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5 Best Pet Insurance for Bernese Mountain Dogs (2022 Reviews)

Bernese Mountain Dog Insurance
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Bernese Mountain Dog parents from Delaware to South Carolina to California and points in between are aware that their four-legged friends will probably experience a medical emergency sooner or later. And with urgent veterinary care fees being as high as they are, many people opt for the protection of pet insurance. With the extra buffer it provides, you will be able to get your Berner the best care possible whenever and wherever they need it. Since we know how much your best buddy means to you, we researched the top pet insurance options for Bernese Mountain Dogs. We hope this article saves you time and energy and gets you the answers you need.

Bernese Mountain Dog Insurance
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5 Top Pet Insurance Companies Compared for Bernese Mountain Dogs

  • 1

    Best overall

    Our score
    Average price for
    Bernese Mountain Dogs
    Reimbursement amount 90%
    Annual benefit $20,000
    • Lemonade features the overall best Bernese Mountain Dogs pet insurance plan at the most competitive rates

    • Claims can be paid in under 60 seconds via their world-class app. I was blown away by how quickly they approved my claim and how much they paid

    • Lemonade is a certified B-corp that donates a significant portion of their unclaimed premiums to pet parents’ preferred non-profit organizations

  • 2

    Best for wellness

    Our score
    Average price for
    Bernese Mountain Dogs
    Reimbursement amount 90%
    Annual benefit $20,000
    • They are one of the few companies that reimburse up to 100% of veterinary costs and provide quick reimbursements

    • Wagmo’s top-notch wellness plans extend coverage to include your pet’s routine and preventative care

    • Wagmo offers instant coverage for cats and dogs in all 50 states, regardless of their age, breed, or any health conditions (with some limitations)

  • 3

    Best live vet support

    Our score
    Average price for
    Bernese Mountain Dogs
    Reimbursement amount 90%
    Annual benefit $5,000
    • Figo provides free 24/7 telehealth services to Bernese Mountain Dogs owners with licensed veterinarians and other essential professionals on call

    • Their pet records app and real-time claims tracker are easy and intuitive to use

    • Figo covers most ‘curable’ pre-existing conditions as long as the pet has been symptom-free for 12 months since their last treatment

  • 4

    Best for pre-existing conditions

    Our score
    Average price for
    Bernese Mountain Dogs
    Reimbursement amount 100%
    Annual benefit $3,000
    • Pawp allows you to protect up to 6 pets under one membership regardless of age or pre-existing conditions

    • Pawp membership gives Bernese Mountain Dogs pet parents access to an annual one-time use $3,000 Emergency Fund to cover unexpected accidents or illnesses

    • Pawp does not require copays, credit checks or deductibles

  • 5

    Best established brand

    Our score
    Average price for
    Bernese Mountain Dogs
    Reimbursement amount 90%
    Annual benefit $5,000
    • With Embrace’s “Healthy Pet Deductible,” your annual deductible drops by $50 every year you do not get reimbursed for a claim

    • Embrace has an easy-to-use claims portal and paid 92% of claims in 2021

    • Their Wellness Rewards is one of the most flexible preventative care plans available, offering a whole host of benefits, including training and grooming

Based on our personal experience and countless hours of research, we’ve found Lemonade Pet Insurance offers the ideal balance between coverage and unbeatable prices.

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FAQs about Bernese Mountain Dog Pet Insurance

  • 1. How much does pet insurance cost for Bernese Mountain Dogs?

    Monthly premiums for Bernese Mountain Dogs run from $24 to $115.54. To determine these rates, pet insurance providers consider your dog’s age, breed, overall health condition, and the cost of veterinary services in your state.

  • 2. What does pet insurance typically cover for Berners?

    While no two providers offer identical coverage, you can generally expect that all accidents or illnesses that are sudden and catastrophic will qualify for reimbursement. Eligible care in these instances includes physical exams, tests, further diagnostic procedures, surgery and medication.

  • 3. Can I cancel my Berner’s insurance plan after I make a claim?

    You can cancel your Berner’s insurance plan at any time. Be sure to ask your provider about the necessary steps.

  • 4. Do pet insurance companies cover spaying and neutering?

    For the most part, pet insurance companies do not cover these operations. However, should your Bernese Mountain Dog need spaying or neutering, Embrace has a wellness package add-on that will extend coverage to either of these procedures.

  • 5. Does the cost of insurance increase as my Bernese Mountain Dog ages?

    Your Berner’s insurance rates will go up as they age. Pet insurance providers raise rates to help mitigate the increased potential that your dog will get sick or develop a degenerative condition over time.

  • 6. Which companies cover pre-existing conditions?

    As a general rule, pet insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions. However, Pawp is an exception and has the best coverage for pre-existing conditions, particularly in Embrace . Embrace also covers some, but only those they deem curable. We suggest checking with each of these providers to get further clarification as to what their coverage includes and excludes so that you can make the best choice for your Berner.

  • 7. Is pet insurance worth it for Berners?

    Bernese Mountain Dogs can benefit from having pet insurance because, like all dogs, they are just as prone to having accidents or getting sick. And since urgent veterinary care fees tend to be exorbitant, pet insurance can be a vital financial shield. One of the most common afflictions in Berners is meningitis, which can cause significant pain and disruption to their lives. Expect to spend up to $3,000 to have this diagnosed and treated correctly. While many dogs recover after taking corticosteroids and tapering off over six months, others may need to remain on low doses for the rest of their lives. Another condition that Berners struggle with is hip dysplasia. This can cause severe osteoarthritic pain in the hips and inhibit your dog’s walking ability. The most successful remedy for this is hip replacement surgery, and this could easily run as high as $7,000.

More Details About Pet Insurance for Bernese Mountain Dogs

  • 1. Lemonade

    (Best overall)

    Why it’s great: Lemonade provides dog parents with a number of perks, making them the best all-around pet insurance provider. Some of those advantages include affordable premiums, wide-reaching accident and illness coverage, and a selection of wellness packages. Additionally, their accident waiting period is only 2 days, whereas most other providers require 14 days. They have even simplified the claims process so that you can file yours via their world-class mobile app. It is also worth noting that Bernese Mountain Dog parents who also purchase homeowners’ or renters’ insurance will receive a discount.

    Keep in mind: Should your Berner have a pre-existing condition, you may need to submit veterinary documentation before you are issued an active policy.

    Good for: Almost all Bernese Mountain Dogs, especially the young and healthy. 

    Average price for Bernese Mountain Dogs: $50.75/month 

  • 2. Wagmo

    (Best for wellness)

    Why it’s great: Wagmo tops our rankings for wellness because once you meet your annual deductible, they will reimburse as much as 100% of vet fees for the rest of your policy year. They also make speedy reimbursements using whichever method works best for you, whether that be direct deposit, Venmo or PayPal. Moreover, they allow Berner parents to take their dogs to any veterinarian of their choosing. As a bonus, those who renew their policies without claim reimbursements in the previous years will receive a discount.

    Keep in mind: They cap lifetime benefits at $100,000. As a result, your Berner will no longer be eligible for coverage should their care reach this threshold.

    Good for: Bernese Mountain Dog owners who prefer their insurance to provide a balanced mix of wellness and emergency care.  

    Average price for Bernese Mountain Dogs: $81.61/month 

  • 3. Figo

    (Best live vet support)

    Why it’s great: Figo is known for their telehealth support available day and night via the mobile app at no extra charge. Furthermore, with unlimited lifetime benefits, you can rest easy knowing that your Bernese Mountain Dog will be able to retain their coverage, regardless of how expensive their care may become over the years. Figo also has various wellness packages to choose from. One even provides up to $250 of prescription food should the vet decide it is essential to your dog’s recovery and wellbeing. Figo also has a quick claim-review process that averages less than 3 days.

    Keep in mind: Figo does not cover pre-existing conditions.

    Good for: Berner parents who prioritize having free 24/7 televet services with their dog insurance. 

    Average price for Bernese Mountain Dogs: $115.54/month 

  • 4. Pawp

    (Best for pre-existing conditions)

    Why it’s great: Pawp’s emergency fund protects as many as 6 of your pets of any age, breed or medical history for a small monthly fee of $24. Pet consultations and 24/7 telehealth services are also included at no extra charge. Another advantage of Pawp’s coverage is that they have no credit checks, copays or deductibles. And if that isn’t enough, they will pay your bills for approved emergencies before you and your Berner even leave the vet clinic.

    Keep in mind: Coverage is restricted to medical events that Pawp’s team of virtual vets deems qualified emergencies. Also, it’s essential to know that the fund only covers a single vet bill under $3,000 for one of your pets in any given year.

    Good for: Berners that are older or have pre-existing conditions. Also serves as a good supplement to traditional pet insurance.  

    Price: $24/month 

  • 5. Embrace

    (Best established brand)

    Why it’s great: Embrace has become the best-established brand because of all the perks they offer pet parents, including uncapped lifetime benefits, multiple pet discounts, and diminishing deductibles. With a diminishing deductible, you can expect yours to drop by $50 whenever you renew your policy and did not have any reimbursements the year prior. However, the most unique aspect of Embrace’s offerings is their optional wellness plan that covers alternative veterinary treatments such as reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy.

    Keep in mind: The wellness plan has a combined claims total of $650. No reimbursements will be given if any funds remain unused at the end of the year.

    Good for: Bernese Mountain Dog owners who wish to avail their dogs of alternative veterinary care and have it covered by insurance. 

    Average price for Bernese Mountain Dogs: $100.64/month 

Best Overall

Lemonade is our overall top recommendation. It’s the most comprehensive pet insurance provider for Bernese Mountain Dogs and they also offer the best value.


We hope this article has given you a solid foundation of knowledge about the best pet insurance companies so that you can choose the health plan that most suits your Bernese Mountain Dog’s needs. We recommend that dog parents reach out to their preferred providers and gather further information before applying for a policy. Buying the right pet insurance will give you a financial cushion and the peace of mind knowing that you can afford your Berner’s best care whenever they need it, irrespective of cost. And with the added support of a wellness package, you’ll be able to keep your best buddy healthy and robust for many years to come.