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7 Best Sunglasses Under $50 for Men & Women (2022 Reviews)

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Do you have a pair of sunglasses that are go your to, or are you in the market for a cool, open ended season accessory? Sunglasses are not only a popular fashion accessory, but also a beneficiary tool to protect the health of your eyes. Shield your eyes form harmful UV rays and look cool doing it. No matter the season, sunnies are an important accessory to own, the frame size, color and shape are all contributing factors in owning the perfect pair for your life. Are you looking for cool and relaxing sunglasses or high intensity activity performing sunglasses? Check out our favorites below to find a pair that works best for your lifestyle.

Best Sunglasses Under $50 – Polarized & Standard Lenses

  • 1. Woodies Polarized Sunglasses

    (Most unique)

    Why it’s great: These are the most unique sunglasses of the bunch, with every pair made somewhat different with its own wood striations. The wood arms support a plastic frame that offers a comfortable fit that is sturdy and lightweight at the same time. The lenses are both dark and polarizing to protect your eyes from the harmful UVA/UVB rays.

    These have a fun, stylish, and a natural-looking frame and style finish, but in all are generally just really cool sunglasses. Anybody can wear these sunglasses as they are flattering to any face shape and really allow people to feel confident in them. Relax on the beach, go boating, or hit the slopes and you will be looking and feeling good.

    Keep in mind: Although these are made with wood arms the frames of the glasses are plastic.

    Good for: Anyone who wants fun, cool and unique sunglasses that sets them apart from the rest.

  • 2. Michael Kors Sunglasses

    (Designer sunglasses)

    Why it’s great: A classic and timeless style designed by the repudiable Michael Kors. Make a statement and look effortless in the aviator style with its blue silver gradient mirror. Its large frames sit perfect on the face and highlight its double bridge design.

    Easily adjust the glasses to fit the face perfectly with its adjustable nose pads. Simply keep them safe with its protective case and globe-trot around the world with these classic, yet versatile sunglasses. A pair of aviators are an investment in any wardrobe.

    Keep in mind: Since these are tinted, they don’t protect your eyes as much as other sunglasses.

    Good for: Women who want to look stylish and fashionable at all times, these can be used for light activities or to relax by the pool.

  • 3. Calvin Klein Sunglasses

    (Best classic sunglasses)

    Why it’s great: This classic square frame has a beautiful silhouette that is stunning for anyone to wear. It’s has a black frame but has grey lenses which allude to the chic style of the glasses. This collection of sunglasses was based off Calvin Klein’s strong historical tie to its American roots.

    This brand is ever-evolving and coming up with the best performance and style-grabbing sunglasses. They sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose and offer relief on the arms behind your ears. They are always pushing the boundaries of fashion and these also include a sunglass case for adding protection when not in use.

    Keep in mind: These sunglasses are not polarized so they might not be best if you plan on wearing them all day long on sunny days.

    Good for: Women who want a chic look with minimal effort.

  • 4. Goodr OG Sunglasses

    (Best unisex sunglasses)

    Why it’s great: These sunglasses are fantastic from the price, to the polarizing lenses to the special grip coating. Use these all the time and enjoy a great new pair of glasses. They block 100% of the harmful UV rays which makes these great to wear for intense outdoor exercise and beach activities.

    Their no-slip, no-bounce design stops slippage from sweat and prevents bouncing when doing strenuous activities like running. Their grip coating, snug fit, and lightweight frame are perfect for people always on the go. For the price, style, and cool factor, look no further.

    Keep in mind: Although these are great to wear on the beach or wear for water activities, they do not float if they fall into the water.

    Good for: Any gender looking for no slip, no bounce pair of sunglasses to take on hot, sweaty days.

  • 5. Guess Womens Sunglasses

    (Best relaxing sunglasses)

    Why it’s great: These high quality glasses are classy and fabulous. Their dark Havana plastic frames and arms work with their gradient brown lens to create a retro cat-eye-like style. They have a UV protective coating and offer 100% UV protection lenses making trendy and durable at the same time.

    Take these with you on a girl’s trip or a relaxing day shopping and you will be feeling confident. These are comfortable, sit perfectly on your nose, and fit securely. Use the provided protective bag when not in use to prevent scratches and wear your glasses carefree.

    Keep in mind: These are glasses are quite big so if you have a smaller face shape, they might be too big.

    Good for: Women who want to relax wearing comfortable but protective sunglasses.

  • 6. Knockaround Paso Robles Sunglasses

    (Best value)

    Why it’s great: These polarized lenses will change the way you view the world. Choose from various colors and join the laid back, chill California lifestyle sunglasses brand. With its rounded corners and timeless frame, these unisex glasses are great for any form of activities. Chill by the pool or dress them up, because this is a staple accessory in any outfit.

    These are affordable, high-quality, durable sunglasses that have something to offer everybody. They are comfortable and have impact-resistant lenses which makes them safe for your outdoor lifestyle. Never buy expensive sunglasses again when you choose these.

    Keep in mind: The nose bridge can be big, so if you have a smaller face look into other styles this brand offers.

    Good for: People who want to live that carefree, fun California lifestyle wherever they desire.

  • 7. Under Armour Men's Force Sunglasses

    (Best sports sunglasses)

    Why it’s great: These high-performance sunglasses are every outdoorsman dream. They’re military inspired impact resistant, UA polarized for great visibility and have advanced coating making them fantastic for harsh conditions.

    These are built for long use and comfort, with their flexible frames which allow for a conformed fit and multi-position nose pad. Easily adjust the nose pad to your liking for a more customized fit. The enhanced vision allows you to see with more clarity and identify objects that might not be seen in normal light. These are key for any high-impact activity.

    Keep in mind: These are the most expensive, but they offer exceptional performance for outdoorsman who are constantly on the lookout.

    Good for: Men who want to lead an active lifestyle on the water. These are great for fishing and water sports since they offer great protection and are durable.

Best Overall

The Woodies Polarized Sunglasses is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Sunglasses

  • 1. What is polarization in sunglasses?

    Polarization is a form of coating on lenses that blocks light rays so they don’t enter the eye. If your glasses are polarized it neutralizes the glare and can make your vision more comfortable and clearer.

  • 2. Should I be wearing sunglasses all year long?

    Yes, and even on cloudy days. UV rays are always present and can really harm your eyes. In the summer UV rays are higher but in order to always protect your eyes, it’s best to wear them throughout the year.

  • 3. Should certain eye colors wear sunglasses more?

    Yes and no. Everyone should wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays, but lighter eye colors do typically have more sensitivity to the sun. This is because they have less pigment in the iris, which means that more light can enter the eye.

  • 4. Do darker lenses mean more eye protection?

    Not necessarily, they do block more light than lighter tinted glasses but they don’t have the same level of protection. Be sure to check to see if the glasses say 100% protection then you will know if you are protected against the harmful UV rays.

  • 5. How often should I replace my sunglasses?

    This totally depends on how often you use them. But normally you would want a new pair when the lens coating is scratched, lens coating fades, and just general wear and tear. Sunglass companies are constantly coming up with new technology for protection and design so keep an eye out.


Sunglasses truly are so much more than just a trendy, chic accessory, they offer protection and provide clearer visibility. Keep your eyes healthy longer and look good while doing so. For one, sunglasses don’t care about seasons, you can wear them all year round and they will improve the view you are looking at. I wear sunglasses every day and in the summer months, the views come alive as my eyes adjust with the lenses to form a clearer, more transparent image. The price of comfort, protection, and style has never worked and looked so well together.