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7 Best Toddler Dinosaur Costumes for Imaginative Play (2022 Reviews)

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Do you have a dino fan in your home? Plenty of little ones love dinosaurs. From dinosaur tv shows to coloring books, toys, and making-believe, dinosaurs are a hit across many families. Why not take it a step further and help your child become a dinosaur? Even though it’s only for the short-term, little ones will have a blast dressing up in one of these cool toddler dino costumes.

The Best Toddler Dinosaur Costumes

  • 1. Spooktacular Creations Triceratops Dinosaur Costume

    (Best triceratops costume)

    Why it’s great: If you ask your child what their favorite dinosaur is and they say the triceratops, then you need this dino costume in your life. This adorable costume sports the triceratops look with all of the horns in all the right places.

    Warm and cozy, this costume comes complete with a dino tail and an egg to bring your child’s imagination to life. They will have endless hours of imaginary fun with this triceratops costume!

    Keep in mind: The hood can be a bit heavy and tends to fall forward or off to the side. But with enough practice wearing this fun costume, it will be no issue in no time.

    Good for: Toddlers that have an affinity towards the cool way the triceratops looks.

  • 2. Dinosaur Fleece Bunting Bodysuit

    (Coziest costume)

    Why it’s great: Dinosaurs can get cold too, right? Well, we know it’s true for little pretend dinosaurs. That’s why we added the Dinosaur Fleece Bunting Bodysuit to the mix. This adorable and cozy bodysuit has a dino theme that brings out imaginary play while also being comfy enough to snuggle up in for a nap.

    Toddlers will love that they’re bringing their dinosaur fantasies to life. Parents will love that their kiddos can be comfortable doing so, even if the temperatures are chilly. The rollover cuffs are a welcomed addition, transforming into warming mittens and booties when necessary.

    Keep in mind: The sizing tends to be a lot bigger than it should be. Some even said the costume was three times too big, even when choosing the “correct.” When buying, keep that in mind – you might need to buy a smaller size than you think you should.

    Good for: Toddlers that want to play as a dinosaur all day but also snuggle up and become a sleeping dino, too.

  • 3. Spooktacular Creations T-Rex Dinosaur Costume

    (Best t-rex xostume)

    Why it’s great: When it comes to the dinosaur popularity content, the T-Rex wins every time; especially amongst youngsters! For the tiny T-Rex lovers out there, this costume is for you.

    T-Rex-loving tots will enjoy the fun, eye-catching colors of the costume. They will also enjoy the hood and tail that instantly transforms them into their favorite kind of dinosaur. Not only that, but the included egg opens up a realm for imaginary play unlike they’ve ever discovered before. So much fun!

    Keep in mind: The only issue is with the head, which tends to fall over the eyes. Your toddler will have to get used to holding it a certain way to keep it out of their face when playing, but it’s nothing they won’t get used to quickly.

    Good for: Any toddler that loves the T-Rex dinosaur and wants to become one!

  • 4. Pterodactyls Tiny Costume

    (Best pterodactyls costume)

    Why it’s great: So your child prefers a flying dinosaur; nothing wrong with that! I can totally get behind the cool factor of a dino that flies. If they’re a fan of the Pterodactyls, then they need this fun costume.

    This Pterodactyls costume comes with a character hood and a pair of wings to bring the fantasy together. Tots will have a blast pretending to “fly” through the living room as they use their best dino noises and sounds.

    Keep in mind: Some customers have said that the sizing is off. For some, it was a bit too large. Others said it ran on the small side. Keep this in mind when buying for your child.

    Good for: Toddlers that love flying dinosaurs and want to pretend to fly around their room.

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  • 5. Tigerdoe Dragon Tails Dinosaur Costume

    (Best accessory style costume)

    Why it’s great: Sure, a dinosaur costume is great. But what if you want to turn into a dinosaur whenever you want? It doesn’t matter if you’re in a princess dress, your pajamas, or getting ready for a holiday party. You can use this accessory-style dino costume to become a dinosaur anytime!

    The set comes with everything your toddler needs to become a dinosaur. The four-pack includes a headband, cuffs, bowtie, and tail. The green and purple coloring is fun and perfect for any little girl or boy. They can dress up with it however they want, making this a versatile options everyone will adore.

    Keep in mind: The headband might be too big for some little ones. You may have to make some adjustments to it, such as adding bobby pins, in order for them to wear it.

    Good for: Toddlers that don’t want a full costume but would rather become a dinosaur whenever they want using fun accessories.

  • 6. Child Ride a Dinosaur Costume

    (Best ride a dino costume)

    Why it’s great: Some kids don’t want to be the dino, they want to ride the dino instead! If you have a witty, adventure-filled child that would rather take a stroll on a rawring dinosaur, this is the costume for them.

    The Child Ride-A-Dinosaur Costume is guaranteed to bring loads of fun. All kids have to do is climb inside the costume and get ready to take their dinosaur for a ride. Just be careful – you might end up getting chased around the house!

    Keep in mind: Some parents have noted that the legs are quite long while the chest portion is somewhat short. So, depending on the child, it may need to be altered a bit.

    Good for: Toddlers out there that would much rather take a dinosaur for a stroll rather than be the dinosaur themselves.

  • 7. Spooktacular Creations Inflatable Costume Dinosaur

    (Best inflatable costume)

    Why it’s great: It’s inflatable. Do I need to say any more? Probably not, but I will go ahead and talk about this awesome costume anyways. This costume is great because there is truly no better way to bring a dinosaur to “life” than inflating it nice and big.
    Toddlers will love this costume for several reasons. For one, it inflates, which automatically makes it a hit. Secondly, it’s pretty big, so tots will feel like they’re taking on the world with their giant dino bodies. Lastly, the dinosaur is cool, cute, and friendly, everything your child could ever dream of for their dino costume.

    Keep in mind: This costume has to have a battery-operated fan to inflate. Some customers found the fan to be too weak and purchased a separate, better fan.

    Good for: The little ones out there that want to inflate into a really big dino!

Best Overall

The Spooktacular Creations Triceratops Dinosaur Costume is our overall top recommendation. It's the highest quality product we have found with the most affordable price making it the best value on our list..

FAQs about Best Toddler Dinosaur Costumes

  • 1. How do you put on a kid’s dinosaur costume?

    Most of the kid’s dinosaur costumes on this list will be self-explanatory, as most are put on like a onesie or jumpsuit. The one that may pose the biggest challenge is the inflatable dinosaur costume. Since you need to set up the fan inside of the costume and put it on in a specific manner, it may take some time before you get the hang of putting it on and off.

  • 2. How long do batteries last in dinosaur costumes?

    As stated above, the inflatable dinosaur requires a battery-operated fan to inflate. The fan will typically last around three to four hours, although some may get a bit more or less time depending on the type of batteries used and where the costume is worn.

  • 3. How does the inflatable dinosaur costume work?

    It all comes down to the battery-operated fan that blows air into the costume, inflating it from the head to the tail. That’s why it is important to make sure the costume is worn correctly, and there is a fresh set of batteries in the fan at all times.

  • 4. What is the best toddler dinosaur costume?

    Really, that question can only be answered by you and your kiddo. It depends on what you (and your child) are looking for. For example, a toddler that loves T-Rexes will enjoy the T-Rex costume more than the ridable dinosaur costume. Find out what your child truly loves and choose the dinosaur costume that brings their dino love to life.


There are a lot of great toddler dinosaur costumes on the market, but these are undeniably the best in the bunch. There is something for everyone on this list, whether you love dinos that can fly or prefer an inflatable option. When buying one of these dino costumes, you can rest assured that your little one is going to have the time of their life!

Which dinosaur costume would your toddler like the best? What’s their fave dino? Have fun with these costumes!