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7 Best Loveys for Babies (2022 Reviews)

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Introducing a lovey to your little one is a great way to familiarize them with the ability to self sooth. A lovey, typically a soft blanket with a stuffed animal attached, offers a cozy support for infants to cuddle. They can be used to ease separation anxiety and are especially helpful when your little one begins new routines or is placed in new environments. A security object, such as a lovey, provides an object for your child to bond with that he or she can keep close by during challenging transitions. Having a constant comfort can ease overwhelming situations and provide a stable object to hold on to. A lovey can also lessen a baby’s reliance on a parent to soothe, and can support a baby’s sleep habits. This selection of loveys provide various supports and styles to ensure you have the right fit for your little one.

Best Loveys for Babies

  • 1. Pro Goleem Security Lovey

    (Best all-around — $$)

    Why it’s great: This beloved item has thousands of five star reviews from parents who swear by the comforting presence of the Pro Goleem stuffy. Its textured blanket is ideal for little fingers, and the satin trim is sure to be a hit for teething little ones. Plus, the crinkly ears make it an amusing toy for stroller rides and carseat outings. At nearly 16 inches, this oversized lovey has an infinite amount of snuggles to share.

    Keep in mind: The crinkly ears are great for entertaining little ones, but may not be best when used in the crib as they could possibly keep your infant awake longer than desired.

    Good for: Parents who don’t want to shop around and want a lovey that’s sure to soothe.

  • 2. BORITAR 14 inch Security Blanket

    (Best over-sized — $)

    Why it’s great: This large lovey blanket is designed with a soothing exterior and a fun, colorful underside. It’s low price means you can buy more than one so you can ensure your baby is never without a clean lovey. The ultra-plush fabric is also BPA and phthalate-free to guarantee a safe cuddly toy.

    Keep in mind: The blanket is made extra plush, so be cautious when allowing your little one to sleep with it by making sure you’re following current infant sleeping recommendations.

    Good for: Infants who like a lot of extra fabric to snuggle with.

  • 3. Levtex Home Security Blanket

    (Prettiest fabric details — $$)

    Why it’s great: The beautiful and intricately designed patterns of this lovey are sure to please babies and adults alike! You’ll never mistake your child’s beloved blanket for another little one’s given the charming fabric and sweet character faces. The various animals allow you to find the perfect fit for your tot.

    Keep in mind: The blanket portion of the lovey is 12 inches by 12 inches, which makes it a tad shorter than some other models. Keep this in mind if you’re looking for something that also works as a full baby blanket.

    Good for: Parents looking for a unique lovey to avoid mix-ups.

  • 4. Burt’s Bees Baby Lovey Plush

    (Best organic option — $$)

    Why it’s great: Made from organic cotton, the Burt’s Bees Baby Lovey Plush offers parents peace of mind with natural fabric. Chemical-free, this lovey is safe for teething little ones and can be washed and dried easily. The soft yellow color is perfect for spotting a missing lovey in the bottom of the diaper bag or underneath the stroller carriage.

    Keep in mind: While the exterior is 100% organic cotton, the center is filled with polyester, which some little ones might be sensitive to.

    Good for: Parents who opt for an organic lifestyle.

  • 5. Mary Meyer Soft Toy

    (Softest texture — $$)

    Why it’s great: The Mary Meyer Soft Toy seamlessly blends a stuffed animal into an adorable lovey. The textured fabric helps occupy little fingers and the knotted feet and long ears are perfect to hang onto. The unstuffed body makes it the ideal nap time and nighttime companion. Plus, the silk ears are perfect for teething babies.

    Keep in mind: Although it does not impact its use, the oatmeal bunny lovey is 13 inches in length, which is smaller than some buyers anticipated.

    Good for: Parents who are opting for a lovey that is more of a stuffed animal than a baby blanket.

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  • 6. Taggies Lovey Soft Toy

    (Most interactive — $$$)

    Why it’s great: The unique and intricate design of the Taggies makes this lovey perfect for little ones who like to keep their fingers busy. The soft, understuffed body has a weighted bum and limbs for exceptional comforting abilities. The satin loops enhance the sensory options for your little one while the sweet face is perfect for snuggles. Despite all its extra details, the lovey is completely machine-washable for convenience.

    Keep in mind: Depending on the style you choose, only a few of the Taggies loveys come with a rattle. Double-check which item you are ordering so you’re not surprised when it makes a rattle noise or not.

    Good for: Babies who like to keep their hands busy.

  • 7. Grace Grahan Organic Cotton Bunny and Teether

    (Best lovey and teether combo — $$$)

    Why it’s great: The 100% organic cotton muslin material of this lovey is free of chemicals, toxins, and synthetic materials. It’s natural construction makes it the perfect addition to your Montessori and minimalist toy collection. The bonus wooden teething ring is made of beachwood and organic cotton, making this the perfect duo for teething infants.

    Keep in mind: The lovey and the teething ring are two separate pieces, rather than one unit.

    Good for: Infants who are teething.

Best Overall

The Pro Goleem Security Lovey is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Loveys for Babies

  • 1. When should you introduce a lovey?

    You can introduce a lovey as early as you’d like, though most children will not bond with a stuffed animal until they’re closer to one year of age. A lovey is a great option for stroller rides and car rides were given their soft texture. However, keep in mind it’s not recommended for children under 12 months of age to sleep with any items, so a lovey should not be used in a crib until after their first birthdays. Once old enough as determined by the most up-to-date standard guidelines, an older baby can use the lovey in the evenings to help self-soothe and calm separation anxiety.

  • 2. What is the purpose of a lovey?

    A lovey is a small, soft blanket that often has a stuffed animal portion attached to one side. They can provide an infant with constant comfort and ease separation anxiety. They can also be used to support independent sleep habits. Loveys may also come with teething components and can help babies soothe sore gums. Other loveys may have a rattle that can be used to entertain your little one, which is especially useful on stroller rides and car seat outings.

  • 3. What should I look for when buying a lovey?

    It may take a few tries to find a lovey that your little one bonds with. First and foremost, ensure the lovey is safe for babies with no long, dangling strings that could be a strangulation hazard or small parts that could be a choking hazard if removed. You can also check with your pediatrician on which lovey is the safest option for your baby.

  • 4. When can a baby sleep with a lovey?

    It is recommended that infants do not sleep with anything in their cribs until 12 months of age. A lovey can be introduced for sleep time after your little one’s first birthday. Be sure to follow up on current infant sleep recommendations from a trusted source as they are subject to change over time.

  • 5. How should you introduce a lovey into your baby’s routine?

    Before offering the lovey at night, begin integrating your baby’s lovey during daytime play, such as playing hide and seek with the lovey, or having it along for car rides and stroller trips. Once the baby is familiar with the chosen lovey, begin incorporating the lovey into your bedtime routine, such as during teeth brushing and storytime. When your little one has established a relationship with the lovey, you can use it during sleeping periods when over one year of age. Since loveys tend to get a lot of use, make sure you have a backup or two for when one lovey is in the wash or mysteriously goes missing.


While parents are often the sole provider of comfort and assurance to a little one, a lovey is an excellent way to help ease an infant’s separation anxiety. A small stuffed object can help support your infant during times of transitions or new routines by offering constant, consistent support. With numerous lovey options to fit all budgets, you can try a few different styles and types to see which lovey your child bonds with most. From varying fabrics, sizes, and styles, there is sure to be a lovey that’s a perfect fit for your baby.