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5 Best Georgia Pet Insurance for Dogs & Cats (2022 Reviews)

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Pets-our loveable, loyal companions. There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for them. As valued family members, it only makes sense we want to protect them, which has brought you here looking into pet insurance. Because let’s face it, as much joy and fun we experience with our cats and dogs, unexpected injuries and sickness can cause them pain and heartbreak for us. Over their lifetime, an emergency or two will come up, and it’s stressful and expensive.

Pet insurance can help ease the financial burden of pet ownership during those challenging times. I’ve reviewed the best pet insurance companies for residents of Georgia whether you are in Atlanta, Buckhead, Macon, Savannah or anywhere in between. This article provides what you need to compare and select a plan that works best for you.

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5 Top Dog & Cat Insurance Companies Compared for Georgia

  • 1. Lemonade

    (Best overall)

    Why it’s great: It’s no surprise that Lemonade ranks best overall for great rates, really comprehensive accident and illness coverage, and preventative care add-ons. The waiting period, which is often 14 days for accidents, is only 2 days, making it a significant benefit. Lemonade uses a mobile app to process claims faster and simpler by using their user-friendly filing system. If you have a homeowner’s or renter’s policy with them, you can bundle it with pet insurance for added discounts.

    Keep in mind: For pet parents with senior pooches or cats, or if your pets have pre-existing conditions, you may need to provide veterinary records to confirm medical history before you are eligible for a policy.

    Good for: Most cats and dogs, particularly if they are young and healthy. 

    Average price for DOGS in Georgia: $22.42/month 

    Average price for CATS in Georgia: $11.00/month 

  • 2. Wagmo

    (Best for wellness)

    Why it’s great: Georgia pet parents will want to consider Wagmo because once you reach your deductible, they reimburse up to 100% of vet fees for the rest of that year. You can get reimbursed quickly through direct deposit, PayPal or Venmo. If you’re interested in wellness plan options, they have a wide selection. Discounts are available for multiple pets and on plan renewals if you have had no claims the previous year. One of the best aspects is you are able to keep using your familiar veterinarian because you can go to any licensed vet.

    Keep in mind: There is a lifetime payout limit of $100,000, and that means Wagmo will not reimburse claims if you go over that amount during the lifespan of your pet.

    Good for: Pet owners who want a good mix of medical care and preventative coverage. 

    Average price for DOGS in Georgia: $37.97/month 

    Average price for CATS in Georgia: $23.16/month 

  • 3. Figo

    (Best for cats)

    Why it’s great: Noteworthy for all the cat parents out there as Figo has some of the lowest premiums for cat insurance. They know that emergencies don’t always occur during business hours so they offer live, 24/7 veterinary support through their mobile app. Figo has wellness packages that you can add to a basic policy such as the option that pays for up to $250 worth of prescription pet food if prescribed by a veterinarian. There are no limits to their benefit payouts and will last the lifetime of your pet.

    Keep in mind: Figo does not extend coverage for pre-existing conditions.

    Good for: If you like having the ability to speak with a vet 24/7, Figo will give you that peace of mind and it’s all covered under insurance. 

    Average price for DOGS in Georgia: $41.34/month 

    Average price for CATS in Georgia: $20.87/month 

  • 4. Pawp

    (Best for pre-existing conditions)

    Why it’s great: Pawp offers an emergency fund to protect up to 6 of your pets regardless of their age, breed or pre-existing conditions. This coverage includes unlimited 24/7 access to telehealth services with a licensed veterinarian or a consultation with a pet expert. You can use a vet of your choice and still incur no copays, deductibles or credit checks. Moreover, the bill will be fully paid while you’re at the clinic and you won’t need to deal with the hassel of submitting a claim for reimbursement.

    Keep in mind: Pawp’s virtual vets will need to authorize a claim in advance as an emergency in order for it to be covered. Their “emergency fund” plan will only cover one pet for a single vet bill up to $3,000 per year.

    Good for: Either as a good supplement to a “typical” pet insurance plan or for those with older pets or pets with pre-existing conditions. 

    Price: $24/month 

  • 5. Embrace

    (Best established brand)

    Why it’s great: For starters, Embrace has no maximum lifetime payout limit so your pet will be eligible for coverage well into their senior years. You can save money by not having a reimbursement claim as your deductible will go down $50 each year there are no claims. They also offer a multiple pet discount to add to the savings. If your pet needs to be spayed or neutered, Embrace has a routine care plan add-on that includes this procedure. Another unique option is their wellness plan that includes alternative veterinary treatments like reiki, massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic visits.

    Keep in mind: Only pets up to 14 years of age are eligible. The most you can claim for the wellness add-on is $650/year, which equals about $25 in annual savings. If you don’t use all of the funds available in a year for the wellness plan, they do not roll over nor are there refunds.

    Good for: Pet parents who would like to try alternative, new age veterinary care. 

    Average price for DOGS in Georgia: $38.08/month 

    Average price for CATS in Georgia: $22.24/month 

Best Overall

Lemonade is our overall top recommendation. It’s the most comprehensive pet insurance provider in Georgia and they also offer the best value.

Average price for DOGS in Georgia: $22.42/month 

Average price for CATS in Georgia: $11.00/month 

FAQs about Pet Insurance in Georgia

  • 1. What does pet insurance typically cover for dogs and cats?

    Depending on the plan and the insurance provider, specific benefits will vary but typically they cover things related to new accidents and illnesses. That could include specialty care, hospitalization, bloodwork, diagnostic tests like x-rays or ultrasounds, surgery or prescription medication. We recommend you review a policy for a detailed list prior to purchasing.

  • 2. How much does pet insurance cost in Georgia?

    Pet insurance in Georgia costs anywhere from $18.89 to $56.98 per month for dogs (based on prices for a healthy 2-year-old located in the 30306 zip code). And anywhere from $17.66 to $22.02 per month for cats (based on prices for a healthy 2-year-old located in the 30306 zip code). Prices can vary greatly depending on your zip code, the breed of your pet, its age, and medical history.

    We recommend getting a quote from Lemonade who we’ve seen consistently offer the lowest prices and best coverage out of any other provider.

  • 3. Can I cancel my pet insurance plan after I make a claim?

    You can usually cancel your policy at any time but often are required to do this in writing. It’s good to look at the cancellation process to know if you will be responsible for any outstanding fees. It is possible that anything your pet was diagnosed and treated for before the cancellation will be considered a pre-existing condition if you wanted to reinstate the policy later.

  • 4. Do Georgia pet insurance companies cover spay/neuter?

    These procedures are not something providers typically cover under an accident/illness plan. However, some companies such as Embrace may include spay/neuter in a wellness option that you can add to your policy. If this is a benefit you anticipate needing in the future, compare plan details ahead of time.

  • 5. Does the cost of insurance increase as my pet ages?

    Unfortunately, insurance premiums will indeed begin to increase once your pet reaches 4 or 5 years old. Companies must balance the risk of covering a pet as they age because they are more prone to accidents and the longer the lifespan, the higher likelihood of a pet getting sick. You will want to check if your coverage will end if a pet reaches a certain age as some providers will not insure a pet over 14 or 15 years old.

  • 6. Which companies cover pre-existing conditions?

    Pawp is the main insurance company to cover pre-existing conditions if it is an emergency. Embrace may also extend coverage for a curable pre-existing condition but it’s best to ask about this upfront. Most providers will not offer plans that cover a pre-existing condition so be prepared if your pet’s ailments fall into this category.

  • 7. Is dog or cat insurance worth it in Georgia?

    Pet insurance is protection for your pet in case an emergency occurs. You may not need it but odds are, your pet will fall ill or get injured at least once in their lifetime. By paying a little bit every month, you are hoping it will offset large veterinary costs that come up unexpectedly which can place a huge financial strain on your household. It gives you peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying your pet.

  • 8. What are some strategies to keep my pet safe in Georgia?

    Anyone who lives below the Mason-Dixon line knows what a challenge the heat and humidity in Georgia can be during the summer months. Pet owners have to be so careful making sure their pet does not overheat or suffer heatstroke. Pets who live outdoors should have access to shelter from the sun and to cool, clean water. They should never be left in a car for any amount of time under any conditions. If your dog needs a lot of exercise, try playing with toys indoors, or walking them when the sun isn’t out. Always check the pavement with your hand to determine if it is too hot for their paws. For pets that spend a lot of time in the sun, you may want to get lightweight clothing reflecting the sun or sunscreen on lighter-coated dogs.


As fellow pet owners, we know the task of finding pet insurance for your dog or cat can seem overwhelming. I hope that this article has shed some light into the different available plans for Georgia pet owners. Take some time to review the options to determine which policy best fits your needs. Buying the right pet insurance for your furry family member can help make emergencies less stressful and keep your pet healthy for years to come.

In our experience, after careful review, we’ve consistently seen Lemonade has the best combination of coverage and price.

Note: Our prices listed above are accurate in January 2022 and may change at any time. Please get a quote for your pet on one of the recommended websites for the most accurate monthly costs. These prices are based on a Labrador Retriever dog and American Shorthair cat located in the 30306 zipcode. We chose a $500 deductible and 90% reimbursement amount for each policy we reviewed (except for Pawp). The annual benefit amount we selected for each provider is as follows:

  • Wagmo = $20,000
  • Figo = $5,000
  • Pawp = $3,000
  • Embrace = $5,000
  • Lemonade = $20,000