7 Best Toddler Coloring Books (2020 Reviews)

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Updated on October 14, 2020 by Lyric Fergusson

Every parent thinks the colorful markings of their toddler is an indication of a future Picasso or Monet. Parents will go to great lengths to nurture any possible artistic gift. Here you will find our suggested 7 best coloring books for toddlers for beginning coloring and painting. Enjoy the reviews, and perhaps you can begin the artistic career of your budding toddler artist, or at the very least enjoy their discovery of art and color.


The Best Coloring Books for Toddlers

1. Crayola Epic Book of Awesome, All-in-one Coloring Book Set

(Best Coloring Book Value — $)

Crayola Epic Book of AwesomeWhy it’s great: Kids know unicorns, but what about uni-creatures? This set includes 288 pages of coloring pages from Uni-Creatures to ignite the imagination and the uni-creatures with color! It also includes 2 pages of sparkle stickers to add character to their coloring pages or anywhere they think needs a little bling!

Keep in mind: This coloring book and sticker set is best for ages 3 and up. As with all new activities, sitting with your child and having conversations with them while they create is a great chance to hear what they are thinking as they color.

Good for: Children ages 3 and up.

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2. Paw Patrol Coloring Books – 2 pack

(Most for the price — $$)

Paw Patrol Coloring BooksWhy it’s great: This set of Paw Patrol Coloring books come in a 2 pack, with 96 pages each. Your toddler will be familiar with characters such as Marshall, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble and more. As you sit with your child as they color, you will have the opportunity to have great conversations with them about their favorite character and
more. This set also includes pages with games, wordsearch and mazes.

Keep in mind: This set does not include crayons or markers. This set also is considered appropriate for ages 24 mo. and up, but you may need to consider your child’s comprehension level for the games, word search, and mazes.

Good for: Children 24 months and up.

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3. Disney My Little Pony Coloring Book Super Set for girls

(Most Expensive — $$$)

Book Super Set for girlsWhy it’s great: This 3 giant coloring book set features Disney Princess, Frozen and My Little Pony coloring pages. There is a total of 624 pages of creative delight for your little girl that will provide hours of fun, games, puzzles, mazes and of course coloring. There is a bonus! A Disney Frozen play pouch with a mini fun-size coloring book, 25 stickers and 4 crayons.

Keep in mind: This set is for ages 24 months and up. Younger children, closer to 24 months, may not understand the games and puzzles, but it will allow you to work with your child developing these skills.

Good for: Children 24 months and up.

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4. Melissa & Doug My First Paint with Water Coloring Book

(Best Water Color Value — $)

My First Paint with Water Coloring BookWhy it’s great: First of all, it is Melissa & Doug, a personal favorite, and they have a great reputation for quality toys and activity helps that are both educational and fun. This set includes 24 painting pages of kid’s favorite animals like elephants, cats, dolphins and hippo, along with a paint brush…you supply the water and creativity. It has perforated pages for easy tear out and posting on the refrigerator!

Keep in mind: This Melissa & Doug Water Coloring Book is appropriate for ages 3-5 yrs. Supervision may still be needed with water, painting, and clean-up. But what a great opportunity to help your toddler feel more grown up with this activity.

Good for: Children ages 3-5 years.

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5. Crayola Baby Shark Wonder Pages, Mess Free Coloring

(A toddler favorite — $$)

book sharkWhy it’s great: Your toddler, no doubt, already knows the catchy tune “Baby Shark”, so you know they will go crazy over coloring fun pages of Baby Shark characters. They will be able to color with one of the 5 color markers that only work on the special paper each Baby Shark page is printed. It is every parents dream – mess free coloring! These markers do not work on other paper products, skin, clothing or carpets or furniture, a personal favorite!

Keep in mind: Your toddler should be supervised during any art project. These coloring pages are appropriate for ages 3 and up, however, each child develops at a different speed and younger children may enjoy coloring their favorite Baby Shark character.

Good for: Children 3 and up.

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6. Melissa & Doug Jumbo Coloring Pad – Animals

(Best Coloring Book — $)

Doug Jumbo Coloring PadWhy it’s great: This coloring book has extra-large pages and lines that are bold and thick. The pages are sturdy and durable. Crayons, colored pencils and markers will work great and the pages tear out easily for displaying art work. This gender neutral coloring book of animals will appeal to all children, but is indicated for ages 3-8years old.

Keep in mind: It is suggested this coloring book is best for ages 3-8 years, however,
it would also work with younger children because of the durability of the pages, as well as helping them learn the names of animals. You may even consider initially just sitting with your child and looking through the coloring book and naming the animals together.

Good for: Children ages 3-8 years.

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7. Alex Discover My First Scribble Kids Art & Craft Activity

(Best First Art Book — $$$)

My First Scribble Kids Art BookWhy it’s great: This book and stickers is great for your little ones discovery of drawing and writing. It provides 50 activity pages and 69 stickers to allow toddlers ages 2 and up a new way to express thoughts and feelings. The activities are easy to follow. The pages are sturdy and durable. You will love introducing you child to the freedom of creating their own art.

Keep in mind: The pictures are big and low in detail, which is perfect for your toddler who is discovering the world of coloring. Also keep in mind that the backside of each Picture is blank, which is ideal for freestyle! Stickers are always a big hit with your little one as they love sticking them everywhere, including themselves.

Good for: Children ages 2 and up.

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FAQs about coloring books for toddlers

1. When should I introduce coloring to my toddler?

Around the age of 12-15 months. It is best to introduce your child to coloring or drawing when your child has mastered the pincer grasp, at which time they should be able to hold a crayon. But, if your child is still trying to master that skill, the fist grip when holding a crayon is completely acceptable and will encourage those fine motor skills needed.

2. What are the benefits of introducing your toddler to coloring?

Coloring or drawing teaches your child hand-eye coordination, develops fine motor skills, and coordination skills for writing, not to mention, color recognition and parent-child bonding.

3. How should I introduce my toddler to coloring or painting?

First, throw out your expectations. Provide a relaxed, fun environment for you to sit with them and talk about crayons, colors, and paper, at their level of understanding. Begin with blank paper and allow him or her to experiment with holding the crayons and making marks on the paper, encouraging them to stabilize the paper with their other hand. Offer praise with every attempt.

4. How long should coloring sessions be?

Your toddler’s attention span is very short, as you may already know. Beginning each session as a playtime between the two of you is best. Spend time talking about the name of each color. Have them pick their favorite color. Allow them to freestyle and talk to them about what they are drawing. 20 minutes of coloring time is more than enough, however, you may find these sessions shorter or longer, depending on the mood of your child.

5. What emotional benefits does coloring time with a parent have for a toddler?

It is a great time of connection and communication with your child. It is also a time of encouragement for your child that builds confidence and a desire to continue building their newfound skills.


Just as exciting as their first steps and their first words, your toddler’s first artwork is priceless! We love guiding and teaching our little ones through each developmental stage. Coloring and chatting together builds a bond between you and your child. In a relaxed, non-expectation way you can encourage creativity from their little minds and little hands, giving them the satisfaction of expressing themselves. Whether your child is a typical toddler with scribbles of arching lines and mixing of colors or has a gifted talent of creating actual figures and animals, you will enjoy seeing excitement come alive as they experience self-expression through coloring.

The goal is not necessarily just to encourage them to develop fine motor skills and distinguishable art, but rather to develop a connection between you and your child, as well as a love for imagination. So, enjoy the time you spend with your toddler creating their masterpieces!

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