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27 Best Toddler Board Games (2022 Reviews)

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Many board games are reserved for older children and adults. The rules are complicated and difficult to follow for many of the popular games out there. However, there are many great games designed with a toddler in mind.

These games are not only fun, but they also help your toddler learn and advance many of the skills they need as they grow and develop. From hand-eye coordination to learning colors and numbers and even matching, these games can make learning fun. The 27 best toddler board games of 2020 that you should add to your collection, and your child is sure to love, include:

Please note: due to unusually high demand, a lot of these products are selling out fast! :(

27 Best Toddler Board Games

  • 1. MindWare Seek-a-Boo Game

    Seek-a-Boo is a great game that allows you to improve memory skills, repetition, and vocabulary in your young children. It comes with 36 SEEK ME cards and 36 FIND ME cards as an interactive game everyone will enjoy. You can show the child the FIND ME cards and then ask them to find the SEEK ME cards, using it as a memory game and introducing the skill of matching too!

  • 2. The Floor is Lava

    The Floor is Lava is the perfect game to promote physical activity, asking children to play, leap, jump, and move around. In this game, players must imagine the floor is hot lava, spinning the color wheel to help them jump to the right foam pieces on the ground to reach their destination safely.

  • 3. Duck Duck Dance

    Duck Duck Dance will get your child up and moving as they imitate the dancing ducks to complete the game. This is the perfect game to practice imitating, vocabulary, counting, and gross-motor skills with your child. The user guide includes several ways to play the game to encourage even more movement, learning, and fun!

  • 4. Forehead Fishing Game

    This is a twist on an old classic that can make any toddler giggle. Players put on the headband rods and then try to catch the fish as they spin around, matching the color of the fish to the color on their headband. The first player who gets all the fish wins the game! You can mix and match to add more silliness to the game.

  • 5. Play 22 Whack a Frog Game

    With 38 levels and 2 modes, you can easily challenge your child’s’ concentration and dexterity as they grow. Let your child hammer and try to catch the fish, or turn on the sounds and lights to bring in more fun for everyone!

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  • 6. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel

    In this game, the forest pals need a snack and they need your help. Your child can play around the board, helping the squirrels get acorns. The first player spins the spinner, picking up the matching acorn and placing it in the log. The first one to get five wins!

  • 7. ThinkFun Roll and Play Game

    This is the perfect game to encourage gross motor skills, creativity, and active play. It comes with 48 game cards that you can mix and match to add even more fun. Children will roll the dice and pick a card that matches the color, following the instructions on that card!

  • 8. Spot It Jr. Animals

    This is a new version of the classic game, designed for younger children. Each card has six animals of different colors and sizes. Between any two cards, there will always be one animal that matches. It is a great game to develop fine motor skills, speech-language, attention, and visual perception in your toddler.

  • 9. Feed the Very Hungry Caterpillar Game

    Based on the popular Eric Carle book, this board game helps your child explore puzzle making while playing a game. Players move around the board, counting spaces as they draw their cards each turn. The first person to get all five puzzle pieces and put together the butterfly wings!

  • 10. Pete the Cat the Missing Cupcakes Game

    For fans of Pete the Cat, this game will be a welcome addition. In this game, players must work with one another to get all the missing cupcakes back from Grumpy Toad. To do this, players will need to identify favorite words, food, and animals while singing songs and moving around!

  • 11. The Ladybug Game

    Children will get to lead their own ladybug home, following through the Rose Garden. Through the game, they need to avoid the Praying Mantis and collect food to feed the lazy ants. It is designed to nurture early readers and counters with different numbers and colors along the way.

  • 12. Woodpecker Catching and Feeding Game

    This game helps increase color recognition and hand-eye coordination all in one. Players will use the woodpecker who comes with the game to eat the worms in the trees. They will then need to help the trees solve their pain and restore the tree to its previous health.

  • 13. Trucky 3 Wooden Skill-Building Puzzle Game

    This is a fun game for older toddlers, allowing them to use their brains and play with trucks at the same time. This game comes with 48 skill-building challenges, including loading the trucks while keeping them steady and upright! This game is all about concentration, problem-solving, planning, and spatial insight to help your child grow and develop.

  • 14. Pizza! Pizza! Board Game

    This is a fun color and shape matching game that is different from all the rest. In this game, your child will learn more about color recognition and identifying shapes while choosing from yucky pizza ingredients your children will find hilarious and want to try again and again.

  • 15. Crocodile Teeth Game

    This is an old classic that is still popular for young children. Children must take turns pushing down on one of the teeth. If they push on the wrong one, the mouth snaps shut. Your children will laugh and squeal with delight as the tooth changes and it is a surprise each time!

  • 16. Disney Matching Game

    Memory and matching come together with this delightful game your child is sure to enjoy. And with favorite Disney characters, your child will want to play again and again. It takes less than five minutes to teach and provides hours of smart learning and playtime any day!

  • 17. Elefun and Friends

    This is a great game to get your children up and moving. Players will chase the butterflies that shoot out of the elephant’s trunk. The butterflies will go all over the place and in all directions, so your children will need to run around to catch the most!

  • 18. Red Light Green Light Game

    Practice colors and have fun with this classic game turned board game. With motion sensors in place for more than 20 feet, children can run on a green light, freeze on red. If the sensor notices someone moving on red, they get to head back to the starting line! The first one to press the button wins.

  • 19. Daniel Tiger’s Welcome to Mainstreet

    In this delightful game that features the lovable Daniel Tiger, children get to visit the Neighborhood of make-Believe. Along the way, children learn social skills, enjoy interactive gameplay, and can practice coordinating and counting.

  • 20. Hi-Ho Cherry-O

    This game is reserved for children three and older because of the small pieces inside. Players will take turns picking the fruit from the trees to fill the basket up. The first to do so wins! Practice counting, both when putting cherries back on the tree and taking them off as you try to win!

  • 21. CandyLand

    This game is a race to the castle. By following colors through the board, children race to make it to the Enchanted Castle first. Watch out for the licorice man who will try to get you stuck and don’t draw a card that will force you backward on the board!

  • 22. Don’t Break the Ice Game

    Practice hand-eye coordination with your children and have fun keeping the penguin safe. Children try to knock down one piece of ice at a time, keeping the penguin up as long as possible. The one who knocks down the penguin finishes the game and has to start again!

  • 23. Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game

    Your little girl will love being able to mix and match these Disney cupcakes to make something completely unique. This game comes with 40 cupcake pieces and 10 recipe cards to show your child how to make the perfect princess cupcake each time!

  • 24. Diggin’ Doggies

    This fun interactive game helps your child practice colors and matching. Roll the die and move your dog as many spaces as indicated. The dog has a magnetic nose to pick up the bones left there. If the color matches your dog, you can move it to the kennel. If not, the bone goes back. Fetch all three bones and race back to the kennel before anyone else for the win!

  • 25. Monkey Around

    This game helps you to move around and connect with your child. And it is easy to adapt to your child’s age and movement levels. Balance, hop, march in place, and more as you follow the prompts on the card and use the banana beanbag to add to the fun!

  • 26. Bird Magnet Game

    Find the worms, use the mother bird to grab the worms, and then feed the baby bird. Your child will have fun feeding the baby birds while using hand-eye coordination and searching around the “log” for all the worms!

  • 27. Mr. Bucket Game

    Toss the colored balls right into Mr. Bucket. Add in the challenge of him spinning and whirling across the floor, spitting all the balls back out. It is fun, fast-action, and gets your child up and moving the whole time!


Board games for toddlers can help them learn how to count, recognize colors, assist with hand-eye coordination, and more. All while encouraging your child to have fun and play along. Whether you want to work on a particular skill with your child, get them up and moving, or just have some fun, these 27 board games for toddlers are sure to be a hit!