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7 Best Pants for Toddler Boys & Girls (2022 Reviews)

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Finding durable clothes for toddlers that are still soft and comfortable can be quite the feat. It can be even more challenging to find pants that fit your child’s exact shape while still allowing room for him or her to grow. Luckily, this selection of pants for toddler boys and girls offers a variety of options that work for nearly all little ones.

Whether you’re on the hunt for reinforced knees that prevent rips and tears or adjustable waistbands to guarantee the perfect fit, these toddler pants options are sure to meet you and your little one’s needs.

Best Pants for Toddler Boys & Girls

  • 1. The Children’s Place Toddler Girls Basic Skinny Jeans

    (Best two-pack — $)

    Why it’s great: With the option to purchase one, two, or three pairs together, these durable skinny jeans are sure to be one of your little one’s go-to pairs of pants. The Children’s Place Toddler Girls Basic Skinny Jeans are machine washable and have a snap closure, providing a more structured fit. The adjustable tabs on the inside allow you to expand or take in the waist, while the tagless design makes sure there is nothing to irritate your tot. Able to be dressed up or down, these toddler skinny jeans are ideal from playdates to preschool and more.

    Keep in mind: The bottom of the jeans provides more of a bootleg cut at the ankles rather than the tight skinny jeans style.

    Good for: Parents who want the option to buy more than one pair of their toddlers’ pants at a time.

  • 2. Touched by Nature Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Pants

    (Best organic option — $)

    Why it’s great: Made from 100% organic cotton, the Touched by Nature Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Pants are a super soft and high-quality toddler pants option. The four-pack includes everyday basic colors as well as fun printed options to fit all of your child’s moods. This option is environmentally friendly, made without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. The elastic waistband makes it easy for your little one to take the pants on or off independently.

    Keep in mind: The 100% organic cotton material may shrink slightly in the wash. Allowing pants to air dry is preferred.

    Good for: Parents who prefer an organic option for their children.

  • 3. The Children’s Place Toddler Pull-On Straight Jeans

    (Best toddler denim — $)

    Why it’s great: Made from durable denim with a sweet drawstring waistband, The Children’s Place Toddler Pull-On Straight Jeans provide the best of both worlds. Parents don’t have to deal with a finicky zipper, but your little one still gets the look of jeans. Machine-washable and built to last, these toddler pants seamlessly match almost everything in your child’s closet while presenting a hassle-free look.

    Keep in mind: Due to the denim material, there is limited stretch in these pants.

    Good for: Parents who want a durable fabric that’s still comfortable for their toddlers.

  • 4. Hudson Baby Unisex Cotton Pants

    (Best designs — $)

    Why it’s great: With nearly an infinite number of patterns and colors to mix and match, your toddler will be ecstatic to pick out their Hudson Baby Unisex Cotton Pants every morning. Made from 100% cotton, these toddler pants are super soft and built for everyday wear. The cuffed bottom keeps the pants in place, and the elastic waistband makes it easy for little fingers to take them on and off, especially when potty training.

    Keep in mind: Some users noted the pants were on the shorter side. Opt to size up for length if in between sizes.

    Good for: Toddlers who love to wear colors and patterns.

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  • 5. Simple Joys by Carter’s Toddler Boys’ 2-Pack Pull-On Pants

    (Best adjustable fit — $$)

    Why it’s great: The easy tie string and ribbed waistband help the Simple Joys by Carter’s Toddler Boys’ 2-Pack Pull-On Pants provide the perfect fit. Your toddler will love the functional pockets to hold their treasures as well as the detailed stitching at the knee. Made from 100% cotton, this two-pack of pants is both durable and comfortable for all-day play.

    Keep in mind: The string at the waist is not a drawstring, but just a tie that can be knotted.

    Good for: Toddlers between sizes that benefit from pants with adjustable sizing.

  • 6. The Children’s Place Leggings

    (Best budget option — $)

    Why it’s great: Made from a blend of cotton and spandex, these soft and stretchy pants provide a comfortable and flexible look for your growing little one. The elastic waist offers a no-fuss style and the ankle-length pant leg won’t drag on the ground. The mixes of basics and bright colors work with nearly all of your child’s outfits.

    Keep in mind: The leggings are on the thinner side, though fully opaque.

    Good for: Parents looking for quality toddler pants on a budget.

  • 7. Mightly Girls’ Leggings with Reinforced Knees

    (Best-reinforced knees — $$)

    Why it’s great: With hidden knee reinforcements sewn into the fabric, you can rest easy knowing your toddler’s pants will hold up against rough play. Made from 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex, the Mightly Girls’ Leggings with Reinforced Knees offer a soft and gentle stretch. The tagless label and four-way stretch fabric means these are sure to be one of your tot’s favorite pair of bottoms.

    Keep in mind: The pants run on the smaller side. Consider ordering up a size if in between sizes.

    Good for: Toddlers who need pants that withstand active play.

Best Overall

The The Children’s Place Toddler Girls Basic Skinny Jeans is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about pants for toddlers

  • 1. What size pants should I get for my toddler?

    Follow the sizing guidelines for the particular brand of toddler pants you select. Keep in mind that stretchy materials have more flexibility in sizing than less-forgiving fabrics, such as most denim. If your child is long and lean, a slim style will most likely fit best. If your child carries more weight in his or her lower half or still wears a bulky diaper, a stretchy cotton option is a good choice.

  • 2. Which material is best for toddler pants?

    The materials that work best for toddler pants will vary with your child, the activity, and the time of year. Lightweight leggings are perfect for warm weather while still providing knee protection. Lined denim pants can offer an additional layer of warmth during cooler months.

  • 3. How do I care for my toddler’s pants?

    Follow the care instructions on the particular pair of toddler pants you choose. To help your toddler pants last longer, wash with similar colors and air dry when necessary. Most toddler pants are machine-washable and can be treated for stains.

  • 4. What style of pants is best for my toddler?

    For children with a slim waist, a drawstring can help their pants fit perfectly. If your little one enjoys rough and tumble play, additional fabric on the knees or a durable material is best in preventing rips and tears. You may also want to keep in mind that if you’re potty training your child, pants they can take on and off independently, such as an elastic waistband rather than a button and zipper, is the most conducive at this stage.

  • 5. How long do toddler pants last?

    Most toddler pants will last your child for at least six months to a year. Pants designed with an adjustable waist and stretchy fabric may fit your child longer, however, more durable fabrics will hold up better to active play.


It often feels like toddlers are growing overnight. Which, in most cases, they are! While we want our little humans to get bigger and stronger each day, it can make it notoriously difficult to find pants that fit their ever-changing bodies. Finding pants that can withstand the rough and tumble lifestyle of an active two, three, and four-year-old presents even more of a challenge. These clothing options provide the ideal solutions for toddler pants woes. The multi-packs allow you to always have a spare pair on hand, while the reinforced knees and durable denim selections ensure longevity. Plus, the drawstrings and stretchy fabric help your little ones get more wears out of their clothes by stretching to meet their shapes. In a rainbow of patterns and colors, your tot will love these pants as much as you do.