7 Best Toddler Guitars – Electric & Acoustic (2020 Reviews)

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Updated on May 4, 2020 by Lyric Fergusson

Toddler guitars are toys designed to introduce your little one to a musical instrument. They are based around the shape of an actual guitar, except shortened to fit the smaller hands of a toddler, and come in a variety of configurations ranging from button operated, to string operated, or both! Music is the universal language, and the guitar is one of the most popular instruments used around the world! Learning to play guitar is extremely beneficial, but learning to play one at a young age is truly a joy. We have never spoken to a musician that regretted learning how to play.

Please note: due to unusually high demand, a lot of these products are selling out fast! 🙁

The Best Toddler Guitars For All Ages

1. Baby Einstein Magic Touch Ukulele

(Best Value and Great for learning – $)

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Ukulele Why it’s great: While this particular toy is actually a ukulele, it is one of the best to start your toddler out on without having to find something new to switch them to as they get older. With real strings and no bright lights it is the most realistic “toddler guitar” out there that is not going to weigh the toddler down like a 3/4 guitar. The Einstein Ukulele is 17” x 7” x 2”. This ukulele has 30+ melodies your child can choose to strum along to which is more than most toddler guitars. Ukuleles are perfect for getting your little one learning real music on a real instrument!

Keep in mind: The strings do not make different sounds like a normal guitar, while your child will still hear a strum with each string it will be the same sound on each string. Even with having the different volume options the low volume is still louder than some parents may prefer.

Good for: 12 months and older

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2. Infunbebe Rock n Roll Guitar

(Most Simplistic – $)

Infunbebe Rock n Roll GuitarWhy it’s great: The rock n roll guitar is a band favorite. The ease of use associated with this guitar is what makes it an excellent option for baby’s first instrument. Children are attracted to all colors that light up while playing and mixer options but are not overwhelmed— it only has 5 keys! This is also a favorite with many parents because of the volume control option. Its small size makes it easy for most toddlers to to carry around their new stage a.k.a. your house! Simplicity is key with this sweet little instrument.

Keep in mind: The biggest complaint is that the volume button is placed fairly close to the rest of the music keys, making it is easy for children to accidentally switch it to high volume.

Good for: Ages 2 and up

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3. Coco Guitar

(Advanced and Pixar Themed – $$$)

Coco Why it’s great: This guitar was made for all the Coco movie fans to be able to have a guitar just like Miguel discovered in the movie! A unique feature this guitar offers is the sheet music to the song “Remember Me” that they sing in the movie. You can also press down on the buttons on the neck of the guitar and strum on the strings to be able to mimic playing a guitar so it is very realistic. It is never too early to teach your kids the fundamentals of playing an instrument.

Keep in mind: Some parents have complained that this guitar is a little too complicated. Also, if your child has not seen the Coco movie, you can probably find one a little bit cheaper with similar functions.

Good for: 3 years of age and older

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4. Hapes Wooden Toy Ukulele

(Best Acoustic Toddler Guitar- $)

Hapes Wooden Toy UkuleleWhy it’s great: Much like the ukulele mentioned earlier, this one offers the advantage of being a real instrument. Even though it is considered to be a toy, it features real strings to strum and tuning pegs to keep it in tune. It features a beautiful paint job and would make any child feel like the real deal playing around with it! Adults can join in on the action and turn the musical learning experience into a family affair! The dimensions of this ukulele are 21.1”x 6.9” x 2.6” which make it perfect for toddlers!

Keep in mind: This ukulele is designed and built no different than a traditional guitar which means it is real wood. This can cause issues with breaking if extra precaution is not taken. Better suited for older toddlers or with heavy parental supervision.

Good for: 3 to 6 years

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5. Think Gizmos

(Best Motion Activated – $$)

Think Gizmos Why it’s great: BATTERIES INCLUDED! Sometimes that alone I think is a mom win because I don’t always have extra batteries in the cabinets. The light-up action this guitar has will grab your toddler’s attention! Each key is colored and has an animal placed on it to make it a great learning opportunity. A special feature this guitar offers, that is unlike most toddler guitars, is a motion-activated section. When you move your hand over the keys like you are strumming, it will make different musical sounds. The keys include interactive lights as your toddler jams out to three different modes.

Keep in mind: There have been a few reports of the battery compartment being damaged upon receiving, but the manufacturer was able to solve their problem by replacing it with a new item.

Good for: 18 months and up

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6. Vtech Strum

(Best Electric Toddler Guitar – $)

Vtech StrumWhy it’s great: The whole band is here! If you can’t decide which instrument to start your child off with, this is the one for you! You can play guitar, drums, or even play the piano to 12 different songs and melodies, just don’t forget to hit your last note on the cymbal! This multi instrument guitar allows your toddler to be entertained for hours. With all of these options you should be able to have a concert in your living room every night!

Keep in mind: This model does not offer a volume control knob like most of the toddler guitars on this list, which can be a dealbreaker for some parents.

Good for: 3 to 6 years

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7. Vtech Zoo Jams

(Best for Young Toddlers – $)

Vtech Zoo JamsWhy it’s great: This guitar is sure to be a blast for any child’s first! The giraffe- shaped instrument is vibrant in color, and is decent sized for most toddlers. Not only does this guitar serve as a great intro to the musical world for little ones, it also introduces kids to an experience of learning zoo animals! The fret board is cleverly lined on the top and bottom with the chromatic musical scale (Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do), as well as animals. It features three different sound modes ranging from guitar sounds and a full song, to animal sounds for a variety of sound experience. Buttons are very tactile and glow with bright colors when pressed or when a song is playing. The variety this guitar offers is well worth it when trying to keep the attention of our little ones. It also has four guitar strings that act as a sensory stimulant along with the buttons and turn dial at the head of the giraffe.

Keep in mind: Some parents complain that the strings are a little harder to pull than what a toddler may have the power to do. An upward motion pluck on the strings seems to be a little easier for some.

Good for: 9 to 36 months

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FAQs About Toddler Guitars

1. Can a two year old play guitar?

Absolutely! There are many options from the list provided above that are well suited for two-year-olds. My two-year-old son has three guitars at our house already. We have already given him a full-sized electric guitar custom built by my husband.

2. What age is best to start learning the guitar?

The saying “the sooner the better” is no different in this case. Children are like sponges as they grow, the sooner they are in front of someone that can teach them, the quicker they can catch on.

3. Is it too late to learn how to play guitar?

It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby! Parents often wish they would have learned to play as a child so they could teach their kids. For those parents, now is a chance to learn with them!

4. How many inches is a 3/4 guitar?

A Taylor GS mini is 23.5” x 14” x 5”

5. What age is a 3/4 guitar for?

The recommended age for a 3/4 guitar is between 8 and 11 years old. 3/4 guitars are also great for traveling musicians as they are easier to travel with due to the size.


When looking for a toddler guitar think about the longevity you want out of it. There are different age ranges suggested for each one. Are you wanting one to just introduce for the first to the second year of life or one they can use for longer and is more realistic? The great thing about introducing a musical instrument to your child is that they will not regret learning how to play. Whether for hobby or career, it is something they will always be able to use as an outlet to enjoy.