7 Best Pillows for Baby Flat Head (2021 Reviews)

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Updated on March 19, 2021 by Lyric Fergusson

Being a parent is challenging work. There are so many things to do that it can get overwhelming when something isn’t going correctly. No parent wants to end a doctor’s visit by being told to stay cautious about fixing anything. We want to feel like our kids are doing great.

If you’re reading this, you’ve inevitably been told that your baby’s head and shape aren’t where it needs to be during a wellness visit. Or maybe you’re here to get ahead of a common issue – flat head syndrome. We understand and accordingly created a list of the seven best pillows to prevent and/or correct your baby’s flat head.


Best Pillows For Baby Flat Head

1. Bliss n’ Baby Head Shaping Organic Cotton Pillow

(Best budget option — $)

Bliss n' Baby Head Shaping PillowWhy it’s great: If you have a newborn or infant, consider this head shaping pillow. Its pediatrician designed to distribute the pressure of your baby’s head evenly to prevent flat head syndrome. This pillow assists with reducing reflux with its raised design. It’s excellent for preventing SIDS with its anti-rollover design (but please always supervise).

The 100% cotton and polyester made material with Oeko-Tex Certification mean a hypoallergenic experience for your little one. The 3D mesh provides a cooling effect by pulling in moisture and heat. You know your baby is comfortable with such premium breathability. It’s easy to hand wash and hang to dry or machine wash and tumble dry when messes or build-up use occurs. Its durable design means no worries over time as it keeps its shape intact.

Includes a bib as a bonus!

Keep in mind: Measures 8.5×12.5 inches with 2.2″ thickness, so it’s excellent for travel, too. Pillow comes in one design of woodland animals, but it’s unisex friendly.

Good for: Newborns up to 14 months who need head shape correction.

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2. JOLGOO Baby Head Shaping Pillow

(Best softness — $$)

JOLGOO Baby Head Shaping PillowWhy it’s great: The unique ergonomic design of the JOLGOO provides excellent head shaping for your baby. The cotton material means breathability no matter what your baby uses it for. This pillow is made with memory foam to help mold your baby’s head accordingly. It helps to relieve pressure at the critical points needed for shape correction.

Because of SIDS, pillows can be scary to use. Though you should always supervise pillow use, this pillow’s cocoon design is made to keep your baby’s head and spine in alignment with its stable core, all while encouraging proper shaping. It’s perfect for any setting.

Keep in mind: Measures 8.66×9.06 inches with a 1.1″ depth. It comes only in gray, making it easy to fit into any decor.

Good for: Newborns up to 12 months and smaller babies.

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3. Organic Cotton Baby Pillow

(Best breathability — $$)

W WelLifes Store Baby PillowWhy it’s great: Fixing a flat head means your baby will need to stay comfortable on whatever pillow they use. A 3D mesh pillow made of cotton such as W WelLifes’ provides the necessary ventilation to allow airflow to your baby’s head to keep them at ease.

Its overall design also supports evening out the pressure of your baby’s head to correct or prevent flat head syndrome. You can also easily adjust the pillow’s height to perfectly contour the shape of your baby’s head. Its durable design means you’ll get all the necessary uses from this pillow to assist your child through this stage. It comes in six colors, such as Bambi blue and pink.

Keep in mind: Measures 12.5×9.5″ with a 1.1″ thickness.

Good for: Babies prone to overheating.

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4. Cherish Baby Care Baby Flat Head Shaping Pillow

(Best to clean — $$)

Cherish Baby Care Baby Flat Head Shaping PillowWhy it’s great: This head shaping pillow was created with safety in mind. Your infant will find comfort and neck support here because of the memory foam and center contour. The preventive ergonomic design means you can use this right after birth as well.

On top of the protective inner cover, you get two machine washable cotton covers. This puts your mind at ease when one gets messy. With no zippers or snaps, you know your little one is safe and comfortable. You can use it anywhere for any child thanks to its size and neutral tone.

Keep in mind: Measures 10×9″ with 1.5″ of thickness.

Good for: Newborns up to 12 months.

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5. Mokeydou Baby Pillow

(Best design — $$$)

Mokeydou Baby PillowWhy it’s great: Typical pillows aren’t supportive enough for flat head syndrome. A pillow such as Mokeydou is made with favorable, slow rebound memory foam with an arc design that supports your baby’s cervical vertebra. It’s designed to distribute pressure in a suitable way for your baby. The lining is made with anti-mite and antibacterial lining, too, and no zipper to increase safety.

You also get the benefits of hypoallergenic cotton, a washable cotton cover, and a three-month warranty guarantee. Select from car or giraffe designs.

Keep in mind: Measures 16.5”x10.2” with 1.2” of thickness.

Good for: Newborns to 24 months, meaning you can use it for longer than traditional flat head pillows.

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6. Baby with Mama Head & Neck Support Pillow

(Best full shape lounger — $$$)

Baby with Mama Head & Neck Support PillowWhy it’s great: This versatile organic made pillow is great for many uses. It supports your baby’s head and neck, prevents flat head syndrome, and can be used as a lounger pillow or a baby nest. It’s thick but soft with a womb u-shape cushion and leg support, too. Talk about full-on inclusions for your baby!

Its rollover prevention design reduces parental stress while its head support averts your baby from spitting up. It’s an incredible baby shower gift any parent and baby will appreciate.

Keep in mind: Shoulder measures 9.84”, bottom 14.17”, and length is 20.47”. Comes only in gray, meaning it’s neutral for any baby and fits easily into any decor.

Good for: 0-12 months who need full coverage support.

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7. John N Tree Organic Baby Pillow

(Best Organic Made — $)

John N Tree Organic Baby PillowWhy it’s great: Let’s talk organic, bleach, dye, and print free head shape correction pillows. This globally certified pillow ensures the highest quality, so you don’t have to worry about that on top reshaping or preventing flat head syndrome.

You can also use it during diaper changes, playtime, or while nursing. Plus, it’s double-sided make means twice the use before wash. You also get a satisfaction guarantee on top of everything else, which means you’ll most likely be satisfied. It’s a favorite for many parents, and it may be just your baby’s, too.

Keep in mind: Measures 15×8” and comes in one adorable design, Cloud Lamb. Recommends handwashing, but it can be machine washed on a gentle cycle.

Good for: Organic and safety-minded parents.

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FAQs about pillows for baby flat head

1. What is flat head (plagiocephaly)?

If your baby develops a flat spot on the back or side of their head, this is called flat head syndrome or plagiocephaly (medically). It will cause your baby’s head to look uneven.

2. What causes flat head syndrome?

Baby’s heads are very soft and malleable for passage through the birth canal and for brain growth in the first few months. Thus it’s easy for their head’s shape to flatten from laying on one side too much. They won’t develop the ability to use their necks for a few months.
Flat head syndrome occurs when a baby spends too much time on one side of their head, be it the back or sides. Some infants naturally tend to find comfort laying in the same spot. It can also occur if your baby spends a great deal of time using things like a car seat or rocker.

3. How do I know if my baby has plagiocephaly?

You’ll first notice it because of the odd shape (flat, pointy, or like a parallelogram), or it may be brought up when you go for a wellness visit. It’s best to consult your doctor so they can confirm if the shape and size of your baby’s head need adjustments.

4. What can I do to prevent flat head syndrome?

You may be tempted to prevent plagiocephaly because your baby sleeps on their back by putting them on their belly. However, it isn’t recommended that younger babies sleep on their bellies due to SIDS (they may be unable to turn their heads fully). Still, your baby could develop flat head syndrome from sleeping on their sides, too.
True prevention of plagiocephaly comes from assisting your baby in sleeping or lounging on all sides as evenly as possible. Give your baby a minimum of 30 minutes of supervised tummy time each day to alleviate head pressure. You can also assist your baby at night by turning their head or laying them in the desired position to give even coverage.

5. Do flat head pillows really work?

Many parents have had success with flat head pillows. You don’t have to do in-depth research to find positive results.
If a pillow doesn’t work, in very rare cases, your doctor will try a helmet or surgery.

6. Can babies use pillows?

Babies can use a pillow, but because of SIDS, it’s highly recommended you always supervise the use of pillows, especially for children 2 and under.


While it is challenging work being a parent, not every part of it has to be too complicated. It’s good to be proactive, but sometimes we end up steering on the course-correcting path. We hope you found this article helpful in deciding what kind of flat head pillow to purchase no matter where on the spectrum you are. We’re all just trying to do our best and yes, your best is pretty good or you wouldn’t be here!

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