are an awesome go-to for women. These ballet flats, in particular, are a staple pair of dress shoes. Their smooth faux leather design looks tasteful on every woman’s foot. Most importantly, these shoes have a microfiber lining that keeps your feet snug without irritating them. The best part is that these shoes are just as easy to put on as they are to take off.

    Keep in mind: These ballet flats come in not one, but fourteen styles! There are faux leather and suede options, along with all sorts of colors.

    Good for: everyday dress shoes for work or parties.

Best Overall

The DREAM PAIRS Bruno Marc Moda Italy Men’s Prince Classic Modern Formal Oxford Wingtip Lace Up Dress Shoes is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Dress Shoes for Men & Women

  • 1. How do you try on dress shoes?

    When trying on dress shoes, be sure to wear socks that you would typically wear. Then, try the shoe on your larger foot first. This will give you an idea of how the shoe will truly fit. When assessing the fit, check to see if your toes are not touching the top of the shoe. We suggest walking around gently in the shoes to get a feel as well. However, make sure you are walking on soft ground, like carpet, so that you do not damage the shoes just in case the size is not for you.

  • 2. Do dress shoes come in wide sizes?

    Yes, dress shoes can come in those size types. But, not all dress shoes do. We recommend checking if the shoe runs narrow or wide. That way, you can choose the right size accordingly. When dealing with regular sizes, try to buy a half size up if you need more width. Dress shoes run a little big, so a whole size may be too large of a jump.

  • 3. Are insoles removable in dress shoes?

    This depends on the brand. For men’s dress shoes, often yes. But, for typical women’s dress shoes like ballet flats or stilettos, the insoles usually are not removable.

  • 4. What material is best for dress shoes?

    This depends on your needs and preferences. Leather is classic and very good-looking. There are also excellent faux leathers out there. Faux leather is vegan too.

  • 5. What is a good heel height for dress shoes?

    This is up to you. For men, an inch or less is practical. As for women, heel height has a large range. No matter what you choose, always make sure your pant length corresponds with the added height of your shoes.

  • 6. What is the difference between faux and real leather?

    Real leather comes from cowhide. It provides extra warmth and a sleek look. Faux leather, on the other hand, is man-made. It is typically much more water-resistant than regular leather.


Dress shoes are a staple accessory for work, events, and more. Just because these are more formal activities doesn’t mean your dress shoes have to break the bank. In fact, some of the best dress shoes out there have a price tag that’s well under 100 bucks! This goes for both men and women. From ballet flats to classic oxfords, tons of styles will work with your wardrobe. These 7 dress shoes are our favorites. We hope you found something to last you many stylish outfits to come.