7 Best Party Speakers – Portable and Powerful (2021 Reviews)

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Updated on March 22, 2021 by Lyric Fergusson

There is absolutely no doubt that a great party deserve amazing music. You’ve spent a lot of time curating the perfect playlist and preparing for the evening, so ironing out all of the small details to make sure that your night goes off with a bang is important. Whether you want chilled music for an intimate dinner party or you want to dance the night away with friends and strangers alike, playing the right music can create an unforgettable experience. We considered what it would take to keep the atmosphere headed in the right direction, and having good speakers is an important part of playing any music that you desire.


Best Party Speakers for a Good Time!

1. Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

(Best value & waterproof — $)

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerWhy We Love It: While you’re busy hosting a party, you shouldn’t have to be worried about the music. This Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker will provide clear, rich sound for any indoor or outdoor gathering. Being fully waterproof, this speaker can be fully submerged up to 33ft underwater and still come out on top! It’s wireless and you can utilize the Bluetooth feature to play all your favorites hits and entertain the night away. It also has a really neat strobe light feature that gives it an enhanced look. Turn the volume up and enjoy all that this party speaker has to offer!

Keep in mind: The lights are a great feature on this party speaker, but it does utilize more of the battery while using it. Some reviewers have stated that they get a longer duration of the battery life before needing to charge it when they didn’t use the light feature. Our suggestion would be to utilize the light feature within the right timing for your party so you don’t lose out on battery life unnecessarily.

Good for: Individuals who are looking for a speaker to use around the pool, outdoors, or in the shower.

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2. JBL Party Box 300 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker

(Most powerful speaker — $$$)

JBL Party Box 300 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Party SpeakerWhy We Love It: Get your party started off with a bang! With quality sound and different visual lights to enhance the atmosphere, the JBL Party Box 300 has the power that will keep your party dancing! It’s portable and features a rechargeable battery which means you can take this speaker anywhere. It has mic and guitar inputs should the desire for a jam session arise. A really neat aspect of this party speaker is the Bluetooth feature and ability to pair up with a second JBL Party Box 300 speaker. Meaning, you can connect the two to create surround sound in your home, patio, or anywhere the party is happening!

Keep in mind: Although this party speaker is able to be moved around, it has been noted by a few reviewers that it is on the heavier side. It is a great portable option, meaning that it can be taken and placed anywhere you desire. Just make sure you are prepared for its weight when it comes time to move the speaker to a different location or party.

Good for: Customers who are having larger, outdoor parties who desire for the sound to be loud.

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3. Sony MHC-V21 High Power Audio System with Bluetooth

(Creates the most even sound — $$$)

Sony MHC-V21 High Power Audio System with BluetoothWhy We Love It: If you’re hosting a party in your home and you’re looking for a speaker that will deliver an even amount of sound, then this is it. The Sony MHC-V21 High Power Audio System features angled tweeter units that allow for the sound waves to be more evenly dispersed, creating an atmosphere at your party that everyone can enjoy from every corner. It has two microphone inputs that provide for karaoke options for your guests that will encourage you to turn up the fun! You can connect up to three smartphones which means you will be able to offer a great variety of music playlists to be enjoyed through the entire party.

Keep in mind: Set up for this speaker can be a little bit tricky. It comes with an app that you can connect it to that can allow for ease of use. This is a really great feature however, a few reviewers have mentioned that setting it up can become a little bit confusing at certain points. We recommend that you follow the instructions that it comes with closely and familiarize yourself with this speaker before the beginning of your party starting.

Good for: Customers who are hosting parties indoors, who desire evenly dispersed sound, and who love karaoke.

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4. QFX PBX Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker

(Easiest to transport — $$)

QFX PBX Portable Bluetooth Party SpeakerWhy We Love It: This speaker makes it easy to roll in and out of events. Similar to a suitcase in size and style, this transportable speaker is easy to maneuver with handles and wheels. When you use this speaker, there are several ways to stream music from it. You can play music wirelessly via Bluetooth-enabled devices, through USB and SD card slots, or connected with a cable through the aux-in port. Whether you’re using this speaker during events, on the patio for a small in-home gathering, in a dorm, or tailgating, it has everything you need to get the party started on demand.

Keep in mind: Many customers who have reviewed this product, have mentioned that they can consistently get 12+ hours of battery life from this speaker if it’s been fully charged before using it. Make sure after each use, that you charge the speaker entirely so that it will be ready in the greatest capacity for the next party.

Good for: Individuals who are looking for a speaker that can be transported to various locations, events and settings.

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5. Sony Wireless Portable Speaker

(Best for the office — $$)

Sony Wireless Portable SpeakerWhy We Love It: If you live a life on the go, this Sony Wireless Portable Speaker is a great way to punch up the music no matter where you are. This speaker is portable, very lightweight, water-resistant, and is easy to carry. Strap it on to your backpack while you hike, carry it while you’re working out, or bring it to the office for those busy workdays. It also features a built-in mic for hands-free phone or conference calls. This versatile speaker can help you accomplish your biggest goals by providing whatever ambiance you need at any given moment.

Keep in mind: This speaker gets great sound and turns up easily to fill the space. Some of the reviewers have mentioned that the bass disappears a little bit when it’s turned up almost to its max. It’s wonderful to have on your desk or to strap onto your backpack when you hike, but just keep in mind that it might clip the bass if you’re using it for larger parties or spaces.

Good for: Customers who are on the go and desire to have access to a speaker for work and recreational use.

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6. Portable PA Speaker System Combo Set with Bluetooth

(Best option for live musicians — $$$)

Portable PA Speaker System Combo Set with BluetoothWhy We Love It: If you’re hosting a party and featuring live music, this Portable PA Speaker System Combo Set has it all! It’s fully equipped and able to amplify all different kinds of audio, music, and vocals that will work well in a live setting. It comes with 9 different pieces including an active speaker, a passive speaker, a microphone, a wireless remote control, a 30ft length speak-on cable, a power cable, a microphone cable as well as 2 speaker stands. This entire set will work well for weddings, anniversaries, DJ events, home studios, and a vast variety of social events and will keep the party going!

Keep in mind: This PA system is portable and is easy to move around. However, it is important to mention that the speakers should be strategically placed in the room that you are going to use them in. Ensure that they are safely out of the way and not in an area where they could get knocked over. A few reviewers have mentioned that when the speakers are placed on their tripods, they are secure but can seem a little bit wobbly. Take notice of where you place them and make sure that they are secure to the tripod poles correctly.

Good for: DJ’s, musicians, and anyone who’s hosting a party and in need of live entertainment.

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7. Disco Jam Powered PA Speaker System With Flashing DJ Lights

(Best light show — $$$)

Disco Jam Powered PA Speaker System With Flashing DJ LightsWhy We Love It: You’ll be the life of the party with this light show in a box! This disco jam speaker is compatible with Bluetooth which is ideal for using it with your iPhone, Android, or any other audio streaming devices that you might need to use. With six different inputs, you can use this for karaoke nights or any spontaneous jam session. The portable speaker features multi-colored lights that can be turned off and on depending on the mood of the party. Whatever ambiance you’re looking to add, this powerful disco jam speaker will liven up any crowd.

Keep in mind: This speaker is portable and easy to move around if needed. It’s important to keep in mind that it doesn’t have wheels along the bottom or a handle to travel with it from room to room. It’s not very heavy, but it does need to be picked up entirely to be repositioned or transitioned to a new location.

Good for: Casual parties indoors or in the backyard, jam sessions, or freestyle dance parties where a light show would add to the ambiance.

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FAQs about party speakers

1. How can I test if my speakers are good?

One great way to test the quality of your speakers is to begin by playing a sound or music through them quietly. Listen intently to the sound quality at a lower level before turning it up. If the quality and tone don’t sound great at a low and quiet level, then it’s likely that the speaker needs replacing. Also, make sure that your speakers are connected correctly, as your music is only as strong as the cables and signals that it flows through.

2. Can certain sounds damage speakers?

Yes, absolutely. Playing music through the speakers that are turned up too loud can damage the speakers quite quickly. When you over-power low-frequency speakers, it’s the fastest way to lead to permanently damaging them. Very often damage happens over time and it can be hard to tell that your speakers are permanently altered until it’s too late. To care for your speakers, ensure that the volume is at the right levels and that the frequencies aren’t too overpowering to ultimately ruin the speaker.

3. What happens if speaker impedance is too low?

All speakers have an impedance rating which showcases how difficult it is to power the speaker. The lower the impedance is on the speaker, the the music will be able to pass through the speaker much more efficiently. This is due to how easily the electrical signal can flow through it. However, if the impedance is too low on your speakers, it can result in a weak output and a low tone. Making sure you get appropriate resistors can help provide a solution for this problem, as they will dissipate one-fourth of the maximum power your amplifier can output.

4. How many watts do I need for my speakers?

It can be true that the higher the watts are for your speakers the better. Watts help provide cleaner and better sound, no matter which speaker you choose. However, 50 watts should be more than enough to enjoy listening to your speakers recreationally and professionally in some cases. From there, small differences in power don’t make a big noticeable change in the quality of the sound. You would have to go up 100 watts per channel before being able to really tell a noticeable difference.

5. How can you tell how powerful a speaker is?

The quickest way to tell how powerful a speaker is is to consider how many watts it has. If you are only listening recreationally and need something to fill the space, 50 watts will be adequate. If you are playing music professionally or want something with more power, 200 watts is said to be plenty of power coming out of that speaker. To determine how many watts your speaker has, you should be able to look on the back of the speaker box if you don’t have a manual. Once turned around, there should be a plate or sticker on your speaker listing the wattage, voltage, and amperage.


Don’t overthink your desire to play great music at your next party or gathering. We’ve rounded up some great options here in this list to help point you in the best direction possible depending on your needs. Consider the size of the party, the location, and what you are trying to accomplish overall with the music as your friends and family arrive. And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with your guests. Choose the best speaker that will help you to enjoy the night the most!

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