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7 Best Kids’ Archery Sets to Improve Accuracy (2022 Reviews)

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Whether your child’s interest in archery was sparked by Marvel’s Hawkeye or you love the sport and want them to give it a try, you’re going to want to buy an archery set. Not only will your child enjoy taking up this new hobby, but it’ll get them outdoors and off the screens for a little while.

Since The Hunger Games, Hawkeye, and The Arrow have made archery more popular, there are plenty of options on the market. I’ve gathered up the best 7 kids’ archery sets for kids of all ages, so you can easily choose the one that suits your child’s needs.

The Best Kids’ Archery Sets

  • 1. Conthfut Bow and Arrow with LED Lights

    (Most options — $$)

    Why it’s great: This is a great beginner archery set for kids ages 3-12 years old. It comes in a variety of color themes, so your child can easily find one that sparks their interest. It comes with a target, bow, quiver, and 9 suction cup arrows. With so many arrows, your child won’t have to be constantly running back and forth to shoot again. The bow has LED lights that flash, making it fun and easy to see where your arrow is pointed, even in the evening hours. It’s also lightweight and small enough for little kids to handle. The whole set is made of durable, non-toxic plastic that’ll last.

    Keep in mind: While this says it’s acceptable for 3 and up, it’s really recommended for kids at least 6 years old.

    Good for: Little kids who want a fun archery set in bright colors.

  • 2. FSFF Enhanced Wooden Bow and Arrow for Kids

    (Most realistic — $$)

    Why it’s great: While all the options on this list are toys meant for kids, this set is the most realistic. It comes with 2 wooden bows, so it’s great if you have multiple kids. They’re also recurve bows, which is the best kind for beginners. The 16 wooden arrows have traditional fletching and soft tips for safety. It also comes with 2 bamboo quivers to hold the wooden arrows and 2 armguards to protect your child. You’ll also get 10 targets and a carry bag to store everything. Everything is high-quality and built to last. Plus, the bows can be used either right-handed or left-handed, offering added versatility.

    Keep in mind: This set is recommended for kids ages 13 and up, but can be used by younger kids with supervision.

    Good for: Kids who want a realistic archery set.

  • 3. Toysery Bow and Arrow for Kids with LED Flash Lights

    (Best for young kids — $$)

    Why it’s great: This set is very similar to the first option and comes with a bow, quiver, 6 suction cup arrows, and a target. It has flashing LED lights and comes in multiple color combos, including vibrantly pink sets for girls. This set is geared towards kids ages 6 and up, but there are other options with bigger targets and slightly smaller bows that would work for kids as young as three. Everything is lightweight and perfectly sized for little hands, making it easy for young ones to practice and increase their skill.

    Keep in mind: This is a short-range bow for beginners, so you’ll need to choose something else if you’re child is looking for more of a challenge.

    Good for: Toddlers and younger kids who want to learn archery.

  • 4. Adventure Awaits! - Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow Set (2-Pack)

    (Best for older kids — $$)

    Why it’s great: This is another realistic set that comes with two bows, two quivers, and 20 arrows, so it’s a great choice for families with multiple kids. The bows are made of bamboo wood and are finely crafted for the perfect draw. They’re recurve bows, which are great for beginners, and the arrows have soft tips for safety. The arrows travel long distances and are easy for kids to shoot. It’s recommended for ages 12 and up, but is lightweight and easy for younger kids to shoot with supervision.

    Keep in mind: This set doesn’t come with targets or armguards, so you’ll need to purchase those separately. Also, the arrows don’t have fletching, so they’re a little harder to aim and get precision shots.

    Good for: Older kids who want a realistic set of bow and arrows.

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  • 5. Toyvelt Bow and Arrow Set for Kids -Light Up Archery Toy Set

    (Best budget option — $)

    Why it’s great: This little set is perfect for toddlers and young kids who are interested in learning to shoot a bow and arrows. It comes in green or pink and the bow has LED lights with three different settings for fun and visibility. The quiver is lightweight with an adjustable strap for comfort. It also comes with 6 suction cup arrows, which are safer for young beginners, and a target. It even has a built-in guide for aiming, making it easier for your child to hit the target once they’ve gotten the hang of it.

    Keep in mind: The target is pretty small, but you can easily find a bigger one if that’s a problem.

    Good for: Little kids who want an affordable archery set.

  • 6. FAUX BOW Foam Bow & Arrow Archery Set

    (Longest fly distance — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This bow and arrow set can shoot over 120 feet! The bow is made with high-quality latex-free and phthalate-free materials that are durable and safe. It also has built-in notches to hold all the arrows. The arrows are lightweight and have foam tips for added safety and longer flight. The bow is very easy to shoot, with a quick-release spinning handle. It also comes in three different color options, so your child can choose the one they like the best.

    Keep in mind: This is not a traditional bow and arrows, so your child won’t really be learning archery skills, but it is a lot of fun to shoot.

    Good for: Older kids who want to be able to shoot long distances.

  • 7. Ninja Bow and Arrow Set for Kids with LED Flashing Lights

    (Best for boys — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This archery set was made for little boys (or girls) who love ninjas! It comes in a black and red theme that includes a ninja mask your child can wear while they practice. The bow has LED lights with three different settings and is perfectly sized for kids ages 3-12 years old. The quiver is lightweight with an adjustable strap for the best fit. It also comes with 3 suction cup arrows that are durable and safe for kids to use. The target can be easily mounted to the wall for target practice.

    Keep in mind: This one only comes with three arrows, so your child might get tired of having to run after arrows more often.

    Good for: Little kids who love ninjas and want a full ninja-themed archery set.

Best Overall

The Conthfut Bow and Arrow with LED Lights is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Kids’ Archery Sets

  • 1. At what age can my child start to use an archery set?

    This varies based on the type of bow and arrows that you choose to buy. There are plenty of toy sets with arrows that have suction cups or other soft ends that kids as young as three could use safely. Always supervise your child when they’re shooting a bow and arrows and make sure to use appropriate safety gear.

  • 2. At what age will my child actually learn the skill of archery?

    To start mastering the skill and sport of archery, your child will need to be able to understand the game and be able to manipulate the bow correctly. The best time for a child to learn archery is between 7 and 15 years old. Eight is the ideal age to introduce your child to the sport.

  • 3. What are the benefits of buying my child an archery set?

    Toy bow and arrows are an easy and fun way for kids to learn archery. They also promote grip strength, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. They’ll teach your child patience and focus, plus give them self-confidence. It’ll also get your child outside and burn off some physical energy.

  • 4. How can I encourage my child to learn archery?

    If you’re trying to get your child interested in archery, you’ll want to start slowly. Teach them the basics and allow them to practice for short periods of time to start. This will help maintain their interest and lessen their frustration. Be supportive and give them time to master the basics before moving on to anything advanced. Finding a fun bow that lights up and colorful arrows that your child likes will also keep them interested in practicing.

  • 5. What should I look for in a kids’ archery set?

    This will depend on your child’s age, skill level, and level of interest they’re displaying. Younger kids will need toys that give them the feel of the movements without compromising their safety. Older kids may want a more realistic set. If your child is brand new, you’ll need a full set including targets and other accessories. Otherwise, if your child has practiced with a toy, it may be time to upgrade the bow and arrows to the next step.


Archery is a fun sport that’ll teach your child focus and discipline. They’ll love learning how to shoot a bow and arrows and hit their target. Their sense of pride and confidence will grow as they master the skill.

Finding the right archery set to get your child started doesn’t have to be difficult. Start with something that’s age and size appropriate for your child and you’ll give them a good foundation to continue to learn and grow. Each option on this list offers something a little different, so take the time to consider which features will suit your child the best.