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27 Best Gifts for Health Nuts – Memorable & Unique Ideas (2022)

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Health enthusiasts live a very disciplined lifestyle, as they prioritize fitness and nutrition. In some ways, it is a hobby and passion to care for the body in such a dedicated way. But when special occasions approach, you might wonder what sort of gift would be appropriate for someone who lives a clean, fit lifestyle. Here are 27 of the best options for every budget and type of celebration.

Christmas and holiday gifts for health nuts

  • 1. FitBit Inspire — $$$

    Health enthusiasts who keep physically fit will love receiving a wearable tracker to monitor activity, heart rate, and calorie burn. FitBit is the most trusted manufacturer of such a product, with thousands of positive reviews to back the quality and customer satisfaction. The band is made of workout-friendly, flexible, and comfortable elastomer material. A single charge provides up to 5 days of usage. It even tracks sleep and is water resistant up to 50 meters.

  • 2. Ninja Professional Blender — $$$

    A quality blender is possibly one of the best kitchen appliances for living a healthy lifestyle. Purchasing smoothies at juice bars can be extremely expensive, so it’s nice to be able to make them at home. The Ninja line of blenders is highly rated; smoothie lovers enjoy professional-grade performance and easy cleaning. It’s BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and includes individual serving cups for making small batches. There are 3 speeds to customize power for various ingredients.

  • 3. Under Desk Elliptical — $$$

    The amount of time people spend sitting at work has been compared to smoking for its negative effects on health. But with this specialty elliptical, long days at the office can still be full of beneficial movement. This compact device fits under a desk and provides 8 levels of resistance to strengthen muscles and burn calories while seated. It features a digital monitor to track distance and time. Convenient carrying handles and a compact size make it easy to transport.

  • 4. Non-Toxic Cookware Set — $$$$

    Even the most health-conscious individuals might not consider that cookware can contain harmful chemicals that could transfer toxins to food. This cookware set is a safe alternative, but still provides quality and non-stick properties for easy food preparation. It contains several frying and sauce pans, as well as a skillet and casserole with lids. All pieces are dishwasher safe, so cleanup is simple. They are even oven and broiler safe and boast ergonomic handles.

  • 5. Smart Bluetooth Scale — $$$$

    Healthy people often maintain a goal weight, or are in the process of trying to shed a few pounds. This scale performs the basic weight function, but also monitors body fat percentage. It also has Bluetooth technology, and is capable of pairing with an app on smart devices to track progress and keep records. The scale offers information usually only available in a doctor’s office right at home. It makes an ideal gift for recipients with personal fitness goals.

  • 6. Electric Searing Grill — $$

    Creating healthy meals doesn’t have to be boring or mundane. Grilling food is a fantastic way to cook meat, fish, and vegetables, but the weather doesn’t always allow for outdoor cooking and charcoal is thought to have harmful long-term effects on health. An indoor, electric grilling appliance is the solution. It’s useful for every type of diet, but especially so for those on the Keto or Paleo plans. Also perfect for people who live in small spaces who might not have room for a full-sized grill.

  • 7. Rowing Machine — $$$$

    Keeping fit at a gym can be expensive, and an outdoor workout isn’t always an option. This rowing machine offers cardio and muscle strengthening benefits right from the comfort of home. A digital monitor provides information about time, stroke count, and calories burned. 8 levels of magnetic resistance allow for customization to fit the user’s precise needs. It’s easy to store and transport with wheels designed to avoid any lifting.

27 Best & Most Unique Gifts for Health Nuts

  • 1. Sushi Making Kit — $$

    Sushi is a super healthy snack or meal, but it can be expensive to order from a restaurant. This kit makes it easy to create 4 kinds of rolls at home, with everything needed to make perfect sushi every time. Step-by-step instructions are included to guide the user through the process. It’s made in the USA and crafted from all food safe materials. Making sushi can be a great family activity.

  • 2. Yoga Dice — $

    Many healthy people enjoy practicing yoga, which promotes wellness of both the body and mind. A home practice can be a good way to save money on classes and fit a workout into busy schedules. These yoga dice make it fun to do yoga independently, helping to create thousands of possibilities for interesting combinations. They’re fun to use in groups to mix up ordinary routines. Yoga dice arrive ready to gift in an attractive cylinder box.

  • 3. Brita Filtering Water Bottle — $

    Health enthusiasts like to stay hydrated, and it’s important that the water they drink is pure. It’s not always convenient, though, to locate clean water on the go. This filtering water bottle made by one of the most trusted brands in water purity is the perfect solution. It removes toxins and impurities from water right in the bottle, with a built-in filter. It’s BPA-free and has a carrying loop for easily toting anywhere, in addition to being top-rack dishwasher safe for simple cleaning.

  • 4. Chakra Healing Crystals — $

    Oftentimes, healthy people also value a spiritual aspect to well-being. Chakra healing crystals are a wonderful way to nurture the higher self, and are believed to have properties that benefit a balance of energy. This starter set contains a variety of different stones that correlate to different energy centers in the body, possibly having some effect on physical health. The collection makes a beautiful decoration in addition to complementing a body-conscious lifestyle.

  • 5. Detoxifying Foot Pads — $

    Some natural healing experts insist that toxins are effectively removed through the feet. This set of detox foot pads are worn at night and contain an organic, non-GMO, all natural blend of ingredients that draw impurities from the body while you sleep. It’s enough for a 10-day cleanse that is sure to please recipients who live a healthy lifestyle. They stimulate an amazing 60 acupuncture points to provide detoxifying power that benefits well-being and uses bamboo extract, herbs as well as gemstones to heal and cleanse.

  • 6. Fit Cook Spice Collection — $$

    Health-conscious people usually enjoy cooking for themselves, so they can use quality ingredients and reduce fat or other undesired components. The Fit Cook spice collection is a great gift for healthy cooks, made of all-natural ingredients that pack a flavor punch. They are all free of gluten and grain, and are suitable for vegans and those on the Keto diet. A variety of flavor combinations make ordinary dishes something truly gourmet.

Under $25 gifts for health nuts

  • 1. Vegan Meal Prep Book — $

    Meal prep can be a smart way to live a healthy lifestyle, making nutritious meals super convenient for even the busiest people. This brilliant book offers simple instructions that incorporate all the most important ingredients for optimal meals. Each recipe is vegan and clean. There’s even a shopping and equipment list included to help beginners. 8 meal preps and 70 recipes provide a wide variety of options.

  • 2. Avocado Tool Set — $

    Avocado is not only a powerful superfood, but it’s absolutely delicious and loved by health enthusiasts. This tool set is perfect for healthy cooks, and includes various tools for safely preparing avocados as well as a saver storage container to prevent spoilage of unused portions. The materials are BPA-free and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Healthy eaters will love the scoop slicer, the safety pitting tool, and masher. It’s a genius gift at a great price point.

  • 3. Bamboo Cooling Towels — $

    For those who enjoy working out, warm days can make it challenging to exercise. These 100% bamboo fiber towels are a fantastic solution, providing a cooling solution in hot weather. Simply soak them, wring them out, and drape over the shoulders or wear as a scarf. They provide the same UV protection as SPF 50 sunscreen. The included carrying bottle with a clip keeps them wet and handy during any outdoor activity in the heat of the sun.

  • 4. Keto Magnetic Fridge Guide — $

    Healthy people practicing the Keto diet will love this magnetic fridge guide. It lists 192 Keto-friendly foods for quick reference, and comes with a download of 500 foods in PDF format. The magnetic booklet can be placed directly on the fridge, so it is convenient to make the right choices when it’s time to eat. It even provides serving sizes and features an easy-to-read font. The booklet-style list simplifies shopping and cooking whether the recipient is a meat eater, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan.

  • 5. Blender Bottle — $

    It can be difficult to manage healthy nutrition on the go. Even health-conscious people are busy, so it’s a challenge to make time for quality meals. This Blender Bottle is a wonderful way to prioritize nutrition without sacrificing much time. It can be used to mix protein shakes, supplement drinks and keep smoothies from separating if stored. The bottle features a patented wire whisk to ensure smooth blending every time.

  • 6. Essential Oils Inhaler — $

    Healthy people often prefer natural remedies for stress and anxiety. A portable essential oils inhaler allows the recipient to take their favorite calming aromas with them wherever they go, in a pocket or purse. The set of 3 aluminum cases with a glass interior contain a replaceable wick that absorbs essential oils for personal use without diffusing them into a public place. At such a low price point, consider pairing this gift with a bottle of lavender oil.

  • 7. Salbree Popcorn Maker — $

    When made the right way, popcorn is a healthy high-fiber snack that also tastes great. The Salbree popcorn maker offers a nutritious and eco-friendly alternative to bagged microwave popcorn. It’s easy to use and makes perfect popcorn in a durable BPA-free silicone bowl. It collapses for compact storage in small spaces. There are 18 bright colors to choose from. It makes a creative gift for healthy movie fans and recipients with children.

Birthday gifts for health nuts

  • 1. Aicook Juicer — $$

    Freshly pressed juices provide amazing health benefits, particularly with certain types of fruits or vegetables. An Aicook juicer offers high quality for a reasonable price. Allegedly, it extracts up to 26% more juice and 36% more vitamins and minerals than other similar products. It’s made of tough stainless steel and is BPA-free for optimal food safety. This juicer is also easy to clean and creates a cup of juice in just 6 seconds, making it an ideal choice for busy health nuts.

  • 2. Air Purifier — $$$

    Quality air is immensely important for maintaining good health. Dust, other allergens, and pollution can cause inflammation and health problems. But an air purifier helps clean the air inside the home, creating a healthier environment and promoting better sleep. This one uses a carbon filter and is super efficient, in addition to being as silent as possible. The 3-stage filtration system removes 99% of contaminants in the air. It will be particularly appreciated by recipients with pets or those who live in areas prone to allergens and pollution.

  • 3. High Protein Snack Collection — $$

    This epic assortment of high-protein snacks is sure to excite health nuts who love food. It contains 30 different individually wrapped and unique snack items that are all-natural. The collection comes ready to gift in a decorative basket, with no additional wrapping required. Be advised that it does contain meat products and is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. It offers a wide variety of fun options for people who live a high-protein lifestyle.

  • 4. Spiralizer — $$

    Creating new and interesting meals that are also healthy has never been more fun. A veggie spiralizer creates “noodles” out of almost any type of vegetable, opening a world of possibility for culinary adventure. It’s a great way to create salads and pasta alternatives for eating clean. 10 different japanese steel blades create an assortment of shapes for a variety of dishes. An online guide with demonstration videos can help get the beginner started and an e-book of recipes will provide inspiration.

  • 5. Organic Spa Product Basket — $$$

    Spa products always make a nice gift, but those who prioritize their health might be particular about ingredients. This gift basket contains 16 luxurious items that will thrill people who enjoy treating their body right while relaxing with a bath. The organic collection is free from parabens, sulfates, and artificial colors. The fragrances are all natural, and include beautiful combinations such as mango papaya, coconut lemongrass, and plumeria violet. The products are all soy, gluten, and cruelty free.

  • 6. Vegan Chocolate Truffle Box — $$

    Most people, even health nuts, love chocolate. However, the ingredients sometimes prohibit vegans and people with diet restrictions from indulgence. The No Whey! gift box of rich truffles is not only vegan, but safe for many allergies because the chocolate contains no dairy, nuts, eggs, soy, wheat, or gluten. There are 5 different amazing flavors to enjoy. This truffle gift box is a good option for healthy foodies whether they have diet restrictions or not.

  • 7. Salad Spinner with Accessories — $$

    Salad is a go-to as a main dish or side for healthy eaters. But it can be time consuming to wash vegetables prior to preparation. This salad spinner makes it really easy, cleaning lettuce and other leafy greens in one simple step. It’s accompanied by some accessories that slice and grate veggies for the ultimate salad experience. All components are non-toxic and BPA-free, and are dishwasher safe on the top rack.


With this list of gift ideas for health nuts, you’re guaranteed to find something that will be useful and meaningful for the recipient. Whether it’s an item for the kitchen or a gift that promotes health, wellness, and fitness, there’s an option here for every healthy lifestyle. Consideration of their health concerns when gifting will be appreciated, and won’t go unnoticed. When a way of life is important to someone, it’s always a good idea to choose presents that honor that.