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7 Best Engagement Rings Under $500 (2022 Reviews)

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Engagement rings are a monumental part of the marriage process. Though it’s one of the first parts of getting married, it’s often the most difficult to attain financially. With many rings spanning up to several thousands of dollars, it’s often difficult for partners to find the perfect one for their other-half, especially after seeing the price tag. Below, you’ll find our seven favorite engagement rings that you can get for under $500!

Best Engagement Rings Under $500

  • 1. DovEggs Solid 10K Moissanite Engagement Ring

    (Most sleek)

    Why it’s great: DovEggs’ silver-y sleek Moissanite engagement ring is a gorgeous design for anyone looking for a timeless design. One large stone may just be all you need if you’re a lover of a simple design that holds up for years upon years. The main diamond has a six-pronged model that holds the stone solidly, with ring sizes ranging from 4 to 12.

    Keep in mind: This ring is great for diamond-lovers who don’t want to pay the hefty price of a real diamond ring.

    Good for: If you’re purchasing this for another person, pay in mind that the design is uber-simple.

  • 2. MauliJewels Classic Three-Stone Diamond

    (Most adorable)

    Why it’s great: This triple-stone diamond ring is a gorgeous design for diamond-lovers. It has a prong setting, has a stone weight of ½ carat, a 14K metal stamp, and comes in yellow-gold, white-gold, and rose-gold. According to MauliJewels, their rings are crafted with natural, untreated, and conflict-free diamonds. They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case the ring isn’t to your liking. This ring is a cute, unique style that is wonderful for more minimalistic jewelry wearers.

    Keep in mind: The picture tends to be a bit bigger than the actual ring.

    Good for: This ring is great for those who love simple, petite designs with real diamonds and a unique look.

  • 3. Gem Stone King 10K White Gold Blue Sapphire and White Diamond

    (Most unique)

    Why it’s great: This ring isn’t like the rest. If you’re not into the traditional and want something a bit more bold (or know that your partner likes big, bold designs), then this one might be the one. The main stone is a sapphire, and the ring is flanked with 10K diamonds. With a deep blue pop, you will absolutely stick out from the crowd when you should people this ring.

    Keep in mind: The gemstone pokes out very far; some might think too far.

    Good for: Those who don’t want to go the traditional-route when it comes to engagement rings, (and love blue sapphire)!

  • 4. DovEggs Solid 14K White Gold

    (Best for diamond lovers)

    Why it’s great: Calling all diamond-lovers! This is a 14K White Gold ring that features five moissanite stones with a silver design. Anybody who loves the look of diamonds and wants to be able to afford their engagement ring may just love DovEggs’ solid 14K White Gold ring. Many compare this to the much more expensive Charles & Colvard, and enthusiastically say that they’re much more impressed with these price-wise, as the price doesn’t threaten the quality. It’s a crisp, clean, snow-white color, and the moissanite shimmers exactly like a “real diamond.” The stones are solidly placed and symmetrical in pattern.

    Keep in mind: This ring is made out of moissanite, which is a less expensive alternative to diamonds.

    Good for: A simple, minimal engagement ring with all the glimmer and shine that diamonds will give.

  • 5. SK Jewel Diamond Engagement Ring

    (Most classic)

    Why it’s great: SK Jewel created a beautifully classic engagement ring design with all of the elegance and charm of a ring that costs triple its price. A reviewer even appraised this ring at Kay Jewelers for $300 more than the price. Made of white gold, with a white diamond gem set on a prong, there are 23 stones on this quaint little ring that’s a great option for those who want to keep things simple.

    Keep in mind:

    Good for: A classic engagement ring look without the steep price!

  • 6. Pompeii3 Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring

    (Most elegant)

    Why it’s great: This 10K white gold engagement ring design screams elegance. It’s designed with three main stones with smaller stones lining it (11 in total). The white diamond gemstones are a great combination of a clean design while also with a little bit of personality for a totally unique (and affordable) twist. It’s three-diamond pattern speaks for itself, and is great for those who don’t want a ring that takes over their entire hand but also wants a lot of sparkle.

    Keep in mind: The picture shows a larger diamond than what comes in. Make your measurements prior before you order.

    Good for: This ring is great for those who don’t usually accessorize with jewelry but would love a unique design.

  • 7. SISGEM 14K Gold Wedding Ring

    (Most extravagant)

    Why it’s great: Our last ring is an extravagantly gorgeous ring with a large main diamond with a spiraling weaved pattern with smaller diamonds engrained. You can engrain your name on the inside of the ring, and have the options for a rose, white, or yellow color. It has a popping design that is both jaw-dropping and not overly hoity-toity. It’s great to personalize too, with the option of several different colors to fit your liking.

    Keep in mind:

    Good for: An extravagantly beautiful ring for the bold jewelry-lover.

Best Overall

The DovEggs Solid 10K Moissanite Engagement Ring is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about engagement rings

  • 1. What is the difference between Moissanite and Diamonds?

    Moissanite is a gemstone that is often used as a diamond-alternative. It’s most often less expensive, but it’s actually more colorful and reflective and sometimes people prefer it over diamonds. Do more research to see if moissanite might be a better and more affordable alternative to diamonds.

  • 2. How are engagement rings sized?

    Often confusing, rings are sized based on the millimeters on the inside of the ring (not the outside).

  • 3. What makes engagement rings look cheap?

    When looking for the perfect engagement ring that actually stands the test of time, check out the color grade of it. You can check on the websites of a lot of ring companies, or go on Google to search up different color grades to see which one fits your situation. For example, when going for affordable, look for K Color Diamonds.

  • 4. How to find an engagement ring you like?

    There are a lot of aspects to engagement rings such as carat, metal, color, and even how it looks on your hand. It’s good to do some research, even if in stores, just so you can see what different shapes and colors would look like on your hand.


The engagement process doesn’t have to be scary– or expensive! If you’re buying for a significant other, try to check out the tastes of their current jewelry collection, or even give them a couple of options and then surprise them with one of them. Although the engagement process is nerve-wracking, you don’t have to drop thousands of dollars even before the wedding. Good luck, and happy ring shopping!