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5 Best Pet Insurance for Belgian Malinois Dogs (2022 Reviews)

Belgian Malinois dog insurance
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Belgian Malinois owners from New York to Washington to Arizona and points in between know that their dogs will likely experience a medical emergency throughout the course of their lives. Urgent veterinary care fees can be quite costly, so many dog parents prefer the financial buffer pet insurance provides. Through our in-depth research, we have found the top pet insurance companies for Belgian Malinois and have detailed their specific offerings below.

Belgian Malinois dog insurance
Belgian Malinois on duty!

5 Top Pet Insurance Companies Compared for Belgian Malinois Dogs

  • 1

    Best overall

    Our score
    Average price for
    Belgian Malinois Dogs
    Reimbursement amount 90%
    Annual benefit $20,000
    • Lemonade features the overall best Belgian Malinois pet insurance plan at the most competitive rates

    • Claims can be paid in under 60 seconds via their world-class app. I was blown away by how quickly they approved my claim and how much they paid

    • Lemonade is a certified B-corp that donates a significant portion of their unclaimed premiums to pet parents’ preferred non-profit organizations

  • 2

    Best for wellness

    Our score
    Average price for
    Belgian Malinois Dogs
    Reimbursement amount 90%
    Annual benefit $20,000
    • They are one of the few companies that reimburse up to 100% of veterinary costs and provide quick reimbursements

    • Wagmo’s top-notch wellness plans extend coverage to include your pet’s routine and preventative care

    • Wagmo offers instant coverage for cats and dogs in all 50 states, regardless of their age, breed, or any health conditions (with some limitations)

  • 3

    Best live vet support

    Our score
    Average price for
    Belgian Malinois Dogs
    Reimbursement amount 90%
    Annual benefit $5,000
    • Figo provides free 24/7 telehealth services to Belgian Malinois owners with licensed veterinarians and other essential professionals on call

    • Their pet records app and real-time claims tracker are easy and intuitive to use

    • Figo covers most ‘curable’ pre-existing conditions as long as the pet has been symptom-free for 12 months since their last treatment

  • 4

    Best for pre-existing conditions

    Our score
    Average price for
    Belgian Malinois Dogs
    Reimbursement amount 100%
    Annual benefit $3,000
    • Pawp allows you to protect up to 6 pets under one membership regardless of age or pre-existing conditions

    • Pawp membership gives Belgian Malinois pet parents access to an annual one-time use $3,000 Emergency Fund to cover unexpected accidents or illnesses

    • Pawp does not require copays, credit checks or deductibles

  • 5

    Best established brand

    Our score
    Average price for
    Belgian Malinois Dogs
    Reimbursement amount 90%
    Annual benefit $5,000
    • With Embrace’s “Healthy Pet Deductible,” your annual deductible drops by $50 every year you do not get reimbursed for a claim

    • Embrace has an easy-to-use claims portal and paid 92% of claims in 2021

    • Their Wellness Rewards is one of the most flexible preventative care plans available, offering a whole host of benefits, including training and grooming

Based on our personal experience and countless hours of research, we’ve found Lemonade Pet Insurance offers the ideal balance between coverage and unbeatable prices.

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FAQs about Belgian Malinois Pet Insurance

  • 1. How much does pet insurance cost for a Belgian Malinois?

    Belgian Malinois insurance costs anywhere from $27.50 to $62.58 per month. Insurance companies calculate premiums using your dog’s age, breed, medical history and veterinary costs within your state.

  • 2. What does pet insurance typically cover for a Belgian Malinois?

    Pet insurance coverage differs from one company to the next. However, as a general rule, any accidents or illnesses your Mal may have that are sudden and catastrophic or life-threatening will fall under coverage. Under such circumstances, covered care would include physical exams, tests, diagnostic procedures, surgery and medication.

  • 3. Can I cancel my Mal’s insurance plan after I make a claim?

    Most pet insurance providers will let you cancel your Mal’s policy whenever you need. Be sure to ask your provider how to best go about doing so.

  • 4. Do pet insurance companies cover spaying and neutering?

    Pet insurance companies do not cover spaying and neutering. If your Mal needs one of these operations, Embrace has a wellness add-on package that will cover it.

  • 5. Does the cost of insurance increase as my Mal ages?

    It is standard for insurance rates to go up as your Mal gets older. Raising premiums helps providers mitigate the heightened risk that your dog will become ill as they age.

  • 6. Which companies cover pre-existing conditions?

    Pawp is the best for pre-existing conditions, especially for emergencies, and Embrace covers a limited number of those they consider curable. Check with your pet insurance company to get further information about their terms. With that in mind, it is essential to note that most providers do not cover pre-existing conditions.

  • 7. Is pet insurance worth it for a Belgian Malinois?

    Your Belgian Malinois could benefit from pet insurance because, like most dogs, they too are at risk of having accidents or falling ill. And since urgent veterinary care costs tend to be sky-high, a dog insurance plan could provide important financial support. While Mals are one of the sturdiest breeds out there, they are prone to hip dysplasia, limiting their ability to walk and move freely due to resulting osteoarthritis and loose ligaments in the hip joint and femur bone in relation to the hip socket. Ultimately, the most effective remedy is hip replacement surgery, which runs as high as $7,000. When it comes to degenerative conditions like hip dysplasia and sudden illnesses or accidents, a dog insurance plan will provide you with a financial buffer to afford the best care and treatments for your Mal.

More Details About Pet Insurance for Belgian Malinois

  • 1. Lemonade

    (Best overall)

    Why it’s great: Lemonade ranks best overall because they give pet parents as many perks as possible. For starters, their rates are very affordable, and they have some of the most comprehensive accident and illness coverage. Furthermore, their selection of wellness plans is great for extending coverage to routine and preventative care. Mal parents will appreciate Lemonade’s easy-to-use claim-filing system, available on their first-class mobile app. If that weren’t enough, they have one of the shortest accident waiting periods around, set at only 2 days. Discounts are given to those who purchase renters’ or homeowners’ insurance along with their dog’s health plan.

    Keep in mind: If your Mal has pre-existing conditions, Lemonade may request veterinary documentation attesting to your dog’s medical history.

    Good for: Most Mals, particularly the young and healthy.  

    Average price for Belgian Malinois: $27.5/month 

  • 2. Wagmo

    (Best for wellness)

    Why it’s great: Wagmo has one of the fastest reimbursement processes out there, and they issue payments via each dog parent’s preferred method, such as direct deposit, PayPal or Venmo. Another bonus of their coverage is that they will reimburse up to 100% of vet fees for the rest of the policy year once you meet your annual deductible. Moreover, Mal owners will like having the freedom to take their dog to any licensed veterinarian. And those who insure multiple pets or renew their policies without any claims the year before are eligible for discounts.

    Keep in mind: The maximum lifetime benefit total is $100,000. Should your Belgian Malinois’ care exceed this amount, they will no longer be eligible for coverage.

    Good for: Mal owners who prefer a blend of emergency and wellness insurance.  

    Average price for Belgian Malinois: $58.52/month 

  • 3. Figo

    (Best live vet support)

    Why it’s great: Figo’s free 24/7 televet services are easily accessible on the mobile app, giving Mal parents an added sense of security, knowing they can seek professional guidance at any time. What’s more, all policies come with unlimited lifetime benefits and have no price caps on certain types of care. Figo’s wellness packages also have unique advantages, such as covering up to $250 in prescription food. And with their average claim-review process taking less than 3 days, dog owners can expect speedy reimbursements.

    Keep in mind: Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

    Good for: Mal parents who would like 24/7 remote veterinary support as part of their dog insurance plan. 

    Average price for Belgian Malinois: $51.82/month 

  • 4. Pawp

    (Best for pre-existing conditions)

    Why it’s great: Pawp’s emergency fund shields up to 6 of your pets for a small fee of $24/month, regardless of their age, breed or medical history. In addition, the fund comes with complimentary pet expert consultations and 24/7 telehealth support. Pawp stands out amongst other companies because they have no credit checks, copays, or deductibles, and everyone has freedom of choice when selecting their pets’ veterinarians.

    Keep in mind: The emergency fund will only pay for qualified emergencies as determined by Pawp’s virtual team of vets. Also, it will only cover one vet bill under $3,000 for a single pet in your household within a given year.

    Good for: Mals who are older or have pre-existing conditions. A good supplement for traditional dog insurance policies.  

    Price: $24/month 

  • 5. Embrace

    (Best established brand)

    Why it’s great: Embrace has an established reputation amongst Mal owners because their coverage features unlimited lifetime benefits, discounts for multiple pets and diminishing deductibles. With diminishing deductibles, you can expect your deductible to drop $50 each time you renew your policy without any claim reimbursements the year prior. Another bonus is their unique optional wellness plan covering alternative veterinary treatments, including reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy.

    Keep in mind: The total combined claims for Embrace’s wellness package is $650. All funds are allotted for a single policy year, after which any that go unused will not be reimbursed.

    Good for: Mal owners who would like their insurance to cover alternative veterinary care.  

    Average price for Belgian Malinois: $54.65/month 

Best Overall

Lemonade is our overall top recommendation. It’s the most comprehensive pet insurance provider for Belgian Malinois and they also offer the best value.


We hope this article lends some clarity as to the best pet insurance companies across the country for your Belgian Malinois. We encourage all dog parents to reach out to their preferred providers to request further information, making sure to understand what each of their plans includes and excludes. Buying the right pet insurance policy will give you peace of mind knowing that your Mal will have access to excellent preventative care and receive the finest veterinary care in emergencies without a tremendous financial burden. All of which can help them enjoy a long, healthy and active life with you.