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6 Best Pet Insurance for Dogs & Cats (2022 Reviews)

dog and cat pet insurance
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From Maine to Texas to Washington and everywhere between, cat and dog owners know that accidental injuries and illnesses can crop at any time. In such instances, they seek out professional veterinary treatments, which, for emergency visits, can be costly. Whether it’s bladder crystals, diarrhea, a broken bone or skin issues, pet parents can save money by having a pet insurance policy in place. We have done extensive research and are pleased to share the 6 best pet insurance companies for 2022.

dog and cat pet insurance
Who said dogs and cats can't get along? ;)

6 Top Dog & Cat Insurance Companies

  • 1. Lemonade

    (Best overall)

    Why it’s great: With comprehensive accident and illness coverage, affordable monthly premiums and wellness package add-ons, pet parents will appreciate all that Lemonade offers. Another significant benefit of their coverage is their 2-day accident waiting periods, beating out most companies that require a 14-day waiting period. Lemonade also has a user-friendly claims filing system via their first-class mobile app, making an otherwise time-consuming process simpler and faster. Bundle your pet insurance policy with a homeowners’ or renters’ policy to receive a discount.

    Keep in mind: Veterinary documentation detailing their medical history may be required for older pets or have pre-existing conditions to get a policy put in place.

    Good for: Almost all dogs and cats, especially the young and healthy. 

    Average price for DOGS: $26.39/month 

    Average price CATS: $11.86/month

  • 2. Wagmo

    (Best for wellness)

    Why it’s great: Wagmo’s most impressive perk is that they reimburse as much as 100% of veterinary fees for the rest of the year once you meet your annual deductible. In addition, they have a selection of wellness plans to choose from, and they issue super-fast reimbursements via PayPal, Venmo and direct deposit. They also give discounts to those with multiple pets or renewals without claims in the year prior. What’s more, Wagmo gives dog and cat owners the freedom to choose their pets’ veterinarians.

    Keep in mind: The maximum lifetime benefits are capped at $100,000. Coverage will end should your pet’s care reach that threshold.

    Good for: Pet parents who prefer a mix of wellness and emergency care coverage. 

    Average price for DOGS: $43.86/month 

    Average price CATS: $27.36/month

  • 3. Figo

    (Best for cats)

    Why it’s great: While Figo also insures dogs, their rates for cats are some of the best out there. That said, they have great perks for both, including 24/7 veterinary support that is accessible via their mobile app. Figo also has a variety of wellness packages that you can tack on to your basic policy, one of which includes up to $250 of prescription food should your vet deem it necessary to your pet’s recovery and health. Better yet, Figo provides unlimited lifetime benefits with all of their plans.

    Keep in mind: Figo’s plans do not cover pre-existing conditions.

    Good for: Pet owners who want the peace of mind of having 24/7 veterinary support included in their coverage. 

    Average price for DOGS: $36.24/month 

    Average price CATS: $18.98/month

  • 4. Pawp

    (Best for pre-existing conditions)

    Why it’s great: Pawp’s emergency fund protects as many as 6 pets with your household, regardless of their age, breed or health conditions, for only $24/month. Other offerings that pet parents will appreciate are free consultations with pet experts and unlimited 24/7 telehealth services with veterinarians that come with this package. And with Pawp, there are no copays, credit checks and deductibles, and they will even pay your bill, for qualified emergencies, in full before you leave the veterinary clinic. You will also be free to take your cat or dog to any vet of your choice.

    Keep in mind: The emergency fund covers medical events deemed emergencies by Pawp’s virtual team of veterinarians. Furthermore, they only cover a single vet bill of less than $3,000 for one pet each year.

    Good for: Good for senior pets or those with previous health conditions. Also a solid supplement for traditional pet insurance policies.  

    Average price for DOGS & CATS: $24/month 

  • 5. Embrace

    (Best established brand)

    Why it’s great: Embrace ranks as the most established brand for several reasons. First and foremost, they have no maximum lifetime benefit thresholds, meaning pets insured by Embrace can remain covered for many years to come. They also offer “diminishing deductibles,” which means that your deductible will drop $50 upon renewal if you did not have any claim reimbursements in the previous year. Moreover, their optional wellness plan covers spaying and neutering. However, the most unique aspect of their wellness plan is that it extends coverage to alternative veterinary care, such as reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic and massage therapy.

    Keep in mind: The wellness plan has a maximum combined claim total of $650. Also, unused wellness plan funds will not be refunded at the year’s end.

    Good for: Pet parents who want their pet to receive alternative veterinary care. 

    Average price for DOGS: $47.71/month 

    Average price CATS: $28.51/month

  • 6. Eusoh

    (Best pet health sharing community)

    Why it’s great: Eusoh is not a pet insurance company. Instead, they are an expense-sharing community. Members get to choose from pet health plans that can save them up to 50% compared with insurance policies. With Eusoh, members are reimbursed for illnesses, accidents, and routine care expenses. Additionally, pet parents are free to choose their cats’ and dogs’ veterinarians and can take advantage of free telehealth support from Eusoh’s partner, FirstVet.

    Keep in mind: Eusoh provides their members with health-sharing plans to ease the financial burden of veterinary care, but they are not a pet insurance company. They have a maximum annual payout of $8,500 and a reimbursement rate of 80%.

    Good for: Peer-to-peer expense sharing. 

    Average price for DOGS: $62.58/month 

    Average price CATS: $40.94/month

Best Overall

Lemonade is our overall top recommendation. It’s the most comprehensive pet & cat insurance provider and they also offer the best value.

FAQs About Pet Insurance

  • 1. How much does pet insurance cost?

    The average cost of pet insurance for dogs in the US is between $24 and $62.58 and $11.86 and $40.96 for cats each month. Keep in mind that a pet’s age and medical history will be factors used to calculate premiums. As with human health insurance, pet insurance rates typically rise year on year.

  • 2. What does pet insurance typically cover for dogs and cats?

    Coverage will differ from one company to the next, but typically it extends to accidents and illnesses considered sudden and catastrophic. Be sure to check your policy for specifics, but such covered care includes tests, exams, medications, emergency care, surgery and other diagnostic procedures.

  • 3. Can I cancel my dog or cat insurance plan after I make a claim?

    Regardless of who your provider is, they will most likely allow you to cancel your policy whenever you see fit. It is always a good idea to review each company’s policy details for the required steps for cancellation. Remember that any conditions your pet is diagnosed with prior to canceling may be listed as a pre-existing condition and excluded from coverage should you wish to reinstate your policy in the future.

  • 4. Do pet insurance companies cover spaying and neutering?

    Pet insurance companies do not cover spaying and neutering with their standard policies. That said, some companies, such as Embrace , have wellness package add-ons that cover these operations.

  • 5. Does the cost of insurance increase as my pet ages?

    Pet insurance premiums tend to increase as pets grow older, especially once they reach 4 to 5 years old. Pet insurance providers raise rates to offset your dog or cat’s elevated risk of getting ill or developing chronic conditions with age.

  • 6. Which companies cover pre-existing conditions?

    Pawp is the best company for covering pre-existing conditions, particularly emergencies, but Embrace also covers some pre-existing conditions that they consider “curable.” We suggest reaching out to these companies for clarification before applying for insurance. Keep in mind that most pet insurance companies never cover pre-existing conditions. However, such health issues will not render your dog or cat ineligible for pet insurance.

  • 7. Is pet insurance worth it?

    Most pets will experience the sudden onset of an illness or have an accident at some point in their lives. Urgent veterinary care fees tend to be expensive. For example, hip replacement surgery may run as high as $7,000, and cancer therapies can cost as much as $10,000. Pet insurance can help ease the financial burden, so you can get your dog or cat the care they need and deserve.


We hope this article has helped simplify your search for the right pet insurance company. We recommend that you take some extra time to dive deeper into each company’s offerings before applying for coverage. Buying the best pet insurance policy will protect your best pal during veterinary emergencies and provide added support for preventative care. Ultimately, the goal is to keep your beloved cat or dog happy and healthy for long into the future.