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7 Best Kids’ Tennis Shoes (2022 Reviews)

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Tennis is a fun sport that’ll help your child develop their gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more. Whether you’ve talked them into learning how to play the game or they’ve become interested on their own, it’s important to get them the right gear.

One thing that you may not have considered is tennis shoes. While most people think of tennis shoes as any old sneaker, shoes that are made specifically for the tennis court will greatly improve your child’s comfort and skill in the game. To help you find the best pair for your child, I’ve created this list of the best kids’ tennis shoes.

Best Kids’ Tennis Shoes

  • 1. Wilson KAOS Junior Tennis Shoes

    (Most affordable — $)

    Why it’s great: You may recognize the name Wilson as a tennis brand. They make tennis racquets, tennis balls, and all sorts of tennis-related gear and clothing. Their tennis shoes for kids are very reasonably priced in comparison to most other brands. Plus, this brand knows tennis, so these shoes were designed specifically for the court. They offer augmented cushioning and rebound form comfort to help your child make the multi-directional and lateral movements they’ll be making on the court. These shoes come in three different color options and big kid sizes.

    Keep in mind: These do run small, so it’s best to order a size up from regular shoes.

    Good for: Parents who want affordable tennis shoes for their child.

  • 2. ASICS Kids Gel-Resolution 8 GS Tennis Shoes

    (Best for clay courts — $$)

    Why it’s great: These tennis shoes come in a variety of colors and sizes, from little to big kids. They have a synthetic and mesh upper that allows increased airflow to help keep your child’s feet cool and dry. This form-fitting shoe also gives more stability midfoot, which helps with lateral movements. They also have a torque control feature in the heel that helps keep the shoes in place during abrupt transitions. The rubber soles offer more than enough traction for the stop-and-go movements expected in the sport.

    Keep in mind: These tennis shoes are designed for a clay tennis court, so they’re not the right choice if your child plays on a hard court.

    Good for: Kids who play tennis on a clay court.

  • 3. New Balance Kids’ 996 V4 Tennis Shoe

    (Most options — $$)

    Why it’s great: These tennis shoes were designed for hard courts and provide superior traction for your child. They have a breathable knit upper and a rubber sole with an extended drag tip for lasting durability. They come in multiple colors, including bright neons, so you’ll always be able to spot your child on the court. The midsole provides the proper cushioning and support they need to make lateral movements, and the laces offer an adjustable fit. They come in sizes from little to big kids and provide a wide option for those who need it.

    Keep in mind: These don’t offer quite as much ankle support as some of the others.

    Good for: Kids who play on a hard court and want to be able to pick fun colored tennis shoes.

  • 4. Adidas Unisex Child Solecourt Tennis Shoe

    (Most ankle support — $)

    Why it’s great: These tennis shoes were designed to give your child the ultimate ankle support. The mesh and synthetic upper provide a locked-in fit while still offering breathability. The midsole is cushioned to help your child stay on their toes and make those quick lateral movements. The outsole is built for high wear, offering long-lasting durability. These come in a few different colors and little to big kid sizes.

    Keep in mind: These seem to do a little better on clay courts, but they also work fine on hard courts.

    Good for: Kids who aren’t yet used to the lateral movements in tennis and are at risk of rolling an ankle.

  • 5. Babolat Junior Propulse All Court Tennis Shoe

    (Best all court shoes — $$)

    Why it’s great: You’ll get the best of both worlds with these all-court tennis shoes. They have a thermoplastic elastomer sole that offers traction and stability on either surface. They also have a midsole belt that offers support and protection during quick lateral movements. An EVA foam insert gives just the right amount of cushion and protects your child’s heels from impacts. These tennis shoes come in multiple colors and sizes and are built to last.

    Keep in mind: These run small, so you may want to order up a half or whole size.

    Good for: Kids who play on both types of tennis courts.

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  • 6. K-Swiss Bigshot Light 2.5 Tennis Shoe

    (Best quality — $$$)

    Why it’s great: K-Swiss offers high quality and lasting durability with all their shoes. These tennis shoes have a synthetic upper with a Flow Cool system for maximum breathability and airflow. The rubber outsole is flexible and has a drag guard for maximum durability. These are extremely lightweight and have plenty of ankle support. They also have a Plantar Support Chassis and Y-beam midfoot support, offering your child the best structure and support for quick movements, no matter the direction. They come in three different color themes and multiple sizes, from little to big kids.

    Keep in mind: These are meant for a tight fit, so they’re narrow. If your child has wide feet, you’ll want to go up a size.

    Good for: Kids who need a high-quality tennis shoe that’ll last until they outgrow them.

  • 7. HEAD Unisex-Child Court Tennis Shoe

    (Best for hard courts — $$$)

    Why it’s great: These shoes were designed for hard courts and come in two neon color options. The molded PU upper offers the best fit and comfort. They’re also super breathable with mesh on top to allow for increased airflow. They offer extra toe protection, and the rubber sole offers the best traction for hard courts. They also have a comfortable EVA midsole for support and stability. The tongue and laces allow your child to get the perfect fit, and the sides offer extra ankle support and protection.

    Keep in mind: These aren’t as durable as some of the other pairs on the list.

    Good for: Kids who play solely on hard tennis courts.

Best Overall

The Wilson KAOS Junior Tennis Shoes is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Kids’ Tennis Shoes

  • 1. What’s the difference between tennis shoes and sneakers?

    Tennis shoes have lateral stability and support to help your child with the quick sideways movements they’ll be making while playing the sport. Regular sneakers and running shoes focus more on cushioning and general support, which can be detrimental to your child’s foot comfort and movement while on the court. Tennis shoes also will protect your child’s ankle from rolling during lateral movements, while running shoes are meant for forward movement.

  • 2. At what age should I get my child tennis shoes?

    Kids can really start to take lessons and learn the sport around 5 or 6 years old. If they’re serious about playing, you should get them actual tennis shoes at this point to make sure they’re getting the proper support for their feet.

  • 3. Should I get the same size tennis shoe for my child as their regular shoes?

    That’s a good place to start to see if you can get the right fit, but you’ll likely want to go up half a size or even a full size. Of course, every brand and style is different, so there will definitely be some trial and error.

  • 4. What’s an “all-court” tennis shoe?

    Tennis can be played on grass, clay, or hard courts. Grass courts are pretty rare, but both clay and hard courts are very common. While you might want to get different tennis shoes specifically designed for clay or hard courts, an all-court shoe is designed as a middle ground, and it’s a good choice if your child will be playing on both.

  • 5. Are laces or velcro enclosures better for kids’ tennis shoes?

    Velcro is much easier for younger kids to get on and off and secure themselves. However, laces allow your child to get a better fit, and they’re more durable than velcro. If your child can tie their own shoes, it’s best to stick with laces.


Tennis shoes are essential if your child loves the sport and plays regularly. Whether they’re taking lessons or just playing for fun, these shoes will allow your child to play without the risk of injury. Bad movement, increased heel pressure, slipping, and rolled ankles are all causes of concern on the tennis court if your child isn’t wearing the proper shoes.

This list offers a variety of options for girls and boys, so it should be easy to find a pair (or two!) that works for your child.