7 Best Toddler Boy’s Snowsuits (2020 Reviews)

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Updated on October 14, 2020 by Lyric Fergusson

When Winter comes around and the snow comes out, you can bet that your kids will want to be outside playing in it. Playing in the snow is a special experience. Building snowmen, snow forts, or having a snowball fight are things every little boy loves to do. Whether you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow or you’re just going on a winter vacation, you’ll want to make sure your children are dressed warmly.

To help you find the one that’s going to give your child the warmth and extra protection they need, I’ve compiled a list of my 7 favorites for toddler boy’s snowsuits below.

The Best Toddler Boy’s Snowsuits

1. Skechers 2-Piece Heavyweight Snowsuit

(Best value — $$)

Skechers 2-Piece Heavyweight SnowsuitWhy it’s great: This snowsuit seems to have it all. It comes in a few different cute designs that your little boy will love and it comes with both the bib and the jacket. The bib has adjustable straps and the jacket has three different pockets, including one with a zipper to keep your child’s belongings dry. The inside is lined in fleece and the hood has a sherpa lining, making this extra warm and comfortable. It is water-resistant and lightweight, giving your child hours of uninterrupted playtime.

Keep in mind: This one is not waterproof, just resistant, so make sure that the ankle gaiters are positioned properly to keep the water out.

Good for: Toddlers who need an everyday snowsuit at an affordable price.

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2. London Fog Heavyweight Bib Pant

(Easiest to use — $)

London Fog Heavyweight Bib PantWhy it’s great: These are very easy to slide on and off, making them perfect for toddlers who need to dress themselves. They also have reinforced knees for little boys who like to play rough! They are light and flexible, so your child will be able to move easily, giving them the ability to play as long as they like. There’s no guesswork on which size to purchase either, because these actually follow their size chart accurately.

Keep in mind: This one doesn’t come with a jacket, so you’ll need to purchase one separately.

Good for: Toddlers who are more independent and like to dress themselves.

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3. Carter’s Character Snowsuit

(Most fun — $$$)

Carter's Character SnowsuitWhy it’s great: With this snowsuit, you won’t have to fight with your child to get them to put it on. It has spots, spikes on the sleeves and hood, and eyes that make your little boy look like a dinosaur! You definitely can’t beat this snowsuit for the most fun. On top of that, the pants and jacket are waterproof and insulated and have a fleece lining. Wearing these will keep your son warm and dry all day long.

Keep in mind: The shoulder strap on the bib is a little harder to adjust, but once you have it correct, you can just use the zipper to slide them on and off.

Good for: Toddlers who like to have fun and express their personality.

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4. London Fog 2-Piece Snow Pant & Jacket Snowsuit

(Most comfortable — $)

London Fog 2-Piece Snow Pant & Jacket SnowsuitWhy it’s great: If you have a toddler that complains about being uncomfortable in most clothes, this will be a great choice for them.The fleece lining in the pants and jacket make this snuggly soft. It also keeps them nice and warm while they’re out playing. These are pants and not a bib, which makes them a lot easier to pull on and take off, while still giving a lot of protection. The set is very affordable, so you don’t have to spend a lot on something that may not be used very often if you’re just taking a trip to the snow.

Keep in mind: These seem to run a little small, so I would consider buying one size up.

Good for: Toddlers who are experiencing the snow on vacation or for short periods of time.

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5. Arctix Snow Bib Overalls

(Most durable — $)

Arctix Snow Bib OverallsWhy it’s great: These have a durable water repellent finish, plus reinforcement on the ankle, scuff, and hem guards, giving them a more durable quality with everyday use. The straps are adjustable and they have elastic on the sides, to give your child maximum flexibility. They have a breathable inner material that wicks moisture away, as well as extra insulation, meaning your child will stay warmer and dryer a lot longer.

Keep in mind: You’ll need to purchase a jacket, as this snow bib doesn’t come with one.

Good for: Toddlers who are rough on their clothes.

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6. Columbia Youth Double Flake Set

(Best quality — $$$)

Columbia Youth Double Flake SetWhy it’s great: The Columbia brand is known for making great outdoor gear and they don’t disappoint with this snowsuit. It is waterproof and lightweight, making it perfect for playing in the rain or snow. Besides the pockets, elastic hem, and elastic cuffs, it also has reflective detailing, which makes it easier to spot if your son is out playing in the dim morning or evening light. The best thing about this set is that it has an Outgrown system, which allows both the bib AND the jacket to adjust, which means your child will get a lot more use out of it!

Keep in mind: The pockets do not have a zipper, so anything in them will not be as well protected.

Good for: Toddler boys who are growing fast and need a set to grow with them.

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7. OshKosh B’Gosh Ski Jacket and Snowbib Snowsuit Set

(Best first set — $$)

OshKosh B'Gosh Ski Jacket and Snowbib Snowsuit SetWhy it’s great: This is a really cute set with multiple color and design options, which makes it easy to find one that your toddler likes. The pants have adjustable straps and elastic at the ankles to keep the snow out. The jacket is fleece lined and has a funnel neckline, giving your child extra protection from the cold. It also is available in bigger sizes, so if your toddler loves it, you can easily get the next size once they’ve outgrown it.

Keep in mind: This is another one that runs a little small, so be sure to size up when buying.

Good for: A toddler who is experiencing snow for the first time.

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FAQs about Snowsuits

1. Which is better, waterproof or water resistant?

This can definitely vary depending on your child and the situation. Do you live somewhere that it snows often? Will your child be out in the cold for extended periods of time? What kinds of activities will your child be doing? If your child is going to be skiing, sledding, or making snow angels, you’re likely going to want waterproof to get that extra protection when your child’s whole body can be exposed to the snow. On the other hand, if you’re making snowmen or having a snowball fight, gloves or mittens are likely going to be more important and water resistance will be just fine.

2. What kind of lining will keep my child warmest?

The thing you really want to look at is how much insulation the item has. Also, how long will your child be outdoors and how cold is it? Fleece lining is the most common used for cold-weather clothing. This is soft and keeps your child warm. Some hoods or jackets will have sherpa lining, which is very warm, but also heavier. As long as the cuffs around the sleeves and the ankles can keep the water out, your child will likely stay warm in any kind of insulated lining.

3. At what temperatures should a child wear a winter coat or snowsuit?

At 30-40 degrees, it is highly recommended that your child should be wearing a heavy winter coat or snowsuit. Keep in mind that everyone has a different metabolism that can affect how cold they feel. One child might feel colder and need heavier clothing at higher temperatures than these.

4. What are some of the key features I should look for when buying a snowsuit?

There are a lot of different options available in winter clothing. What is most important to you? Do you have a toddler that’s potty training? You might want to consider the snowsuits that have snaps or buttons on the legs, so you don’t have to take the jacket and bib completely off every time they go to the bathroom. If your toddler seems to be constantly outgrowing their clothes, you’ll want to make sure you find adjustable bibs. Pockets can be important, especially ones with zippers, if you’re going skiing and they have items they need to be carrying with them.

5. What safety issues with snowsuits should I be aware of?

The biggest thing you’ll need to know is that snowsuits and jackets should not be worn in car seats. They can make the harness artificially loose and won’t be as effective in case of an accident. Also, since snowsuits can be a little bulky sometimes, they can cause more tumbles in toddlers who are still new to walking. Luckily the bulk also adds a little extra protection from falls though.


The biggest thing you’ll need to know is that snowsuits and jackets should not be worn in car seats. They can make the harness artificially loose and won’t be as effective in case of an accident. Also, since snowsuits can be a little bulky sometimes, they can cause more tumbles in toddlers who are still new to walking. Luckily the bulk also adds a little extra protection from falls though.

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