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7 Best Kids’ Baseball Gloves (2022 Reviews)

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Playing catch and throwing around a ball in the backyard or park is a rite of passage for every child. And, whether your little one played T-ball or is just getting started with Little League, the proper glove can make all the difference. There are hundreds of different styles and types of youth baseball gloves, so it can be challenging to find the right one.

I’ve gathered this list of the 7 best kids’ baseball gloves to help you narrow down your options and find the right one for your child.

The Best Kids’ Baseball Gloves

  • 1. Rawlings Sure Catch Glove Series Baseball Glove

    (Most versatile — $$)

    Why it’s great: This glove is designed to be used in any position, making it extremely versatile. It comes in sizes 9.5 up to 11.5 inches, so it’s great for kids up to ten years old, who may be playing in different positions. It also comes in left or right-handed options. You can choose from six different styles with different colors and webbing. Each one uses the Sure Catch technology, which allows your child to easily close it to make a catch from first use. It’s 90% broken in already, so it’s ready to go. The adjustable wrist strap allows your child to get the perfect fit and the padded finger linings make it extra comfortable. The leather material makes it durable and lightweight, too.

    Keep in mind: Even though this is mostly broken in, it will take some work to completely break it in.

    Good for: Kids ages 4-10 years old who need a glove that will work for all positions.

  • 2. Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web/Shok-Sorb Combo Series Fielding Glove

    (Most comfortable — $)

    Why it’s great: This glove comes in size 10.5 inches, which is perfect for kids ages 6-8 years old that are just learning to play. It comes in two different color options, black and pink or black and green. It’s made of synthetic leather that’s lightweight and durable. It has an Infinite Web design that allows the web to expand, giving your child some adjustability. It also has a Shok-Sorb palm padding, which offers some protection from the sting of a catch. It comes broken in, so it’s ready to go as soon as you get it.

    Keep in mind: This only comes in the right-handed option and only comes in one size.

    Good for: Kids who need extra padding while they’re learning to catch.

  • 3. Wilson A200 Youth MLB 10" Tee Ball Glove in Team Logo Designs

    (Best for MLB fans — $$)

    Why it’s great: This Wilson baseball glove comes in whatever MLB team logo you want, making it a great choice for young sports fans. It’s made of synthetic leather which is lightweight and durable. Modeled after Wilson’s Pro Stock glove, it’s designed for beginners and has an H-web. It’s easy for little ones to open and close as it comes already broken in. It’s soft and comfortable, making it a great choice for little ones learning the game.

    Keep in mind: This only comes in 10 inches, so it’s best for younger kids.

    Good for: Younger kids who want to sport a glove with their favorite team’s logo.

  • 4. Rawlings Players Glove Series | T-Ball & Youth Baseball Gloves

    (Best beginner glove — $)

    Why it’s great: This is the perfect glove for beginners. It comes in sizes 9 to 11 inches, making it great for kids ages 3-9 years old. It’s made of durable and lightweight textured vinyl design for optimal balance, added quickness, and an easy-to-close feel. The basket web creates a deep pocket that makes it easier for young players to catch the ball, whether it’s a grounder or a flyball. It comes in multiple color options, so your child can choose the one they like the best. It has a padded inner lining for comfort and a soft, flexible shell.

    Keep in mind: This is a cheaper option that may not last more than a season or two, but your child will likely outgrow it by then anyway.

    Good for: Parents who want an affordable beginner glove to see if their child enjoys the sport.

  • 5. Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Baseball Glove Series

    (Most breathable — $$)

    Why it’s great: This is the only glove on the list that uses mesh to make it more breathable and prevent your little one’s hands from sweating while they play. The rest of the glove is made of pigskin leather, which is highly durable, soft, and comfortable. It has palm lining for added comfort, which disperses perspiration away from the skin. You can choose between a basket web or H-web, depending on your preference, and you can choose from 9 to 11-inch sizes. The PowerClose glove is easy to close, making catching a breeze.

    Keep in mind: These don’t have any padding in the palm, but the PowerClose design helps your child learn to catch in the pocket of the glove instead of in the palm.

    Good for: Kids who need a breathable and flexible glove to learn to catch properly.

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  • 6. Rawlings Select PRO LITE Glove Series | Youth Baseball Glove

    (Best quality — $$$)

    Why it’s great: This all-leather baseball glove is built to last. The Pro Taper Fit has a smaller hand opening, offering your child better control. It comes in different colors, sizes, and right or left-hand options. This one is designed for older kids who play certain positions, so you can choose from infield, outfield, or utility. The utility glove can be used in all positions, so it’s the better choice for kids who don’t have a set spot. It also has palm and index finger padding with cushioned finger back lining for increased comfort. You’ll get slightly different webbing and features depending on the style you choose, making it easy for your child to excel in whatever position they play.

    Keep in mind: This one only comes in bigger sizes 11.25 to 12.50 inches. Follow the recommended sizing guide based on your child’s age and position.

    Good for: Older kids who have a set position and need a high-quality, specialized glove.

  • 7. Franklin Sports Fastpitch Pro Series Softball Gloves

    (Best for older kids — $$)

    Why it’s great: This Franklin Fastpitch glove is a great choice for older kids and adults. It comes in sizes 11 to 13 inches and has either left or right-hand options. You can also choose from a couple of different colors. It’s made of lightweight mesh that’s super flexible and easy to manipulate. It has a narrow wrist opening that allows for better control and it has an adjustable wrist strap. It also has a soft inner lining for added comfort and a soft pocket that makes it quick and easy to break in.

    Keep in mind: The inner lining keeps your child’s fingers insulated, making them hot and sweaty after a while.

    Good for: Older kids who need a glove they can use for any position.

Best Overall

The Rawlings Sure Catch Glove Series Baseball Glove is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Kids’ Baseball Gloves

  • 1. What are the benefits of getting my child a baseball glove?

    Getting your child a baseball glove is necessary if your child wants to play on a team. But, it’s still pretty useful even if they’re not. You can play catch in the yard or at the park, without stressing the need to play a baseball game. A glove will help your child with hand-eye coordination, focus, and gross motor skills. If they do decide to join a team, they’ll learn cooperation and teamwork.

  • 2. What is a youth baseball glove?

    For the most part, youth baseball gloves are the same as adult baseball gloves, just smaller. However, they’re usually made with cheaper, more durable materials to withstand your child’s use. Some have unique features that make them easier for kids to use, like being versatile enough to use in different positions. Others are just miniature versions of specific baseball gloves.

  • 3. What size glove should I get my child?

    Most gloves are measured in inches and sized by age. Here’s a quick breakdown:

    • 9.5”: 4-5 years old
    • 10”: 5-6 years old
    • 10.5”: 6-8 years old
    • 11”: 7-9 years old
    • 11.5”: 8-10 years old
    • 12”: 10-13 years old

    However, you should have your child try on the glove and make sure they have 1-2 inches of space at the end of their fingers. Also, as you get above 11” the sizing starts to depend on both their age and the position they play. Most gloves should give you an idea of what size they’ll fit and what they’re used for.

  • 4. Does my child need a different type of glove based on the position they play?

    Baseball gloves do come in different styles based on what and where they’ll be used. However, young children are more likely to be playing different positions at every game. This is to give them experience with each and to figure out which they like and where they excel. So, you’ll want to find a glove that’s versatile enough to work for multiple positions. As your child gets a little older, the position they play may be set and you might want to think about getting them a glove suited for that position.

  • 5. What should I look for in a kids’ baseball glove?

    The most important thing is finding the right fit for your child. Once you’ve done that, you can look at the style, materials/durability, and how it looks. Most of this will be based on personal preference. You’ll have to decide if getting better quality is worth spending the extra money or if you’d prefer something cheap and basic to see if your child enjoys the sport before investing in it.


Now that you’ve taken a look at a few different types and styles of gloves, you should have a better idea of which one will suit your child. No matter which one you choose, make sure that it fits correctly and feels comfortable on your little one’s hands.

Whether they’re catching a flyball or a grounder, they’re going to need a glove they can rely on to get the job done without hurting their hand. Youth gloves are designed to help your child learn the fundamentals, and you should be able to find at least one on this list that’ll work for your child.