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6 Best Pet Insurance for West Highland Terriers (2022 Reviews)

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West Highland Terrier owners all across the United States know that their beloved friends are just as susceptible to developing chronic conditions, having accidents or falling ill as dogs of other breeds. For this reason, they seek the financial protection pet insurance provides so that they can afford life-saving procedures and care whenever their Westie may need them. And since we understand how much your dog means to you, we have researched the best pet insurance companies for West Highland Terriers. We hope this article saves you valuable time, energy and money and gives you all the information you need.

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6 Top Pet Insurance Companies Compared for West Highland Terriers

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    (Best overall)

    Why it’s great: Lemonade ranks best overall amongst pet insurance providers because of the various perks they give dog parents. Some of These perks include comprehensive accident and illness coverage, reasonable rates and several wellness packages from which to choose. They also take pride in keeping the claim-filing process by making the system available on their world-class mobile app. Moreover, they have an incredibly short 2-day accident waiting period, especially compared with the standard 14 days. Those who buy homeowners’ or renters’ insurance with their Westie’s policy will get a discount.

    Keep in mind: If your Westie has a pre-existing condition, you may need to submit veterinary documentation in order to get a policy.

    Good for: Most Westies, particularly the young and healthy. 

    Average price for West Highland Terriers: $26.92/month 

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    (Best for wellness)

    Why it’s great: Wagmo will reimburse you as much as 100% of vet fees in a given year once you meet your annual deductible. Another advantage that Westie parents will appreciate is that Wagmo issues super-fast reimbursements via direct deposit, PayPal or Venmo. Furthermore, all dog owners can choose their buddies’ veterinarians, and if they renew their policies without any reimbursements in the year before, they will get a discount.

    Keep in mind: Lifetimes benefits are limited to $100,000. Should the cost of your Westie’s care exceed this threshold, they will no longer be eligible for insurance with Wagmo.

    Good for: Westie parents who want their insurance to provide a balanced mix of emergency and wellness care coverage.  

    Average price for West Highland Terriers: $56.43/month 

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    (Best 24/7 vet support)

    Why it’s great: Figo gives Westie parents free around-the-clock televet services via the mobile app and unlimited lifetime benefits. With the latter, you can rest easy knowing that your dog will retain their insurance coverage over the years, regardless of how much their care costs. Figo also has several wellness plans that cover various needs, including up to $250 of prescription food. Furthermore, their quick claim-review process of 3 days or less means that pet owners get reimbursed sooner rather than later.

    Keep in mind: Pre-existing conditions do not fall under coverage.

    Good for: Westie owners who want free 24/7 telehealth support included with their pet insurance policy. 

    Average price for West Highland Terriers: $41.33/month 

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    (Best for pre-existing conditions)

    Why it’s great: Pawp’s emergency fund protects as many as 6 pets within your household of any age, breed or medical history for a flat fee of $24/month. Along with the fund’s coverage, Westie owners will enjoy having access to consultations with pet experts and free 24/7 telehealth services. What’s more, there are no credit checks, copays or deductibles. Pawp also guarantees they will pay any bills for qualified emergencies before you and your Westie leave the veterinary clinic.

    Keep in mind: The fund only covers true emergencies that Pawp’s virtual team of vets approves. Coverage is also limited to a single vet bill of less than $3,000 for one of your pets each year.

    Good for: Older Westies or those with pre-existing conditions. Also, a good plan with which to supplement a traditional pet insurance policy. 

    Price: $24/month 

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    (Best established brand)

    Why it’s great: Embrace gives a number of advantages, including multiple pet discounts, unlimited lifetime benefits and diminishing deductibles. Dog parents will be thrilled to know that with the latter, their deductible will decrease by $50 each time they renew their policy and had no reimbursements the previous year. Embrace is also best known for their unique wellness package add-on that covers alternative veterinary care such as reiki, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy.

    Keep in mind: The wellness plan spend limit is $650 per year. Be aware that any unused funds will be forfeited at the end of your policy year.

    Good for: Westie owners who want their insurance provider to cover alternative veterinary treatments.  

    Average price for West Highland Terriers: $40.32/month 

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    (Best pet health sharing community)

    Why it’s great: Eusoh’s membership-based community for veterinary cost-sharing is an excellent option for those who want an alternative to the conventional pet insurance model. With Eusoh, members save as much as 50% more than they would with insurance, and they receive reimbursements for routine, accident and illness-related care. Westie parents will also be pleased to know that they can take their dog to any licensed veterinarian and have access to free remote veterinary support via Eusoh’s partner, FirstVet.

    Keep in mind: This is not a pet insurance company. Also, their annual payout limit is $8,500, and the top reimbursement rate is 80%.

    Good for: Veterinary fee-sharing.  

    Average price for West Highland Terriers: $62.58/month 

Best Overall

Lemonade is our overall top recommendation. It’s the most comprehensive pet insurance provider for West Highland Terriers and they also offer the best value.

FAQs about West Highland Terrier Pet Insurance

  • 1. How much does pet insurance cost for West Highland Terriers?

    Pet insurance rates for Westies range from $26.92 to $62.58 per month. Providers look at your dog’s age, breed, health condition and the typical costs of veterinary services in your state to calculate your premium.

  • 2. What does pet insurance typically cover for West Highland Terriers?

    Coverage varies from one provider to the next. Still, a good rule of thumb is that any accident or illness your Westie may have that is considered sudden and catastrophic will be covered. Under such circumstances, physical exams, tests, other diagnostic procedures, surgery and medication will be considered reimbursable.

  • 3. Can I cancel my West Highland Terrier’s insurance plan after I make a claim?

    Most providers allow you to cancel your Westie’s policy at any time. Check
    with your insurer to see if they can initiate the cancellation process over the phone or if it needs to be done in writing.

  • 4. Do pet insurance companies cover spaying and neutering?

    Pet insurance companies do not include spaying and neutering in their basic plans. Embrace has a wellness package add-on that will extend coverage to these procedures should your Westie need one.

  • 5. Does the cost of insurance increase as my West Highland Terriers ages?

    You can expect your Westie’s insurance rates to go up as they get older,
    and these increases will become more significant once they turn 4 or 5
    years old. These rate changes help providers mitigate the elevated risk that your Westie will become ill or develop a degenerative condition as they age.

  • 6. Which companies cover pre-existing conditions?

    On the whole, it is not standard practice for pet insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions. However, Pawp is one of the rare exceptions, especially in emergencies. Embrace covers some conditions they deem curable, but on a much more limited basis than Pawp. Should either of these providers’ offerings interest you, we recommend reaching out to them for further details before applying for coverage for your Westie.

  • 7. Is pet insurance worth it for West Highland Terriers?

    Pet insurance can be of tremendous benefit to all dogs, including West Highland Terriers, since all breeds are vulnerable to becoming ill, having accidents or developing chronic conditions. And since the costs of urgent veterinary care can be extraordinarily high, pet insurance provides a vital financial safety net to help you through such times.

    For example, Westies are prone to develop Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease in which the top of their femur bone no longer fits in the hip socket and, therefore, cuts the bloody supply off from the hip. This will leave your dearest Westie in agony and, as a result, unable to walk. Surgery for this condition can easily exceed $4,000. Another degenerative condition that Westies are known to develop is cataracts. Cataracts are white film-like substances that form over the eyeball and block the light from entering. If left untreated, blindness will result. Cataract surgery often yields excellent results, but it will cost as much as $4,000. Remember that these are only two of many health conditions your Westie may develop, making pet insurance a valuable asset.


We hope this article provides you with the information to determine the right pet insurance provider for your Westie. We suggest further researching the ins and outs of any policy before applying for coverage. Buying the best pet insurance will give you a solid financial buffer to help offset the steep costs of essential procedures and treatments and support your best buddy in routine and preventative care. Ultimately, with access to the finest veterinary services, your West Highland Terrier will be able to live a long, healthy and happy life with you.