7 Best Toddler Drawing Boards & Tables (2020 Reviews)

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Updated on October 14, 2020 by Lyric Fergusson

Drawing is such a fun part of childhood, and also such an important part of child development! When young children draw, they are using their imagination. They are also working on fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as gaining confidence as they draw that picture to proudly show you. For a child, drawing is super important!
For mess-free drawing fun, here are my 7 favorite drawing boards and tables for toddlers:


The Best Drawing Boards & Tables

1. FONLLAM Magnetic Drawing Board

(Best first drawing board — $)

FONLLAM boardWhy it’s great: This magnetic drawing board is perfect your little one! Not only can your child create masterpieces on this board without a mess, but the board reveals colors as the picture is drawn. It comes with two circular magnet stamps, as well as a stylus to draw more detailed pictures. There are even numbers written across the top to help your child learn to write them. This is such a cute board for your tiny tot!

Keep in mind: It is on the small side, which is great for little hands!

Good for: A toddler just starting to learn how to draw.

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2. Wellchild Magnetic Drawing Board

(Best for Travel — $)

wellchild boardWhy it’s great: The Wellchild Magnetic Drawing Board has 3 different stamps (a star, a bunny head, and a heart- which are so much fun), along with the stylus. As your child draws, colors appear in red, yellow, blue, and green. It also comes with a carry bag! Um, yes, please!

Keep in mind: A few parents mentioned minor malfunctions here and there, but the seller is committed to excellent customer service.

Good for: Families on the go.

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3. Cra-Z-Art Magna Doodle

(Best Value — $)

magna doodle boardWhy it’s great: This is the drawing board that started it all! It comes with a stylus and two circular magnet stamps. It allows for hours of drawing and writing fun.

Keep in mind: This is a larger board. It says it is good for travel, but it is better to be shared- say, for a game of tic tac toe.

Good for: Toddlers learning to write letters or draw shapes.

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4. SGILE Magnetic Drawing Board Toy for Kids

(Most Accessories — $$)

SGILE boardWhy it’s great: Ok, this one is great because it comes with FOUR stamps, which are circle-, square-, triangle-, and hexagon-shaped. This one has an ergonomic design that is easy to grip. Plus, it has an easy-to-hold handle at the top. The SGILE Magnetic Drawing Board is a larger board, which would be good for sharing and playing a game. It also has the alphabet written around the frame of the screen.

Keep in mind: The back is not closed, but it does not affect the quality of the product.

Good for: A child who is right- or left-handed, since the string is a good length to use in either hand.

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5. Doodle and Scribbler Board with Colorful LCD Screen

(Best for all ages — $$)

Scribbler BoardWhy it’s great: The LCD writing tablet can be used by small children, but also by all members of the family. You may be buying one of these for yourself, too! It has a lock feature that keeps things from being erased, especially if your child has designed a creation that needs to be shown to someone later. This is definitely a drawing board that will not be outgrown.

Keep in mind: You should attach the lanyard that is included with the pen first, THEN attach it to the tablet.

Good for: Older toddlers, who can use this tablet for school and life as they grow.

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6. Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

(Most options — $$)

Boogie boardWhy it’s great: This writing tablet comes with 4 styluses that clip on and off of the sides of the board. Each one has a different texture or tip. It also shows various colors as your child draws and writes.

Keep in mind: The Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet is best used in a well-lit space.

Good for: A sensory-seeking toddler.

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7. VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

(Most Educational — $$$)

VTech Write and Learn Creative boardWhy it’s great: This magnetic board is the terrific for a toddler starting to learn letters. It comes with stamps AND stencils. It plays music, which toddlers love! It can also help teach young children how to write the letters in their names. This is a very engaging drawing board!

Keep in mind: This will spell your child’s name, but you must set this up when you first start it up. Also, it requires 2AA batteries.

Good for: More advanced toddlers, who are ready to learn letters.

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FAQs about drawing boards & tables

1. Why let a toddler use a drawing board?

A drawing board provides an easy way for young children to use their creativity and imagination. It is a great place for them to practice drawing shapes and writing letters.

2. What’s the earliest age a toddler can begin using a drawing board?

While all children are different, you can introduce your child to a drawing board as young as 18 months. It is recommended to supervise children with the magnetic stamps and stylus pen, before age 3. Depending on the child, too, sometimes they need supervision after age 3. These can be wonderful learning tools, though.

3. How long does an LCD drawing board battery normally last?

An LCD drawing board battery can last 6 months or longer. Fortunately, when the battery finally does give out, you can replace it yourself.

4. How do I encourage my child, who doesn’t like drawing?

Try giving one of these drawing boards to your child. Draw with your child. You can challenge your child with the drawings, or tell a story to your child to help them get started. Make it fun and playful – children cannot resist learning when they don’t even realize it is happening!

5. What are the key features to consider when buying a drawing board for a toddler?

Take into account how old your toddler is and what features might intrigue them. Do you want a board where the writing changes color as your child draws? Do you want your child to only use a stylus, or do you think the stamps would appeal to your child, as well? Is your child learning how to scribble (which is an important pre-writing skill) or are they ready to start writing their name? Consider some of these questions before you purchase so that your child will get the most out of the board you choose.


Drawing boards can be fun AND great learning tools for your child! They help promote creativity, imagination, hand-eye coordination, and fine-motor skills.

Remember to consider the age of your toddler and how the board is set up. While a board doesn’t need to sing or talk, older toddlers will benefit from the letter practice and guidance it would provide. Younger toddlers will benefit from a board that they can use to draw on and excitedly show you! You can then have them tell you a story about their picture.

Once you decide on the perfect board, all that is left is the excitement and learning that awaits your little one!

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