7 Best Toddler Piano & Keyboard Toys (2020 Review)

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Updated on September 4, 2020 by Lyric Fergusson

Have you ever observed your toddler pounding on the table and thought to yourself, does my little genius have a musical gift?! Don’t waste another minute! Purchase a toddler piano to ensure your little Beethoven thrives as early as possible. At the very least, it’s a fun activity for both you and your toddler to learn multiple skills and grow an appreciation for music.

The Best Toddler Pianos For All Ages

1. Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano

(Best Value – $$)

Baby Einstein Magic Touch PianoWhy it’s great: This toddler piano is a simple solution to encourage your little one to tickle the keys while learning a song or two. The keys are flush so your tot can’t slam too hard on them. Made from wood, this piano offers durability and is easy to clean when your tot decides to fuel up while playing. The piano also comes with 3 insertable music sheets that offer 6 songs to learn. With the press of a button, the piano will play the music on the sheet music so your child will know what tune to play.

Keep in mind: Though the piano is wooden, it’s pretty light which is great when repositioning from one room to another, but be sure to put it on a flat, sturdy surface low to or on the ground.

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2. Melissa and Doug Learn-to-Play Piano

(Best quality – $$$)

Melissa and Doug Learn-to-Play PianoWhy it’s great: With its solid wood, sleek paint, and 25 keys (2-full octaves), this is one sharp toddler piano that you won’t mind keeping out in your living space. This piano is consistent with the Melissa and Doug theme of simplicity and quality. Though it’s a simple piano, making it great for younger toddlers, it does offer a music book with easy to learn songs to help your child learn simple songs and notes through colors.

Keep in mind: Though this looks like a true miniature piano, it has a synthetic sound. This could be a perk for families who like to have some fun experimenting with sounds or are more interested in the aesthetics over a true piano sound. Regardless, it’s incredibly durable and easy on the eyes.

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3. Play22 Keyboard Playmat 71″

(Most versatile – $$)

Play22 Keyboard Playmat 71Why it’s great: Though this piano is suitable for toddlers, it can provide fun for the whole family. Younger tots will use their hands while older people can stomp on the keys to make real music. Think dancing meets the piano. Though the size is large to ensure fun for little and big feet alike, it folds up easily, making it a great travel toy or easy to hide out of sight when finished with the fun. It’s also drool-and mess-proof. It offers a selection of Piano, Saxophone, Violin, Clarinet, Trumpet, Banjo, Xylophone, and Guitar to liven up the experience. Your toddler will learn the look and sound of other instruments with the capabilities of this piano mat.

Keep in mind: You might want to be around so that your little one can navigate the settings on the large mat.

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4. Nicknack Piano Toy Keyboard

(Easiest to jam out – $)

Nicknack Piano Toy KeyboardWhy it’s great: Say hello to sophistication and show-biz with this toddler piano. The sleek black look offers a professional feel while incorporating dozens of musical features. The microphone is adjustable and can be removed for a duet. The legs are removable for easy storage. Connect your phone or an external MP3 to keep the party going with songs of your choice. If you’re not feeling the musical vibe, connect some headphones to allow your little one to keep jamming while offering you some peace and quiet.

Keep in mind: Adult supervision might be useful to avoid any unnecessary roughness with the microphone or removable piano legs. Feel free to remove the legs to keep this piano as low to the ground as possible.

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5. VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio

(Most fun – $$)

VTech Record & Learn KidiStudioWhy it’s great: This toddler piano does a great job of combining fun with music. It has many features that allow your child to have control over the type of music they play, leaving them feeling like a real composer. It also comes with a microphone, which brings out the singer in all of us. With 40-songs available, including jazz, rock n’ roll, and techno, your toddler’s musical repertoire will be thriving while pretending to be both the lead singer and pianist in the band.

Keep in mind: There’s more going on with this piano than simple piano keys. It focuses more on the musical genre, tuning, sound effects, and other capabilities opposed to simple aspects of a piano. That being said, it doesn’t offer a headphone jack so be prepared to be your toddler’s #1 fan with standing ovations!

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6. PicassoTiles Rollup Piano

(Easiest to transport – $)

PicassoTiles Rollup PianoWhy it’s great: Perfect for bringing out the multi-talented artist in your little one, this piano combines art and music all-in-one! With multi-colored and soft flush keys, it’s easy to pound away without any fear of little fingers getting hurt. Its roll-up capability keeps it small, compact, and transportable. It has in/out auxiliary capabilities to connect headphones or external speakers to share the music for all to hear. Put it in your travel bag and bring it out on the plane, train, or automobile for endless entertainment. There are 49-keys on this piano, so it’s great for small toddlers to older children who are more accomplished on the piano.

Keep in mind: the product works better on solid surfaces as opposed to soft, carpeted floors.

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7. Love&Mini Piano Toy

(Most feminine – $)

Mini PianoWhy it’s great: This toddler piano is perfect for your little one who loves pink more than anything else. Its miniature baby-grand-look and sound will make your little rocker feel like a true pink rockstar. With LED lights, and over a dozen buttons shaped like bears, butterflies, and flowers, your little one will be mesmerized by the appearance even before hearing it’s musical capabilities. This piano offers a headphone jack and has a microphone to practice vocals. You’ll quickly find yourself sitting in a concert setting once your child learns all that this piano has to offer.

Keep in mind: You’ll need to keep extra AA batteries handy as they do not come with the product.

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FAQs about toddler pianos

1. What are some benefits of letting my toddler play with a toddler piano?

Allowing your little one to play a toddler piano encourages hand-eye coordination. Learning simple songs improves your toddler’s patience and concentration. The smaller and easy to press keys make it possible for your little one to improve motor functions. Using an adult size keyboard or piano might be too difficult for the small fingers to really play any music. Giving your child a toddler piano will encourage confidence and excitement in learning a new instrument as opposed to feeling defeated by large keys. Another benefit you’ll notice is that playing the piano, or even attempting to, will reduce stress in your little one.

2. Is it necessary to buy a toddler piano with all the electronic capabilities?

While it’s not mandatory, a toddler piano with easy to press buttons for musical and electronic functions will keep your toddler engaged longer. Believe it or not, a piano that plays music on its own will make your child want to learn music and feel more a part of the process. Hearing the music and being able to change settings will offer more independence and control to your toddler, which is an undeniable desire around this age. Once your child has heard all that the piano can do, they’ll have more patience when it comes time to learn simple songs.

3. What should I think about when buying a toddler piano?

Consider your child’s age. While most pianos are suitable for 1-5-year-olds, they’re all built differently and will benefit children at different ages. If your toddler is younger, maybe consider a smaller, simpler, or more user-friendly piano. If your toddler is older, it might be beneficial to get a piano with more features (like a microphone, or easy-to-press buttons for different sound effects). Older toddlers appreciate pretending, so a piano that allows them to do more of that will always bring more excitement.

4. Are there any safety concerns I should be aware of when considering toddler pianos?

Generally speaking, no. Be sure that if the piano is battery operated, it comes with a battery cover that screws in so that your child one doesn’t play with the batteries.

5. Do the type of keys matter when selecting a toddler piano?

It depends! If you’re looking for a softer style, stick with the flush (touch-note) keys, or a plastic piano mat. This will ensure that your little one’s fingers don’t get hurt from banging too hard on the keys. Something else you want to keep in mind is that toddlers can make messes out of nothing– think of drool– so the flush or plastic mats will be more sustainable and less likely to get damaged from little messes. They’re also easier to clean! If you’re looking for realistic keys, stick to the pianos that have individually pressed keys to distinguish each note. All toddler pianos are easy to play, they just have a different feel when it comes to playing the notes.

6. Do I risk expecting too much from my toddler when I buy them a toddler piano?

Absolutely not! It depends on your intent for purchasing the piano. If you buy it thinking your toddler will be the first to wow a crowd, it might bring on stress to both you and your little one. If you buy it to simply have some fun, encourage independence, musical appreciation, and improve motor skills, you’ll be glad about your purchase!


A toddler piano is a great interactive toy for babies and toddlers 6 months to 5-years old. It improves hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and patience. It teaches your toddler that music is not only fun but a necessary joy in life. With pianos ranging from simplicity to extensive capabilities, there’s no doubt that you’ll find one to best suit your child. Toddlers have a strong desire to feel independent and in control. Given that we can’t fully give them either, a toddler piano is a perfect toy to encourage this while maintaining healthy boundaries. You will feel comfortable leaving your little one to tinker on the keys and explore alone or play along to share in the musical fun.