7 Best Toddler Step Stools – Sink, Bathroom + Toilet (2020 Reviews)

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Updated on October 14, 2020 by Lyric Fergusson

As your little one grows into a toddler, he/she will need the perfect step stool in order to do daily activities. Once your toddler is able to do tasks on their own, step stools are essential in helping complete them. Tasks could include using the toilet, washing their hands, brushing their teeth, and even helping out in the kitchen with mom and dad. Step stools will help your toddler reach surfaces that they were unable to reach before.

Please note: due to unusually high demand, a lot of these products are selling out fast! πŸ™

Best Toddler Step Stools for Kitchen, Sink, Bathroom, Toilet & Potty Training

1. Folding Step Stool

(Most Affordable – $)

Why it’s great: The folding step is sturdy and gives great support for kids. On the top of its surface it has grip dots that will help keep your toddler in place without slipping. It comes with an anti-skid feature that makes it certified for safety, and passed the ANSI III requirement. This stool is perfect to use in the bathroom, kitchen, or even closets. The best feature about this is that it folds to make way for easy storage and is super lightweight for carrying.

Keep in mind: It says it holds up to 200 pounds, but some parents are claiming otherwise. However, most toddlers won’t go near the weight limits.

Good for: Both toddlers and lightweight adults.

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2. Kid’s Best Friend Blue Step Stool

(Potty Training Friendly – $)

Why it’s great: This step stool is perfect if your toddler is beginning to potty train. It can also be used in your bedrooms, kitchen, and dining room. It is sturdy, comfortable, safe, and has an anti-slip feature to prevent your toddler from falling.

Keep in mind: The max weight capacity that it can hold is up to 70 pounds. Also, the side of the stool does not have any handles, but it has two holes. Meaning you’ll might have to carry it with your fingers instead of your hands.

Good for: potty training toddlers.

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3. B. Spaces Wooden Two-Step Stool

(Cutest Design – $)

Why it’s great: This step stool is wide and sturdy, and won’t tip over as your toddler steps onto it. It is easy to assemble and comes with a hex wrench tool to help assemble it in minutes. What makes this step stool stand out is that it comes in a unique mint color that will look good in any room. It also comes with a handle on the side to make it easy to carry.

Keep in mind: The paint can easily be scuffed or chipped. It also isn’t the easiest to assemble.

Good for: toddlers with little feet that need a boost.

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4. Growing Up Green Bamboo Step Stool

(Most Durable – $$)

Why it’s great: This step stool is durable and made out of hard constructed wood. It can hold up to 200 pounds of weight, and is made of great wood unlike other stools. It has a non-slip foot feature. The bulbs on the bottom of the stool are what grips to keep it in place so your toddler can stand on it without slipping. This step stool is very lightweight, weighing at only 1 pound, and is easy to clean. The best feature is that it is made for little hands to carry, so your toddler can easily carry it from room to room without your assistance.

Keep in mind: Some parents have complained about the rubber feet on the bottom can come off easily.

Good for: maximizing training success and minimizing carbon footprint.

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5. Class Kitchen Helper Stool

(Highest Quality – $$$$)

Why it’s great: This classic kitchen stool is durable and lightweight. It is perfect for toddlers who are 2 and up, and can be easily folded to make way for convenient storage. It exceeds child safety standards and has a non-slip mat for additional safety. This step stool can hold up to 125 pounds, making it one of the top step stools for high weight capacity.

Keep in mind: The price is much higher than most other step stools on the market.

Good for: using in the kitchen to reach high counters.

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6. Melissa and Doug Wooden Step Stool

(Good for Older Toddlers – $$)

Why it’s great: This Melissa and Doug wooden step stool is available in 3 different colors. It is sturdy in place and comes in white, natural, and espresso colors. This step stool can hold up to 100 pounds, and even has a cut out feature that makes it easy to carry from room to room. Your toddler will be able to reach books in their playroom, brush their teeth, wash their hands, or even help in the kitchen!

Keep in mind: The step stool surface is slippery with socks. The stool also isn’t really made of wood, but with a sticker to make it look like a wood covering.

Good for: Girls and boys ages 2 and up (manufacturer says 3 and up).

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7. ACSTEP Folding Step Stool

(Most Features – $)

Why it’s great: This step stool is easy to carry and has built-in handle support. When folded flat, the handle feature is available to make it easy to carry to each room. Its fold up design is a space saver and can be stored in bathrooms, next to sinks, or even in cabinets. The top of its surface is covered with textured discs, making it non-slip and safe for your toddler.

This is our favorite step stool as we use it at home. I love the top of it compared to other step stools out there because of the textured surface. I feel at ease knowing that my daughter won’t slip off it. It also has a backing she can use for assistance to stand up, and that can easily be used as a chair for sitting.

Keep in mind: You will need to be careful when folding this step stool to avoid it from pinching your fingers.

Good for: both kids and adults and holds up to 250lbs.

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Step Stool FAQs

1. What kind of material should a proper step stool be made from?

Any step stool that is sturdy and made from high-quality plastic or wood would be a good option.

2. Can I get a step stool with a proper surface grip?

You should always choose a step stool that has a proper surface grip to prevent slipping. The surface that your toddler will stand on should not be a slippery surface and should have a proper grip to maintain balance. When your step stool comes with non-slip grips on the feet, your step stool will be able to stay in one place. Be sure when researching step stools online, that you checked the specifications listed to make sure it comes with a non-slip feature.

3. Do step stools come with warranties?

There are some step stool companies that provide a warranty, but not many. You will be better off properly researching the product to make sure it is made from high-quality materials and is sold from a trusted company. Purchasing a product from a well-known company decreases the risk of any damages or problems.

4. Where can I buy the best quality step stool?

Amazon has a lengthy list of step stools that mostly have 4.5 or higher ratings in their reviews. If you are planning to purchase, be sure you get one from a trusted company that provides a variety of choices and is affordable.

5. What other things should I consider before purchasing?

When considering buying a step stool, you should always make sure you are choosing the best quality for your child. Checking the height is also important and something to consider because you want to make sure that the step stool is high enough that your toddler can reach the sink. Other than that, durability is also something to keep in mind. Always get a step stool that can be easily cleaned.


When looking for the perfect step stool for your toddler, first make sure you make a list of your needs. Does it need to be made out of high-quality material? Does it need to have non-slip grips on the bottom or on the surface? Is it affordable? Is it lightweight? Can it be stored in small areas of my home? By asking all of these questions, you will be able to narrow down your list of choices to accommodate your needs.

When you have a step stool that is affordable, high quality, and that is safe for your toddler, you’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing that your little one will be safe while completing their daily activities.

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