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7 Best Overnight Diapers for Toddlers (2022 Reviews)

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When you become a parent, you quickly realize so many things you never know before. For instance, who knew there were more diaper options than disposable or cloth? After a few leaky nights, parents are looking for solutions, and find….voila! Overnight diapers.

Not all brands are the same, however. Finding the perfect overnight diaper for your little guy is often a matter of trial and error. Each brand fits differently on each baby, and what uniquely works for one, may not work very well for another. So before you go whole hog and buy a bunch of one brand of overnight diapers, try a smaller package of a brand’s diapers first before committing. To make it easier, we’ve narrowed down some options below, so that you have the top 7 overnight diapers to consider.

Best Overnight Diapers for Toddlers

  • 1. Huggies Overnites

    (Best fit — $$$)

    Why it’s great: Huggies OverNites sure do hold a lot of liquid! Which means you can almost always have a leak-free evening. They boast a 12-hour time span of leak protection, which is helped by the SnugFit waistband for a secure fit, and double grip strips to keep that diaper on even the squirmiest baby. What I really like is the Dry-Touch liner, which keeps moisture away from the baby. Overall, that means fewer rashes and more comfort for your little one. And I can easily tell if my kiddo is wet because of the wetness indicator on the design. Huggies has already proven a good daytime brand, so it’s no surprise that they are rocking the nighttime, too! Say goodbye to midnight changes with Huggies OverNites.

    Keep in mind: The OverNite variety that Huggies sells only comes in sizes 3-6. Those will fit babies from 16-35 pounds. Other brands sometimes have a wider range.

    Good for: Families who have had success with Huggies already (great fit, few rashes) and want to now find something to last through the night.

  • 2. Seventh Generation Overnight Diapers

    (Most natural — $$)

    Why it’s great: The fun designs will reel you in, and the quality will make you stay! They are such cute diapers, and I’m so glad that Seventh Generation started making overnight diapers because I love how much they care about sustainability and natural ingredients. They are free of bleach, lotions, and fragrances. Only the best for your baby’s skin! Because of this, there are fewer reports of rashes than with the typical overnight diaper. These can be great for travel, too. I know that when we’re traveling, often we don’t have the luxury of changing our son’s diaper as often as we normally would. So having a great diaper that boasts up to 12 hours of protection, and includes a liner that keeps moisture away from the skin, is truly life-saving sometimes.

    Keep in mind: Because these diapers are so free of chemicals and bleaches, sometimes the odor is not as contained as other diapers.

    Good for: Children with sensitive skin.

  • 3. Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear

    (Best for older children — $$)

    Why it’s great: If your little one is at the stage of potty training, it’s likely that they are not able to get through the night dry yet. That can take a toll on their self-esteem, as well as the sheets! Try Goodnites, which are designed as pull up diapers that tout extra absorbent padding in all the right places. Since girls and boys urinate differently, there are two designs available. What I love about these are the Double Leg Barriers to help eliminate leaks and the odor absorption for a more pleasant morning experience. The stretchy waistband can accommodate all body types. Remember to know the weight of your child (they grow fast and change quickly) so that you can choose the correct size. Since these aren’t the typical diapers, kids are more likely to wear these without a fight as they grow into independent children.

    Keep in mind: They have boy and girl versions, based on padding meant for the different urination patterns.

    Good for: Children who are working on potty training.

  • 4. Pampers Swaddlers Overnights

    (Softest feel — $$ )

    Why it’s great: You’ve probably heard of Pampers Swaddlers, because they are a popular daytime diaper choice among new parents. It’s no surprise that their overnight diapers are also a top pick. They’re just as soft as regular Swaddlers on the outside (one of my favorite things about them!) but have an extra layer of absorbency on the inside for up to 12 hours of overnight protection. There’s a special liner that pulls away the wetness from the baby’s skin, keeping them comfy and dry throughout the night. The wetness indicator on the outside of the diaper lets me know if it’s time for a change, so I don’t have to check the ‘old-fashioned way’. Lastly, more for you than for them….there are 8 nighttime prints to choose from, and many of them are adorable!

    Keep in mind: Wearing the correct size cuts down on nighttime leaks. Make sure to use the proper size that fits your child’s weight.

    Good for: Little ones who move around a lot at night. The flex fit helps contour to the curves of movement.

  • 5. Honest Honest Overnight Baby Diapers

    (Cutest designs — $$)

    Why it’s great: These planet-friendly diapers are super-absorbent, and made of naturally derived, sustainable materials. That means they’re gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. They’ve changed the design for even more leak protection and improved fit. So, if you’ve tried them in the past without success, give them another try, because this time they are even better! Now featuring an improved fit and advanced leak protection like never before, this super-soft diaper is designed to perform. They advertise that their TrueAbsorb core holds 17 times its weight in liquid; quite impressive! They know we love our babies, and Honest decided to design a nighttime diaper that is durable, offers ultimate leak protection, and feels great to our little ones. They want only the best materials to be against our babies’ skin. Give them a try and you’ll honestly love them!

    Keep in mind: Rashes can occur when you change diaper brands. Luckily these are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic diapers. However, some children who have sensitive skin still do get rashes when wearing these.

    Good for: Families who want to buy plant-based products that are made of sustainable materials.

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  • 6. Luvs Pro Level

    (Most affordable — $)

    Why it’s great: Overnight diapers can be pricier than the average diaper, so if you’re looking to save some moolah, check out Luvs. Although they’re not marketed specifically as an overnight diaper, the Pro Level ones feature a special Nightlock Technology that offers up to 12 hours of protection. (They’re great for daytime, too. Consider for long car rides.) There’s also a wetness indicator which I am a fan of and larger tabs for securing a good fit. The tabs re-fasten really well, so fewer diapers are wasted if adjustments are needed. They do almost everything the typical overnight diaper does, all while costing much less than other comparable diapers on the market.

    Keep in mind: Many of the reviews say that the sizing runs a bit small.

    Good for: Families on a budget.

  • 7. Earth & Eden Baby Diapers

    (Most earth-friendly — $$)

    Why it’s great: We want the very best for our babies, so often we seek out the best, most natural ingredients. That’s what you’ll get with Earth & Eden diapers. Like most overnight diapers, they have up to 12 hours of leak protection and also include a breathable outer cover to keep baby’s skin as dry as possible. This company went above and beyond to make sure the materials are sustainably sourced and maintain manufacturing practices that help protect the planet. If your little guy suffers from rashes frequently, try Earth & Eden, because they’re free of harsh chemicals and are hypoallergenic. You can rest easy knowing your baby is sound asleep in the best materials available.

    Keep in mind: Not technically labeled overnights, but still claim overnight success.

    Good for: Families looking for super hypoallergenic, organic diapers that are cruelty free.

Best Overall

The Huggies Overnites is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Overnight Diapers

  • 1. Do you really need overnight diapers?

    Overnight diapers are made to withstand longer time between changings. Most overnight diapers advertise 12 hour leak protection. Regular diapers don’t usually hold up as long, making frustrating mornings for parents.

  • 2. When do you use overnight diapers?

    When your child starts sleeping through the night and you don’t want to interrupt the precious sleep to change him/or her, then it’s time to switch to an overnight diaper.

  • 3. Do all overnight diapers fit the same?

    Boys and girls urinate differently, so that means different wetness patterns on the diapers. If you find that some overnight diapers are not working for your little one, try a brand such as Goodnites, which has two varieties based on those wetness patterns.

  • 4. My baby seems to leak through all diapers, even overnights. Do I have any options?

    Don’t worry, there’s hope. Try adding a booster pad. Leaks happen, even with overnight diapers. Diaper booster pads slip right into your baby’s diaper when you’re changing him/her, and add an extra layer of protection for overnight. It’s great to try for a long car ride, too!

  • 5. How do I know which size of diaper to use?

    The size of the diaper will go by the baby’s weight. Most diapers follow the same sizing so that it’s not as confusing for parents. Sometimes diaper leaks are caused by not buying the correct size. Babies grow fast… make sure to weigh your child often to make sure you’re getting the right size.


Changing your little one’s diaper may not be your idea of fun, but it’s a parenting reality. Even more challenging can be changing not only your baby but the bedsheets in the middle of the night. Overnight diapers to the rescue! Most of the options we listed last for a full 12 hours of protection, giving you peace of mind as you rest after a long day. Whether you’re looking for more natural options, low-cost options, or adorable options, there’s an overnight diaper that will work for you and your little one. Let the overnight diaper keep the sheets safe and your baby dry so that you can rest and be ready for an active day.