7 Best Toddler Climbing Toys For All Ages (2020 Reviews)

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Updated on May 14, 2020 by Lyric Fergusson

Climbing toys are fun and have many benefits for children of all ages. For toddlers, they help develop gross motor, language, and roleplaying skills. They also provide physical activity and increase agility. Climbers can help with balance and spatial awareness as well. The number of benefits acquired from physical play is tremendous, and it’s definitely worth our time as parents to invest in toys that promote it.

Please note: due to unusually high demand, a lot of these products are selling out fast! 🙁

Best Climbing Toys For Toddlers & Preschoolers

1. 5 Piece Kids Ball Pit with Tents and Tunnels

(Best Value – $)

climbersWhy it’s great: This climber is made well, comes with three dart balls, and is definitely a winner with children. Along with the bright colors and the many play options available within this one climber, it has a 100% money-back guarantee and earned a 4.5- star rating on Amazon.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors and will fold away compactly. It is lightweight to carry and will hold up to 400 (5.5mm) balls. My children love it! We have it set up in the center of the playroom, and it hasn’t let us down when it comes to fun.

Keep in mind: Some parents have noted that there are issues where the tunnels connect. They simply pop into each other and there is no tie or latch to secure them. Therefore, balls get out too often. Also, the balls for the pit are an added purchase. For the 2 years that we have had ours, we haven’t had much of a problem with it popping apart and the extra purchase of balls was inexpensive.

Good for: children 1 to 6 years

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2. ECR 4 Kids Soft Zone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set

(Most environmentally safe – $$)

climbersWhy it’s great: This climb and crawl playset is safe, encourages gross motor skills, and is Gold Labeled for Greenguard safety (economically/environmentally safe material). It is super durable and rates 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

You can choose out of three color schemes, and additional pieces can be added to make a 4 or 5 piece set. These blocks are made to create hours of happiness! Infants will attain balancing skills, develop early language skills, and provide you with lots of sweet laughter!

Keep in mind: A few complaints have been that there is no way of attaching the pieces, so they are constantly sliding apart. Also, there no grip on the bottom to keep it from sliding. I recall the infant room having one where I worked in college, and we kept it in the corner. This keeps it from sliding apart and helps the babies not to topple over the side. All the little ones loved it!

Good for: Children 9 months to 3 years

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3. Step 2 All-Star Sports Climber

(Best all-around – $$)

climbersWhy it’s great: This climber comes with an attached basketball hoop, climbing ladder, football toss, soccer area, slide, and scorekeeper. It comes with three sports balls as well. It is durable and stands very sturdy. More than 1 child can play on this set at the same time to increase the fun!

This item rates 4.4 out of 5 at Amazon and is definitely loved by kiddos. It builds motor skills, language and vocabulary concepts, and promotes physical activity. With this climber, role play can be imagined, social skills can be learned, and creativity can run wild. The bright colors are a bonus as well!

Keep in mind: Some complaints have been that the instructions aren’t explained very well. When using the instructions to put together the pieces, most pieces simply snap together, but some had to drill their own holes in one specific place. I say, if you choose this climber, have a drill handy. If you need it, your solution is ready and waiting.

Good for: Children 24 months to 6 years

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4. Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set – (4 in 1 Climber)

(Most accommodating – $$$)

climber with swingWhy it’s great: This climber is loaded with fun! It contains a basketball hoop, easy climb stairs, slide, swing, and a ring toss area. The material is environmentally safe, it’s made super durable, and the nice bright colors make it inviting for children. The corners are rounded for safety as well.

This playset can be used both indoors and out, it comes with all the necessary hardware, and is made with grips on the ladder steps to keep children from slipping. It will come in 2 packages when shipped. The t-bar safety buckle on the swing seat can be removed as the child grows, so extra range of motion is available.

Keep in mind: Some parents say when swinging with a larger child (still in age range), the set comes off the ground a bit.

Good for: Children 1 month to 6 years

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5. Children’s Factory Climb and Play 6-piece Set

(Easiest care – $$)

climbersWhy it’s great: This climb and playset comes in three color choices. It encourages physical activity, social skills, and gross-motor skills. It can also help with vocabulary, language development, and balance. The blocks wipe clean easily and the material is environmentally safe.
The product comes with a 2- year warranty and there is practically no assembly required. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is made with hook and loop closures, so the blocks don’t slide. This climbing set rates a 4.8 out of 5 stars. Parents enjoy this set because it can be set up in the center of a room, and it doesn’t come apart.

Keep in mind: Some customers have mentioned the price being a little steep. However, it’s important to remember that each piece comes with connectors so the blocks sliding apart won’t be an issue with this toy. Also, the materials it’s made of are proven to be super easy to manage.

Good for: Children 8 months and up

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6. Little Tikes Bus Climber and Slide

(Most adorable – $$)

climbersWhy it’s great: Toddlers will love this adorable climbing set! This precious little, yellow school bus attached to a slide will give your little ones’ hours of play. While playing, the songs from the popular “Baby Bum” videos, will entertain your child and help to promote language skills.
The climber works well both indoors and out, it is durable and safe, and roleplay and creativity are certain to develop in your child’s mind.

Keep in mind: A few have complained that the product is hard to assemble.

Good for: children 18 months and up

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7. Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber

(Best for outdoor safety – $$ – $$$)

climbersWhy it’s great: This climber comes in two colors and two sizes. It is free-standing, heavy-duty, and made with UV resistant materials. There is a 1-year limited warranty and is very entertaining.
It works well with children of different ages and sizes, and it encourages physical activity. It has a 600lb weight capacity and doesn’t overheat due to the finished coating on the bars.

Keep in mind: Some parents have noted that it is difficult to put together. You need more than one person, and extra tools are required.

Good for: children 4 to 10 years

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FAQ’s about Climbers

1. Why is climbing beneficial for toddlers?

Climbing is beneficial to children because it increases muscle strength, improves agility, and builds stamina. It is a great choice for physical activity as long as it’s supervised.

2. Are dome climbers safe?

Yes. They are safe because they won’t lift off of the ground due to their wide base, and they are great for a child’s agility.

3. At what age can a baby climb a ladder?

Children who are active and get plenty of play outside should be climbing ladders between 3 and 4 years of age with adult supervision. Full climbing skills may not develop until ages 6 or 7

4. At what age do you teach a child to throw a ball?

The best age to teach a child to throw balls is between 2.5 and 3 years old. Depending on the development of your child, you should introduce ball throwing at 2 and expect them to mimic the throwing and show the coordination skills to throw a ball by age 3.

5. Are indoor climbers safe?

Yes, indoor climbers are safe because your child has the opportunity to enjoy play without the heat of the sun’s UV rays, and the climber itself isn’t exposed to fading from the sun and weathering.


Although there are several climbing sets to choose from, any of these top 7 are great choices for your child. Using these toys gives them a head start on many skills that develop into much larger concepts as they grow.