7 Best Toddler Bathtubs (2020 Review)

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Updated on October 14, 2020 by Lyric Fergusson

Ireceived our babies’ bathtub at our first we baby shower we had for our little boy, so I never thought much about ever researching them until I realized ours wasn’t practical. We lived in a little one bedroom apartment, with no extra space (baby clothes, toys, and bouncers took up all the space!) so saving space was huge for us. Once I got to looking and saw all the options, I began thinking what would I want for my baby? Comfort, style, portability? What all mattered to me and would I be able to find it all in one baby bathtub? Lucky enough I did and I found the best 7 bathtubs for you all to check out!

The Best Toddler Bathtubs

1. Disney Inflatable Tub

(Best value — $)

Disney Inflatable TubWhy it’s great: This inflatable tub is available in three different designs: disney princess, disney nemo, or disney minnie mouse! They all have a non slip textured surface so if your child stands up they are less likely to slip. It has two big compartments to put soap, shampoo, or a cup for use for washing located on the front and a blown up backrest for your child!

Keep in mind: Most parents said they did not realize there was not a pump included and that there are many different spots to blow up this tub.

Good for: Ages 12 months-24 months

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2. First Years Newborn to Toddler Tub

(Best long term — $)

First Years Newborn to Toddler TubWhy it’s great: With the mesh sling this makes it for a parent to be able to give their baby a bath without the other spouse having to hold the newborn having to be held. Once the baby is old enough to sit up on their own you can remove the sling and allow the baby to sit up against the backrest and still have room to enjoy splashing and playing. You can set this in your tub, a single sink, or a double sink.

Keep in mind: If you do have to pack this tub for a trip it does not collapse so it will still take up some space. Also, some moms said the hump in the middle of the bathtub that supports the baby when it is older, but while they were using the mesh sling the hump would press into their babies back.

Good for: Babies weighing between 5lbs-25lbs

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3. Primo EuroBath

(Most practical — $$)

Primo EuroBathWhy it’s great: With the EuroBath being one of the largest baby bathtubs on the market, it has plenty of space for your newborn or toddler. It is designed to allow your newborn to comfortably have head and back support til the are able to sit up on their own, then you can switch sides and they have plenty of space to splash and play. Unlike most hard toddler bathtubs, the Eurobath includes a drain plug so you don’t have to dump a whole bathtub of water out.

Keep in mind: Some parents found this model to be a bit bulky for a newborn and would rather purchase two seperate tubs; one specifically for newborns and then a toddler one as well.

Good for: Ages 0-24+

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4. Inflatable Baby Bathtube

(Travel friendly — $$)

Inflatable Baby BathtubeWhy it’s great: The portablity with this inflatable infant bathtub makes it great for the busy families, or ones who like being able to just go. Going on vacation, work trip, or grandparents house? This baby bathtub includes a free airpump so no additional purchases are needed. It has a side pocket attached to the tub which comes in handy for your phone, baby shampoo, or soap. This company offers 100% money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.

Keep in mind: With it being an inflatable tub there is a chance for it to pop, or have a tiny hole causing leaks. Be sure to avoid any contact with sharp objects or toys when in use.

Good for: Babies 0 to 36 months

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5. Summer Lil Luxuries Whirlpool

(Feature packed — $$$)

Summer Lil Luxuries WhirlpoolWhy it’s great: Lil luxury is exactly what this bathtub is. Designed to mimic a real tub, this tub has its own rinse spa, which is removable! When using for a newborn it keeps them supported with a plush bolster that can be used in the tub itself, a sink, or your normal bathtub. Once ready for the toddler the motorized water jets will keep your toddler amazed while it creates bubbles and vibrations. The rinse spa is a fun feature for your toddler to pretend they are doing it all by themselves with a good size handle for them to be able to use.

Keep in mind: The rinse spout will need four D batteries to function that are not included.

Good for: Newborn – toddler

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6. Sheepping Baby Bath Mat

(Budget friendly — $)

Sheepping Baby Bath MatWhy it’s great: Already past the newborn stage and looking for something SIMPLE to keep your toddler safe in the tub, get the Sheepping baby bath mat! You can keep it clean by throwing it in the washer on cold with gentle detergent and air dry! With 200 suction cups, it will help keep your toddler from slipping if they try to stand up and move in the tub. This is something that you will not constantly have to remove or dump water out of. Parents have even loved having it as well as it helps their flooring not slippery from soap and shaving creams.

Keep in mind: Some have had trouble with getting the mat to suction to their bathtub correctly, but this company does come with a 10 year no questions asked warranty!!

Good for: Toddler +

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7. Stokke Flexibath

(Most expensive — $$$)

Stokke FlexibathWhy it’s great: This bathtub is a great award winning, space saver that is not inflatable. It also includes a non-slip base and drain plug for easy draining. The plug also allows parents to see that the water temperature is warm by changing colors so they can check and make sure it is still a comfortable temperature for a child.

Keep in mind: Even with a non-slip base it is still slipery and children should not be left alone.

Good for: Newborn to 4 years

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FAQ’s about toddler bathtubs

1. Do I need to get a baby bathtub and a toddler one?

It completely depends on what works for you and your home. Some parents have to have both because they only have stand up showers where they live. Others are only looking for a baby bath because they plan to put their toddler in their bathtub.

2. What should I clean my baby bathtub with?

This is different for each tub, most companies will include cleaning instructions with their products. Most recommend gentle soap and wipe down. Harsh chemicals should always be avoided as they can act as an irritant on baby’s’ skin.

3. When can I start bathing my baby?

You can start bathing your baby once their umbilical cord has fallen off.

4. What temperature should my babies bath water be?

Babies have super sensitive skin, you want their water to be lukewarm to prevent skin burns and/or overall fear of the bath. Remember, it should be an enjoyable experience for you and baby as well!

5. Should I bathe my baby in the morning or at night?

There is no wrong answer! Find a schedule that works best for you and your baby. If you are a working household that experiences hectic mornings, it may be best to bath your baby at night so that you and them can relax with some quality time before bed. If you find it easier to bathe your baby in the mornings because you have other household duties to handle at night that works as well! Our biggest recommendation is to find a time that is consistent and doesn’t turn into a “job.” Remember, it’s a time to wind down and bond with your child!

6. How often should I bathe my baby?

You should bathe your child at least 2-3 times a week.


With as many options that are available for a suitable baby tub, it’s a great idea to assess your wants and needs with features, price range, etc. For parents wanting a tub with no extra bells and whistles, one of the more budget-friendly models is perfectly suited for a pleasurable bath time with baby. On the contrary, if you’re looking for feature-packed tubs the more expensive options on the list will more than fit the mold for bath time fun! Make sure to pick out a tub that allows you to enjoy bath time with your child instead of dreading it, our babies are only babies for a short amount of time, and little moments with them, even as simple as a bath, create long-lasting memories to cherish for a lifetime!

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